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Should I Buy a Standing Desk or a Standing Desk Converter?

What to Choose: Standing Desk vs. Sit-Stand Converter?

Every day we have hundreds of readers researching this very question when looking through our reviews, so we thought we'd dedicate an article to the big picture discussion of when is it best to move aside your old desk and replace it wholesale with a new adjustable-height desk, a…

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Best Sit-Stand Desks Under $800 reviews

The Best Sit-Stand Desks Under $800

Our standing desk expert review staff has selected the top offerings in the market between $400 and $800 - check out these summaries and click through to our detailed lab test reviews of each of these top-rated desks.

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Best Stand Up Desks Under $400 Standing desk reviews Ikea bekant Autonomous SmartDesk 2

The Best Stand Up Desks Under $400

As we frequently get requests from readers for a short list of the best budget sit-stand desks to consider, we asked our editors to compile their top picks for standing desks under $400.

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iMovR Lander Standing Desk

iMovR Lander Standing Desk Review

In keeping with their reputation as the most innovative standing desk manufacturer, Seattle-based iMovR spent more than two years developing the Lander Desk. Their simple aim: to eliminate the #1 hesitation people have about switching to a standing desk, the hassle of assembling …

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american made stand up desk

iMovR Lander Lite Standing Desk Review

The new Lander Lite fills a gaping hole in the market today. It offers premium, American-made quality and advanced technology at a price just slightly higher than the Chinese-sourced, commodity-quality standing desk you’ll most commonly find online.

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iMovR CPU Holder for Standing Desks

iMovR CPU Holder for Standing Desks

The iMovR CPU Holder is specifically designed for standing desks and treadmill desks. For those with desktop computers, this device will save you valuable space at your workstation. Its minimalist aesthetic and sturdy design blends well with professional office decor. It attaches…

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iMovR Energize Stand Up Desk

iMovR Energize Standing Desk Review

The iMovR Freedom™ standing desk line shines by offering what, up to this point, has been missing on the market – a quality American-made option priced competitively with popular standing desks built on commodity Chinese-made bases. The Energize is a twin in nearly every way to i…

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iMovR Cascade Stand Up Desk

iMovR Cascade Standing Desk Review

The iMovR Freedom™ standing desk line is what the market has been waiting for – a quality American-made option that is priced competitively with popular standing desks built on commodity imported bases. The Cascade is identical in every other way to iMovR’s more conventionally-to…

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Jarvis Stand Up Desk Review

The Jarvis is popular, there is no doubt about it. Sleekly marketed and with low entry-point pricing on all-Chinese componentry, Fully generates a lot of sales. But the componentry is unspectacular, marketing claims are overwrought, and the warranty doesn't include the desktops. …

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IKEA BEKANT Standing Desk Review

IKEA BEKANT Sit-Stand Desk Review

The IKEA Bekant desk underwhelms us. With a weak 150-lb lifting capacity, a surprisingly light frame, and only one desktop size available, this desk comes in at the low end of electrically adjustable sit/stand desks.

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ModTable Mod E Powered Stand Up Desk Review

ModTable ‘Mod-E’ Powered Stand Up Desk Review

MultiTable is the long-time producer of the ModTable, a popular crank (manual) height-adjustable desk. See our earlier review of the ModTable crank adjustable height desk, which received good reviews from Amazon buyers and WorkWhileWalking testers alike for a long time. Newer mod…

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eureka e-60 sit stand desk

Eureka Standing Desk Reviews

Eureka is a top producer of standing desks, standing desk converters, gaming desks, and accessories. We’ve already reviewed 3 of their standing desks and 6 of their standing desk converters in detail; this page is a round-up of all our Eureka standing desk reviews.

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side view image of imovr thermodesk elite standing desk

iMovR Elite Standing Desk Review

Not only is the Elite a top of the line desk for a one-man walkstation, it’s also our first choice for shared “hotdesk” style treadmill desks. Incredibly quiet motors ensure that frequent desk adjustments won’t bother coworkers. Some desks (lookin’ at you, Mod-E) sound a bit like…

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crank operated omega denali standing desk workstation

iMovR Omega Denali Standing Desk Review

The next evolution of the stand up desk, the Omega brings to the table the integrated, infinitely-adjustable SteadyType keyboard platform to provide better ergonomic wrist angles than any keyboard tray to date. Paired with an affordable crank base, and fortified with iMovR's 3D l…

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Healthy Desk Bamboo Stand Up Desk with Drawers

Healthy Desks Stand Up Desk with Drawers Sneak Preview

Healthy Desks is a line of adjustable-height desks manufactured by Earthlite, which also makes electric adjustable massage and medical tables. We liked it when we first saw this desk at ErgoExpo, and a further look at the desk’s specifications and attributes bolsters our sense th…

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S2S Adjustable Height Stand Up Desk

S2S Electric Height-Adjustable Desk

What we can say about the S2S desk is that it is based on a very commonly used Jiecang electric base (made in China) and utilizes a no-frills conventional high-pressure laminated tabletop. Ergoprise seems to have shifted the spotlight to their new Uprise desk lately, which is bas…

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iMovR Ellure Stand Up Desk

iMovR ThermoDesk Ellure Stand Up Desk Review

In our review of iMovR’s ThermoDesk Elemental Stand Up Desk, we praised the quick response-time of the crank-operated base and the sleek, super-durable 3D-laminated tops. The unique sculpting of the tabletop – with its rounded corners and sloped edges – hit home for value-minded …

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Stand Up Desk Omega Olympus with SteadyType Keyboard Tray

iMovR Olympus Adjustable-Height Stand Up Desk Review

When iMovR launched its new Omega desk line in 2014 with the Everest and Denali models, they had the top-end and bottom-end covered with a premium electric desk and manual crank desk, respectively. Now with the new Omega Olympus they've got what is likely to become their most pop…

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Stir Kinetic M1 Adjustable Height Smart Desk Review

Stir Kinetic M1 Stand Up Desk Review

From the makers of the Stir Kinetic Desk, one of the most expensive desks on the market, comes the Kinetic M1 – a sleeker, less-expensive desk with better ergonomics and the same 'smart' features. But aside from its bells and whistles, the M1 is a mediocre desk. And for its price…

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Elevate II Adjusta Stand Up Desk Review

Elevate II Adjusta Stand Up Desk Review

Anthro's Elevate II Adjusta is a promising new entry in the adjustable-height desk field. Its unique split-top design permits both new ergonomic flexibility and extra height adjustment. The Adjusta is actually one of two adjustable-height desks we from Anthro Furniture that we…

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UpTown Adjustable Height Desk is a Great Value

iMovR ThermoDesk UpTown Adjustable Height Desk Review

iMovR's newest adjustable height desk entry in the mid-tier range, the Uptown is an impeccable marriage between cost and quality. With a digital programmable controller and an unprecedented array of customization options – including two table top thicknesses, five tabletop sizes,…

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