RiseDesk.io Standing Desk Review

February 5, 2022
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risedesk canadian standing desk


Review Summary

Toronto-based RiseDesk is one of several new upstart Canadian standing desk companies born out of the pandemic, chasing after the work-from-home boom. Their strength is building a large viral video social media following, appealing to younger users.

MSRP / List Price

$695 CAD

Street Price

M (55″ X 28″) $695
L (71″ X 30″) $1,145 CAD


Free in Canada


10-year on desk frame

5-year on motor and electrical parts

3-year on the wooden desk top

Lift Type

Electric, dual motor

Transit Speed

1.5″ per second


LED Controller with Four Height Presets

Sizes Available

55″ X 28″
71″ X 30″

Colors Available

Desktop: Black, white, walnut, pear, ash
Base: Black, white


Manufactured in China

Adjustment Range

Height range: 27.5” – 47.2”

Weight Capacity

260 lbs (minus weight of desktop)

ANSI/BIFMA Certified


NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic



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Where to buy Buy on RiseDesk.io
Positives Canadian-focused company with decent value for those consumers north of the border. An extraordinary premium live-edge desktop option. Decent warranty and shipping times. Caring customer service and liberal return policy.
Negatives A limited selection of sizes and colors, and a very "me too" product.

Bottom Line

If you need to buy a standing desk in Canada, but don't want to resort to getting a junky import through Amazon your choices are quite limited. This new pandemic-spawned Toronto-based startup thinks they have the "BEST STANDING DESK IN CANADA." We'll see how that claim stands up when we get the product into our test lab.

Welcoming The New Kid In Town…

Toronto, that is.

We’ve been reviewing standing desks for nearly a decade now and in all that time our patient Canadian readers have been admittedly left in the cold (no pun intended) when it comes to reviewing any of the desk options from native Canadian producers. That bad is on us, and it’s about to change. One of our new year’s resolutions for 2022 is to finally review the products from Ergonofis, Progressive, Effydesk, Burotic and others.

live edge epoxy resin desktop

RiseDesk.io is perhaps the newest of the pack, founded out of the pandemic by a couple of pals that have actually known each other since the age of 11. In our first Zoom call with co-founders Michael Fan and Mike Huang it took us a little while to figure out which “Mike” was speaking, but it didn’t take long to realize that these two colleagues, who even went to college together (University of Toronto, naturally), were actually building that startup company that many of us dreamed we’d someday build with our best friend from grade school.

We’re looking forward to publishing a more thorough review of the Rise Desk in the near future once we get the product in our test labs. And in particular, we’re really keen on their exotic, high-end resin desktops (visit the link for more information on that desk) for the more affluent standing desk customer.

Our initial impressions of the Rise Desk, are that it is nothing more than the starting-level model for any prospective standing-desk buyer. At the price of what a quality steel frame will run in the United States with the sky-rocketing price of steel these days, you can get a desktop to go with it. Now, the RiseDesk.io company has provided some quality finish options for the buyer to choose from, but ultimately this desk doesn’t offer the kind of premium quality, durable desktop you’re going to want to add to your home decor.

Again, stay tuned for our full, in-depth scientific review once we get our paws on this desk.

…As We Bid Farewell To The Old Kid

There was a bit of confusion over the name “Rise Standing Desk,” which is how Mike & Michael came to reach out to our editors in the first place. One of the first standing desk products we ever reviewed back in 2013 was the ISE Rise, which very coincidentally also emanated from Toronto, Canada. ISE was acquired by WorkRite back in 2016 and the product hasn’t actually been produced in several years, so we have taken down that review and replaced it with this one.

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