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iMovR Standing Corner Desks Review

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iMovR Standing Corner Desks Review

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As stand up corner desks go, iMovR now offers more size and shape options than any other desk manufacturer. Featuring the same seamless, ergo-contoured 3D lamination as all their other desks, these new sizes are sure to add elegance and productivity to any corner space. Less costly and easier to install than a 3-legged L desk, these 2-legged beasts can also be arranged in an array of different configurations to bring vitality and collaborative energy into any open workspace plan or call center.


Standard free shipping in the continental United States. Additional costs for AK, HI, Canada. DHL available for international.

All iMovR desk ships within 5-7 days of order. Add up to 5 business days for freight delivery anywhere in the continental US.


Same as the underlying desk models



Lift Type


Transit Speed

UpStage Base: 1.45 inches per second
Freedom Base: 1.3 inches per second


Digital controller with three programmable height settings

Colors Available

Mahogany, Hayward Cherry, Shaker Cherry, Almond Cherry, Light Maple, Urban Walnut, Black, Frosty White, Warm White, Putty, Shark Gray

Minimum Height

UpStage Base: 24.5"
Freedom Base: 27"
Freedom XT: 22.5"

Maximum Height

UpStage Base: 50"
Freedom Base: 45"
Freedom XT: 49"

Weight Capacity

UpStage Base: 360 lbs
Freedom Base: 220 lbs
Freedom XT: 220 lbs

Noise Level

41 dB

Where to Buy

An expansive array of size, color, and even thickness choices, now added to iMovR's popular, American-made Freedom Desk Line. Stable enough to be used with walking treadmills, these two-legged desks offer exceptional ergonomics, decor options, and cost-effectiveness. Compared to unstable and small single-leg corner desks, or pricey three-legged L-desks, these corner desks strike the perfect compromise between cost, performance, decor, and layout.


So far only available for the Freedom Line (and while supplies last for the UpTown and Olympus lines), though iMovR says they will eventually be available on all models. Chamfered back corner will leave a gap behind your desk, though there are good reasons for it (read the full review), and allows these desks to be grouped together into quads, honeycombs, and other creative layouts to make open workspaces more vibrant and interesting. Full, three-legged, L-desks are not yet available from iMovR, although these corner models go up to 65", covering most applications.

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Adjustable-height corner desks are notoriously difficult to find in the exact size you need, but these new corner desks from iMovR come in no less than eight shapes and sizes, both with or without a built-in SteadyType keyboard tray. They address a great need in the marketplace, with more stability and desktop capacity than can be achieved with single-leg bases, and far less cost and installation complexity than 3-legged L desks.

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Disclosure: iMovR and WorkWhileWalking have mutual ownership interest*

The Corner Case

42" corner desk olympusIf you've ever tried to find a sit-to-stand desk that'll fit perfectly into that corner in your office you've probably already discovered what an incredibly rare beast it can be. Sure, if you're looking for a straight rectangular desk you can find dozens of options in an online search, in a wide array of colors, sizes and price ranges. For corner desk denizens, however, the search for something height-adjustable can leave you with gout, gall stones, and fallen arches. Outside of some very pricey "contract furniture" alternatives reserved for large quantity corporate buyers, options for the consumer or small business have been pretty hard to come by. Until now.

iMovR already offers more models of height-adjustable desks and tables than any other company. The reason they're able to do this is because of their Dell-like, on-demand, mass customization production line in Michigan, that enables them to offer literally thousands of tabletop size and color combinations, keep the product affordable, and ship the entire workstation to any customer within a week. And so after listening to long-standing demand from consumers, iMovR unveiled not just one, but 18 different corner desk options for their UpTown and Olympus desk lines in late 2016. A hit with consumers, these initial corner desks have since been replaced by an even better desk line—iMovR's new Freedom Desk Line, a high-quality, American-made desk series priced competitively with mid-tier Asian imports. The Freedom desks offer iMovR's classic ergo-contoured, 3-D-laminated tabletops, and come in a flat tabletop version (the Energize) and a version equipped with the tilting SteadyType™ keyboard tray (the Cascade).

What's the difference between a corner desk and an L-desk?

L desk with typewriter return

So-called "L desks" came into vogue when thick typewriters needed to be positioned a few inches below standard desk height.

The two terms tend to get used interchangeably, but there is a big difference. Both fit in a corner, but the tabletop of a corner desk will be made of a single piece of wood, whereas an L-desk will have one main desktop and then a "return" desktop connected to it at a right angle. (This harks back to the days when typewriters were set on top of the "typewriter return," often a few inches lower than the main desk due to the fact that typewriters were large in those days and their keyboards actually sat a few inches above the desktop).

Another way to distinguish a corner desk from an L-desk, at least when it comes to height-adjustable models, is that L-desks will have three legs instead of just two. Unless you really need all the entire expanse of a large L-desk's tabletop, a two-legged corner desk will likely save you a lot of expense, both in terms of component costs (two electric legs instead of three, one tabletop instead of two) as well as in freight and installation. While electric legs are generally extremely reliable these days (save a few ultra-cheap Chinese-made brands), three legs means 50% more opportunity for a motor failure someday, and a much more complex operation to repair.

8 x 2 = 16

iMovR's 16 new Freedom corner desk options are really eight desktop sizes in two versions. The difference between the two sets is that one is designed like all "ThermoDesk" tops, to use plainly or with an under-counter ergonomic keyboard tray (already pre-drilled for the ThermoDesk Stowaway Keyboard Tray), while the other set is designed like all "Omega" desktops, with a built-in SteadyType keyboard tray. Within each set of eight desktops four have 30" deep "side wings," and four have 24" depths.  See the Specs tab for full dimensional drawings on each of these sizes.


iMovR Corner Desk Diagrams

iMovR Energize Standing Corner Desk

The iMovR Corner Desks come in flat-topped versions like this Energize model...

In every other way, these tops are similar to those found on all iMovR desks, being 3-D laminated, ergo-contoured, with dual 80-mm grommet holes that are also completely laminated through. The effect of the hermetically sealed lamination gives each tabletop—especially in the wood colors—the look of natural hardwood, even though their cost is comparable to the same standard "high-pressure laminate" that most every other desk maker still offers.

The iMovR Corner Desks come in flat-topped versions like this one...All tops are available in eleven standard colors: Mahogany, Hayward Cherry, Shaker Cherry, Almond Cherry, Light Maple, Urban Walnut, Black, Frosty White, Warm White, Putty and Shark Gray.

iMovR Cascade Corner Standing Desk

...or versions with iMovR's super-ergonomic SteadyType keyboard tray like this Cascade model...

Whether you choose the Energize or Cascade style - i.e. with or without a built-in SteadyType tray - the electric base won't vary: the Freedom Base is used in the Energize and Cascade models. For brevity, here we refer you to our fully detailed reviews of the Energize and Cascade to learn more about the performance specifications and optional accessories for these two popular desks. As with the standard rectangular desktops, the Energize tops come in a choice of 0.75" thickness ("Slim") or 1.125" thickness ("Select"), depending on the look you prefer. The Cascade tops only come in the thicker Select version due to the mounting requirements of the SteadyType tray.

On all nine shapes the base legs are spread far enough apart that they can be used with an office treadmill, such as the iMovR ThermoTread GT, though we'd strongly recommend the Cascade model for its built-in SteadyType tray if you anticipate using the desk as part of a walking workstation.

"Hey, cut that out!"

All 8 of the corner desktop shapes have a "chamfered" back corner, creating an empty space behind your desk that is typically lost real estate that just collects dust anyway. Our advice? Put a tall plant back there to spruce up the office.

There are a few good reasons for trimming off these back corners. One reason is that it makes it easier to edge-mount monitor arm bases, which is important for keeping your monitor(s) at the proper ergonomic height and depth. Another is that there are significant production costs and freight savings given that all tabletops are made from rectangular wood stock, and shipped on rectangular pallets. The upshot is that a corner desk as large as 65" to a side can still be made from a single piece of MDF (Medium-density fiberboard) stock, with little waste, and without costing as much as the desk itself just to ship to the customer (freight is usually charged by cubic dimension or the footprint of the pallet). These corner desks can ship on the same pallets as are used for regular rectangular desks, keeping their prices within reason.

If you still feel that you'd rather use 100% of the available space for your desk you can always hack an L desk by installing two standard rectangular desks. One way of doing this inexpensively, for example, is to use a 24"-deep desk as a "desk return" next to a 30"-deep desk of any width. You'll likely still come out ahead compared to the cost of a true height-adjustable L desk, and with these standard desks you also have the option of ordering them pre-assembled, whereas a corner desk or L desk will always require on-site assembly.

But there's one more less obvious benefit that we discovered to having these back corners shaved off, and that's the ability to...

Turn drab office layouts into exciting workspaces

One of the things that got us really excited about the new iMovR corner desks is the many configurations they can be set up in to create energizing workspaces that encourage collaboration, and break up the monotony of conventional rows of straight desks. The corner desks can be set up back-to-back, in quads, or in "honeycomb" rows, as shown in these examples below. iMovR has a lot of experience helping clients lay out office spaces and call centers, and their workplace solutions specialists can offer free assistance in creating different layout options for your company.

iMovR Corner Desks - Quad


honeycomb layout of standing desks

sit stand desks call center


There are a few other stand up corner desks on the market that we're looking to review in the near future, but most of these, e.g. the one offered on the IKEA Bekant, are either "porkchop" tabletops as opposed to true corners, single-legged and very small, three-legged and therefore very pricey, or not available other than in large contract manufacturing purchase quantities. iMovR is the first to bring such a wide array of size (and color) options, with a base that is tall enough and stable enough to optionally accommodate an office treadmill.


*Full disclosure: iMovR and WorkWhileWalking have mutual ownership interest. However, we can assure our readers that we expose the good and the bad of every product, regardless of any financial connection we may have to the manufacturer.

Where to Buy

Energize Corner Desktops

See Energize Standing Desk Review for performance specifications and other details.

Available in 0.75" and 1.125" thicknesses:

47" x 30"
53" x 30"
59" x 30"
65" x 30"

47" x 24"
53" x 24"
59" x 24"
65" x 24"

Cascade Corner Desktops 

See Cascade Standing Desk Review for performance specifications and other details.

Available in 0.75" and 1.125" thicknesses:

47" x 30"
53" x 30"
59" x 30"
65" x 30"

47" x 24"
53" x 24"
59" x 24"
65" x 24"

Where to Buy

The Warranty applying to the corner desks is the same as for their underlying desk models. In the case of the Cascade and Energize, there is a 10-year warranty on all motors and electronics, and a 5-year warranty on the 3D-laminated tabletop.

Where to Buy

Shipping is the same as for any iMovR desk, free to anywhere in the lower 48 United States. Room-of-choice and white glove delivery options are available.

Where to Buy


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