Floyd Standing Desk Review

April 30, 2023

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Floyd Birch Standing Desk Review


Review Summary

With only a quick look, you can tell the only reason to buy this desk over another is if you love the birch top. Unfortunately for Floyd, there are a variety of birch standing desks (with even higher quality tops) out there that have better lifting bases, especially for that much money. This being their only sit-stand desk option, it would be smarter to go with a manufacturer that specializes in ergonomic office furniture.

MSRP / List Price $780
Street Price

$764 in “Fog” gray laminate
$780 with birch veneer top
$796 with walnut veneer top
Add on $99 for shipping
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In this day and age of free shipping, Floyd charges $99.




Standard digital programmable controller you’ll find on all Fully Jarvis bases

Sizes Available

The desktop is 54” W x 26” D x 1.26″H with a knife-edge finish on the front and back edges. One size only.

Colors Available

The top of the desk can be ordered with a birch veneer, walnut veneer or gray laminate; sides are the exposed birch plywood of the core

Adjustment Range

Height range: 25.6”-51″

Weight Capacity

Floyd claims 350 lbs (not including top)

Connectivity Features

No Bluetooth

Product Weight

110 lbs

Shipping Weight

Package 1 Surface: 59” x 32” x 3” and weighs 57 lb.
Package 2 Legs (1): 31” x 13” x 5″ and weighs 40 lb.
Package 3 Legs (1): 43” x 12” x 5″ and weighs 40 lb.

Typical Assembly Time

Same as for any Fully Jarvis desk (see separate review) but Floyd claims “40 minutes with two people”. Assembly time varies with the skills of the user, the power tools they have available to them, and whether they have someone helping them.

ANSI/BIFMA Certified


NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic



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Ease of Assembly
Customer Experience
Quality and Aesthetics
Suitability for Treadmill Desking
Positives Because of its compact dimensions (26" x 54"), the 1.26"-thick birch plywood top lends rock-solid stability to Fully's Jarvis (Jiecang) base, which isn't otherwise known for its stability. A lot of people like the plywood look around the edges of the desktop, and not many standing desk makers have offered it in the past (although this is changing rapidly).
Negatives This is a "filler" product for Floyd, which sells everything from sofas to beds to storage shelves. There is only one style and size of top, in just three top finishes, on top of a Fully Jarvis base (which they're not hiding from anyone). The birch that is used is not top-grade Baltic birch as you'd expect on a desk at this price point. Support is a question mark since the base comes from Fully but this home furnishings e-tailer is not experienced at making or supporting sophisticated electromechanical products.

Bottom Line

When you shop at a furniture store and they have one standing desk model off in a quiet corner, it's probably not where you want to buy your standing desk. The only reason to buy this desk over another is if you love the birch top, but there are both better lifting bases and better desktops (including birch) to be had for the money.

[Editors’ Note – This desk is no longer available from Floyd, but we will leave this review up for historical purposes and reference.]

Filling Out a Home Collection

Floyd Home is a highly curated seller of home furnishings including sofas, beds, tables, storage systems and the like, and one supposes that with the pandemic they felt the need to add a compact standing desk for that home office that so many people have transitioned to.

To be clear, Floyd is not what we think of as a true office furniture company, much less a standing desk manufacturer. They took a shortcut here, as many retailers do, to get a unique-looking standing desk product into their catalog by sourcing the lifting base from Fully, which is now owned by Floyd’s Michigan neighbor, Knoll.

The Floyd Standing Desk Lifting Base

Jiecang Electric Adjustable-Height Base
The Jiecang lifting base supplied to Floyd by Fully is a commodity product made in China, but for the small desktop size offered here is a reasonably sufficient choice.

The Jiecang base the Floyd Standing Desk utilizes is a singular, dual-stage version of Fully’s Jarvis standing desk, which is actually manufactured by Jiecang (and used by UpLift and many other competitors). Jiecang is the world’s largest manufacturer of commodity-quality standing desk lifting bases, known more for their low OEM price point than their quality or innovation.

Fully and Knoll being among Jiecang’s largest and longest-time customers, they are able to supply the base at a reasonable price to resellers like Floyd, who otherwise on their own could not likely ever meet the minimum container-load quantity order requirements to buy direct from Jiecang’s Ningbo factory.

See our separate reviews of the Jiecang base and Jarvis Standing Desk to learn about the quality/value equation on those.

The Birch Desktop

As we cover in our primer on desktop materials used to make standing desks, birch is an increasingly popular natural wood product that we’re seeing being used on standing desks (to the degree that we’re now working on a reviews round-up of all the birch standing desks on the market; subscribe to find out when it publishes.)

A lot of people like the look of the thin veneer plies that make up the birch desktop core, visible around the edges. The way that birch is turned into lumber, by gluing 1mm-thick veneers together crossgrain to build up the thickness of the wood panel, gives it excellent strength and stability (resistance to changes with temperature and humidity).

baltic birch standing desk
Birch plywood is an increasingly popular desktop choice, although the quality ranges significantly based on how it’s made. (Shown here is an iMovR Captain’s Desk made with top-grade Baltic birch.)

The thing to know about birch wood panels is that they come in a wide array of quality grades, the best stuff coming from the Baltic region (a vast birch forest exists along the coast of Russia and Finland that is the world’s second-largest sustainable forest), and called Baltic birch specifically.

Baltic birch has been used by European furniture makers for centuries, who covet its precision machinability, durability, value and character. Building up a piece of furniture lumber using the plywood method uses up less than half the amount of wood to make a desktop from natural hardwood (e.g. maple or walnut) for the equivalent strength and stability, so it has an environmental story as well. But as far as the top-facing veneer sheet goes, the raw slab of wood looks remarkably similar to maple yet costs about a third as much.

Floyd is opaque about a lot of things in its listing for The Standing Desk, but we’re surprised they don’t even specify whether their birch is from the Baltic region. All they say is that they use a “high-grade veneer” for the top-facing sheet of wood. A top-grade would be true-Baltic, “grade BB/B”. Anything less is likely to have unsightly “football patches” and other fixes to the veneer to remedy knots and other defects in the veneer sheets and may have voids in the core that compromise the wood’s integrity and long-term stability.

And this is likely why Floyd charges more for a natural finish birch top than they do for the “fog” desktop that has a gray laminate sheet on top and the same non-visible core underneath. Similarly, with the walnut desk, they use one sheet of walnut veneer on top of the cheaper birch plywood core (i.e. this is not a solid hardwood top like you can buy from several different standing desk makers.

floyd standing desk reviews

The desktops all share the same 1.25″-thick core that has a knife-edge treatment on both the front and back edges. It comes in only one dimension, 26″ deep by 54″ wide, which is very limiting considering how many shapes and sizes most standing desk makers offer these days, not to mention how many different desktops types and finishes they offer.

And so that’s why we have to classify this offering as an online home furnishing retailer’s “filler” product and not a real contender in the highly competitive field of standing desk manufacturers.

Warranty and Shipping

While the retailer has a great 10-year warranty program on all their other products, they seem to have forgotten to list one for the Floyd Standing Desk, so caveat emptor. For more information on warranties, be sure to read our primer on How to Compare Warranties on Standing Desks.

Another telltale sign that this isn’t the kind of e-commerce seller we’re used to seeing in the office fitness field is that they actually have a separate charge of $99 for shipping on top of the retail price for this unexceptional desk.

The Takeaway

The Floyd Standing Desk is truly a filler product for this home furnishings retailer and doesn’t provide the range of choice in desktop sizes, finishes, materials, etc.

If you really want one-stop shopping for a bunch of home furnishings and you like Floyd’s product line look, it’s not a terrible choice if you’re looking for a nice-looking compact standing desk for your home office (though the lack of any accessory offerings like monitor arms, keyboard trays, standing mats or cable management kits makes it anything but “one-stop shopping”). Suffice to say, Floyd Home wouldn’t be the first place we’d go when so many other desk makers offer boundless choices, easier assembly, better support, including higher-quality American-made standing desks in the same price range.

We find it a bit ironic that Fully has chosen to compete directly with its own dealer by offering a plywood desktop option for their Jarvis desk, with many more sizes and finishes, and at prices starting at $599.

Check out our round-up reviews of all the top-rated standing desks, and if you’re looking specifically for a home office desk that’s less than 28″-deep check out the short list of top-rated compact standing desks.

If birch is your thing sign up for our free newsletter to be the first to know when we’ve completed our round-up of the best birch standing desks. To get a sense for what the other end of the spectrum of Baltic birch standing desks looks like check out our recent review of the new Captain’s Desk from iMovR.

Many standing desks and converters come with grommets for some added convenience. Check out our article on grommet holes for everything you need to know about the different ways to use them to enhance your workstation, what to look for in your grommet holes, and where to find the desks with the best ones.

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