Victor Technology High Rise Mobile Standing Desk

March 19, 2023
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Victor Technology High Rise Mobile Standing Desk


Review Summary

While it definitely has stability and overall durability issues, the Victor Technology High Rise Mobile Standing Desk could be just what some people need. It is simple to assemble, compact enough to fit in any home or office, and easy to put wherever it needs to be throughout the day, even if you need to collaborate with a colleague in their office all the way across the building. Though taller users may find it uncomfortable to hunch down while using at standing position as it doesn’t have a great height range; but the range is sufficient for most average users.

MSRP / List Price $212
Street Price

Single level: $212
With keyboard tray: $272


3 years

Lift Type


Sizes Available

Without keyboard tray
With keyboard tray

Colors Available



PVC coated desktop

Adjustment Range

29″ – 44″

Weight Capacity

Without keyboard tray: 40 lbs
With keyboard tray: 11 lbs


Work surface w/o keyboard tray: 22″ L x 31″ W
Work surface w/ keyboard tray: 25.6″ L x 17.7″ W
Keyboard tray: 11.8″ D x 25.6″ W

Product Weight

Without keyboard tray: 25.5 lbs
With keyboard tray: 27.5 lbs

Typical Assembly Time

Without keyboard tray: Less than 15 minutes (estimated)
With keyboard tray: About 15 minutes (estimated)

ANSI/BIFMA Certified


NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic



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Positives A mobile standing desk can be ideal if you need a compact workstation that can move around to work wherever it needs to in the office. The High Rise Mobile Standing Desk isn't electric, but not difficult to move up and down. There are two models that let you choose between the model with a keyboard tray, which can help ergonomic positioning of your display, or just the one with the single work surface, which is even cheaper. And the price of both models is very affordable to those shoppers looking for great deals. With many fewer parts than a standard electric standing desk, assembly will likely be pretty easy and quick.
Negatives Standing desks so small that they fit on a single leg are going to be inherently subject to tipping over as compared to more elaborate models. The weight limit is another issue you are going to encounter with these desks, which will hold little more than your laptop or a very light monitor. It's height range also likely won't accommodate the tallest users out there if they want to work comfortably when standing. The 3-year warranty is pretty short, like those on most of the Victor Tech products we have reviewed, but pretty appropriate for the quality and price of this Chinese-manufactured item.

Bottom Line

If you need a small, mobile standing desk for not a lot of money, the High Rise Mobile could fit the bill for you. Just be aware that it isn't going to be super stable and doesn't have a very long warranty to cover when it breaks down in a few years, which is reflective of the overall quality. As with many standing desks in this ultra-low price range, you get what you pay for, so as long as you're not expected more than that the Victor Technology High-Rise Mobile Standing Desk is a reasonably good option. Even though it is made in China, Victor itself is a well-known American brand that's been around for decades.

Victor Technology has decided to include a mobile standing desk in their listings of ergonomic office equipment, and they definitely come with their benefits and drawbacks.

There is a very specific market that will like this kind of desk. If your job won’t let you stay stationary but you still want your workstation to be accessible, a mobile standing desk will be ideal. The next biggest thing to consider in that situation is the size of the desk. If you don’t have that much space for movement, you’ll want a more compact work surface, and the High Rise Mobile from Victor Technologies fits that bill.

While the lifting column is pneumatic, not electric, it is pretty easy to move up and down. And there’s no power cord or battery to worry about.

You have a choice of getting the model with a keyboard tray, which can aid in the ergonomic positioning of your workstation, or just the one with the single work surface. And with the low price point of either model, it is very affordable to those budget shoppers. Assembly will also be pretty easy with many fewer parts than a standard electric standing desk.

The biggest problem you get when you go for a standing desk so small that it fits on a single leg is stability. That is the biggest complaint we have seen on reviews of this and other desks of this type, and of course tipping risk (potentially with an expensive computer on top) is something to always be mindful of. So, if you are thinking of a single-leg desk, just know it won’t be as stable as those on two legs or more.

The weight limit is another issue you are gonna encounter with these desks. The DC500 unit without keyboard tray holds 40 lbs of equipment. For some reason that weight capacity drops to only 11 lbs on the DC550 unit that has the added keyboard tray. Until we get these units into our test lab we won’t be able to determine why there’s such a stark contrast in the weight rating on these two variants, but it is something the consumer should be very aware of before purchasing.

The warranty, like those on most of the Victor Technology products we have reviewed, is pretty short at 3 years. This isn’t too bad considering how little you are paying for the desk in general, so it might be pretty appropriate for the price vs quality ratio.

In the end, it will work for some customers and won’t work for others. It will depend on what you are looking for.

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