Eureka Ergonomic E-60 Standing Desk Review

February 8, 2023
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eureka e-60 sit stand desk


Review Summary

If this 30″ x 60″ size is right for you and you don’t mind being limited to only the two color schemes, the E-60 is a high quality desk. But for $899 you could do much better—including having all the size and color options you can desire and double the warranty with a top-rated American-made standing desk—so it feels highly overpriced for what you’re going to get.

MSRP / List Price $899
Street Price Scan for available discount deals



Five years

Lift Type

Electric, dual-stage, precision-synced


Full digital controller with LED readout and four programmable height presets.

Sizes Available

The desk comes in only one size, 30″ x 60″

Colors Available

White base with light wood HPL top
Black base with darker wood HPL top
White base with white HPL top

Adjustment Range

Height range: 25″-50″

Weight Capacity

350 lbs

Shipping Weight

119 Lbs

ANSI/BIFMA Certified


NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic



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Expert Rating
Positives High-tech, high-quality base with many state-of-the-art features. Five year warranty.
Negatives Only one desk size and two color schemes, and desktop is a simple HPL affair.

Bottom Line

If this 30" x 60" size is right for you and you don't mind being limited to only the two color schemes, the E-60 is a high quality desk. But for $899 you could do much better—including having all the size and color options you can desire and double the warranty with a top-rated American-made standing desk—so it feels highly overpriced for what you're going to get.

A Quality Brand

Most standing desks you can buy online these days are made in China, and they typically sit well below the quality and performance standards of the top-rated American made standing desks. Eureka Ergonomic products, while made in China, employ the highest quality designs and componentry compared to the rest. This is a company with 300-some engineers and state-of-the-art robotic production facilities.

eureka e-60 sit stand desk
Shown with optional keyboard tray and hanging CPU holder

Eureka also stands out as being more vertically-integrated than just about any of the other manufacturers whose products we’ve lab tested or factories we’ve toured. By making almost all the components of their office ergonomics products in-house, they’re able to deliver a tremendous amount of value for the money. Motors, controllers, lifting columns, desktops, feet and frames are all made under one roof, to exacting specifications. Their newest 850,000 sq ft factory rivals an Amazon fulfillment center in size, and is brimming with advanced manufacturing technology, and especially precision robotics equipment.

Now let’s take a look at their E-60 standup desk platform. Note this is the same basic desk as the Eureka E-60 Electric L-Desk, which we’ve also reviewed; only the desktop color and shape is different.

A No-Excuses Electric Base

eureka e-60 sit stand deskTo cut to the chase, there is nothing left wanting in the E-60 electric standing base. It has all the features you’d expect in a top-quality underframe. Any half-decent sit-stand desk today will have a dampened stop-start; older models used to give quite the jolt when starting to move up or down. But some lower-quality bases like the Jiecang will wobble back and forth as the desk goes up and down, which can be rather annoying. Eureka’s anti-jitter technology also makes sure the desk’s up and down movements are completely smooth.
eureka ergonomic e60 standing desk reviewThe controller itself appears pretty standard like you’ll find on most modern-day standing desks. It includes a white LED digital height readout and four buttons for saving your favorite heights. But internally it’s brimming with features like over-current and motor overload protection, and a built-in alarm to remind you to switch positions from sitting to standing once in a while. We believe this reminder notification is done through a free smartphone app, but we’ll confirm that once we receive the actual desk in our test lab.

Only Two Color Schemes

eureka e-60 sit stand deskAs compared to most standing desks we’ve reviewed, the E-60 only comes in two color schemes and one size (if you don’t count the E-60 L-Desk as another two variants). Without even naming the name of the simulated wood grain to its descriptions, Eureka lists the E-60 in two variants, one with a black base and a darker wood grain, the other with a white base and light wood grain. The desktop is plain Jane in construction, using old-school HPL (high-pressure laminate) technology. See our primer on Desk Top Materials Used in Standing Desks for the difference between HPL, 3D laminate, solid wood, etc.

Commercial Grade Warranty

We’ve evaluated dozens of standing desks that are manufactured in China, and it is indeed rare to see component quality like Eureka Ergonomic uses in their desks. While some Chinese-made standing desks feature 10 or even 15-year warranties, we have to say that generally, we do not believe these desks would last that long; these manufacturers generally play the numbers game of assuming most customers will not bother to go through a warranty replacement process, having to ship heavy parts back and forth, and being unproductive while their desk is out of commission.

Even though Eureka only puts a five-year warranty on their desk products, we suspect their electric sit-stand underframes will easily outlast Chinese competitors like Jiecang (used in UpLift and Fully desks), StandDesk or Varidesk, and certainly last longer than five years. The commercial grade components have passed BIFMA, UL, CE, CP65, CB, KC, PSE, & SAA testing, whereas some of the bases we’ve tested wouldn’t even pass UL in the United States. For more information on warranties, be sure to read our primer on How to Compare Warranties on Standing Desks.

Bottom Line

We’ll update this review once the real deal arrives at our test lab, but from what we’ve seen in every other Eureka Ergonomics product, we expect to be impressed by the mechanical/electronic aspects and underwhelmed by the desktop size and color options. Eureka makes very few color and size variants in their product line, but what they do offer tends to be exceptionally good.

eureka e-60 sit stand desk

So if this stand up desk is the right size for you, and you don’t mind the limited color selection, this looks to be a very good product. At a selling price of $899, however, you can find a higher quality American-made sit stand desk offered in thousands of color/size variants and with double the warranty term, so we’ll have to see just how impressed we are when the product shows up in our test labs.

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