Jarvis Standing L-Desk Review

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Jarvis Standing L-Desk Review

MSRP / List Price

Starting at $1,249




7 years on the base. No warranty on the tops.

Lift Type

Electric, triple motor

Transit Speed

1.5 inches per second

Sizes Available

Bamboo: 60x60, 72x60, 72x72, 81x60 and 81x72
Maple, Walnut or Black: 60x60, 72x60 and 72x72
Oak: 72x72 only

Colors Available

Bamboo, maple, oak, walnut or “spacestation black”

Minimum Height


Maximum Height


Weight Capacity

530 lbs.

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As part of our round-up of L-Shaped Standing Desk Reviews, here we review Fully’s 3-legged variant of their popular Jarvis standing desk.

Fully used to make two different L-desk models—one with the lowest price point of any L-shaped sit-stand desk on the market ($1,145) using very inexpensive powder-coated desktops, which was recently discontinued—and this remaining desk that we review here, which utilizes slightly more expensive bamboo and high-pressure laminated (HPL) desktops.

(To learn everything you ever wanted to know about powder coat, 3D laminate, HPL, real wood and other materials and production processes that are commonly used in the industry check out our Ultimate Guide to Desktops for Standing Desks.)

Focused on One Competitor

The arch rival of TheHumanSolution, whose UpLift L-shaped desks we’ve also reviewed, Fully keeps its product pricing very closely in line with the lowest-cost offerings from its competitor. At a $1,249 price point Fully’s current offering is a stone’s throw from UpLift’s $1,197 bottom dollar unit. Fully does not, at least as of yet, offer its solid wood maple tops on their L-desk base.

jarvis corner desk review

Fully’s Jiecang base differs from the one HumanSolution uses in their UpLift L-desk by having these extra “shin crusher” crossbars to enhance stability.

While both Fully and UpLift utilize Chinese-made Jiecang bases (see our detailed lab review of the Jiecang base), Fully uses a slightly different version that features stability crossbars running between the legs. This is something we used to see on most sit-stand desks a decade ago but nowadays they’re more uncommon.

Disparagingly known as “shin crushers” in the industry, these low crossbars are usually a sign of insufficient stability in the linear actuators—the lifting columns—which is particularly curious in this case given that two-legged L-desks are inherently more stable than 2-legged desks. That said, the Jiecang bases are not known for their stability, so this may just be a necessary enhancement, unsightly as it is for a modern-day electric standing desk.

Conventional sit-to-stand L-desks like those from Fully and UpLift already entail a pretty complex and time-consuming assembly process, so adding these crossbars doesn’t really help matters. (To learn about L-desks that can assemble in one-tenth the time check out our comprehensive L-Shaped Standing Desks Review.)

Low-cost Desktops

Fully uses their inexpensive “bamboo” tops to keep the entry price low on this L-desk. As we’ve written about extensively bamboo desk tops from China are an ecological scourge on the planet, and are prone to rapid degradation, despite being marketed as an ecological pick for consumers.

Bamboo is a grass that is converted to a wood panel product using a lot of chemicals and energy—not by any stretch a “real wood” product—among the many reasons we don’t recommend it for use in a standing desk. Too many users have complained about premature delamination and rejected warranty coverage. Despite this, some of the more aggressive online marketers continue to offer it because it allows them to advertise their desks at the lowest possible entry point prices.

For $100 more Fully will upgrade you to old-school HPL tops in maple, oak or walnut; or for $200 more you can get it in whimsically named “Spacestation Black.” It’s odd to us that there’d be a $100 cost difference in the favor of wood grains over black, but for whatever reason this is how Fully prices the Jarvis L-desk. The only clue is that the black tops are not stocked on the shelf, they are made-to-order—which again, seems odd to us.

The main desktop can only be 30” deep and the extension desktop can only be 27” deep. Other vendors offer either 24” or 30” depth on the extension, to better fit many cubicle office sizes. This appears to be Fully’s move to limit the required inventory of extension tops but it may become an issue optimally fitting one of these desks in your space, so be sure to check your dimensions.


electric l-desk

While having a minimal seam between the two desktop sections, the grain pattern runs perpendicular where the two tops meet.

Also, while the Jiecang base comes with Fully’s 7-year warranty to match that of UpLift, like their competitor they do not offer any warranty on the actual desktops themselves. Shipping is included in these prices and the product ships immediately from inventory, with the exception of Spacestation Black, which requires 8-12 business days.

Limited sizes

The most disappointing facet of the Jarvis L-shaped desk offering is that it only comes in a small number of size combinations. The bamboo version is available in the most sizes: 60×60, 72×60, 72×72, 81×60 and 81×72. For some reason the Oak HPL tops come in only one size, 72×72. The other three colors come in just three sizes: 60×60, 72×60 and 72×72.

Compared to competitive offerings from UpLift and iMovR, who offer hundreds of size-color combos each, it seems like Fully’s limited selection is just there to make sure they check the box for offering 3-legged L-desks. Unfortunately, with such limited options it simply isn’t going to be a serious contender for many customers that will have very specific décor needs and space requirements.

The Takeaway

The vast majority of online sellers of standing desks avoid getting into the L-desk game. Why? Simply the amount of inventory required to be carried in order to address the occasional customer’s specific needs is very costly. UpLift’s inventory commitment and size/color options on their low-cost models are similarly limited, but they do offer a dozen real-wood desk options that are naturally substantially pricier and take 6-12 weeks to ship. iMovR’s Lander L-desk comes in the greatest array of size and color options with a total of 16 Surf(x) 3D laminates and 640 total combinations, and these ship within one week of order.

As with UpLift’s desks, we encourage readers to understand the limitations of the Jiecang base when exploring either cheap electric l-deskcompany’s L-desk offerings, since the reliability and performance of the lifting base are perhaps the most important elements of any standing desk consideration. In contrast, iMovR uses its state-of-the-art, American-made Lander desk base in its L-desk product line, with a ten year warranty on the base and five years on their ergo-contoured 3D-laminated tops.

Learn about how Fully, UpLift and iMovR compare feature-for-feature in our L-Shaped Standing Desk Reviews round-up. If you’re looking to save money consider a less-expensive Corner Standing Desk.


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