Best Standing Desks for 2020

Best Standing Desks for 2021

By far the most populous category of sit-to-stand products, electric standing desks are powered by precision, linear motor drives and easily change in height with the press of a button. They have a distinct advantage over most manually-operated desks in speed, convenience, and pe…

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UpLift DIY Stand Up Desk Base

Jiecang Electric Standing Desk Base Review (UpLift Desk Version)

If you're thinking about putting your standing desk together DIY style, then you've got a lot of choices in standalone bases that you can buy to match up with a desktop. The Jiecang Linear Motion Technology Company of Zhiejang, China, is one of the long-time producers of electric…

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Best L shaped Standing desk reviews L desks for sale

L-Shaped Standing Desk Reviews

Because adjustable-height L-desks are bigger investments than standard 2-legged standing desk our advice is to go with quality components that are sure to last a long time. One indication of quality is the warranty term a manufacturer provides on their product. Jarvis, UpLift and…

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Jarvis Stand Up Desk Review

The Jarvis is popular, there is no doubt about it. Sleekly marketed and with low entry-point pricing on all-Chinese componentry, Fully generates a lot of sales. But the componentry is unspectacular, marketing claims are overwrought, and the warranty doesn't include the desktops. …

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fully cooper standing desk converter

Cooper Standing Desk Converter Review

The Cooper is a well-made product overall, featuring an elegant bamboo work surface not seen on too many other standing desk converters. It’s easy to operate and feels like it’s more than the sum of its parts. While not without its faults (chief among them the lack of an ergonomi…

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fully acquisition by knoll

Fully.com Acquired By Knoll in Unprecedented Nod to Immutable Trend Towards E-Commerce

What does the acquisition of Fully's $54M ecommerce office furniture business by $1.3B Knoll (NYSE:KNL) mean for the industry? Our industry analysts take a deep dive into the implications.

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Uprise Adjustable-Height Stand Up Desk

Uprise Adjustable Height Stand Up Desk Review

Ergoprise’s Uprise Standing Desk is a solid, mid-tier desk that stands at the crossroads of function and affordability. A quiet, sturdy base and a variety of table tops - including premium bamboo and hardwood - make this an attractive option for both standing-desk and treadmill-d…

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Jarvis Standing L-Desk Review

Fully used to make two different L-desk models—one with the lowest price point of any L-shaped sit-stand desk on the market ($1,145) using very inexpensive powder-coated desktops, which was recently discontinued—and this remaining desk that we review here, which utilizes slightly…

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able desk review

Able Desk Co Electric Standing Desk Review

Online active office furniture seller Fully.com has quietly launched Able Desk Co as a separate brand, apparently targeting younger, most cost-sensitive, primarily millennial consumers.

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