S2S Electric Height-Adjustable Desk

March 4, 2021
  • First Look

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S2S Adjustable Height Stand Up Desk

The S2S is a mid-tier electric, height-adjustable desk sold by ergonomic products retailer Ergoprise.

Not being the product of a conventional desk manufacturer we don’t expect to have this desk submitted to us for our lab testing and review process. However, if the seller decides to submit their product for review, you’ll see it here. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so that you don’t miss it or any of the other reviews and advice we publish.

What we can say about the S2S desk is that it is based on a very commonly used Jiecang electric base (made in China) and utilizes a no-frills conventional high-pressure laminated tabletop. Ergoprise seems to have shifted the spotlight to their new Uprise desk lately, which is based on another Chinese-made electric base. For about the same money you can get a similar desk from Ergoprise’s direct competitors (e.g. the HumanSolution Uplift 900 or ErgoDepot’s Jarvis Desk), which are also based on the same Jiecang Chinese base.

The Jiecang base is infamous for it’s lateral instability at higher settings, in-the-field failures, high noise signature, and overstatement of performance specifications. For example, all desk makers utilizing the Jiecang base parrot the manufacturer’s state 1.5″ per second lifting speed specification – which would put it in the mid-range as far as height-adjustable desk performance goes – yet our lab testing found it to be a more slovenly 1.25″ per second. The puts the Jiecang base near the left end of the spectrum (only the Geekdesk is slower at 1.1″ per second).

For slightly more money you can find other desks with much higher quality tabletops (such as 3D-laminated or lacquered), more built-in features, more color choices, longer warranties and factory-direct support. Manufacturers who compete in this tier of electric standing desks include iMovR, MultiTable, and GeekDesk, among others. Check out our reviews of the Omega Everest, ThermoDesk Elite, ThermoDesk Electra, ModTable Mod-E, GeekDesk and others.

User Reviews

We are still awaiting an evaluation unit of the S2S desk. The S2S is currently not sold through Amazon.com, our go-to source for independent user reviews. If you own an S2S desk and would like to post a review of it where other buyers might find it, please do so below.

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