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iMovR Cascade Standing Desk Review

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iMovR Cascade Standing Desk Review

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iMovR launches its new Freedom desks, an American-made standing desk line to compete with the barrage of cheaply-made imports on the market. The Cascade model features iMovR’s innovative SteadyType™ technology – a built-in tilting keyboard tray for unparalleled typing ergonomics.

MSRP / List Price

Starting at $993


Standard free shipping in the continental United States. Additional charges for AK, HI, Canada. DHL available for international.

All iMovR desks are made to order and shipped within 5-7 business days. Add up to 5 business days for freight delivery to anywhere in the continental US.


Frame: Lifetime Warranty
Tabletop: 5 years
Moving Parts: 10 years
Electronics: 10 years



Lift Type


Transit Speed

1.3" per second


Digital LCD readout with 2 memory presets

Sizes Available

Tabletops are all 1-1/8" thick

Colors Available

Available standard woodgrain colors for the desktop include Mahogany, Hayward Cherry, Shaker Cherry, Almond Cherry, Light Maple and Urban Walnut, while Black, Designer (frosty) White, Warm White (beige), Haute Gray (putty) and a stunning Shark Gray are the available solid colors. Base legs are available in silver, black, or white.

Maximum Height

Standard Base: 26.8" - 45"
XT Base: 22.4" - 48.5"
+Height extenders: Add 6"

Weight Capacity

220 lbs.


100% American-made quality, built-in SteadyType™ ergonomics, PerfectPaint glide system, easy assembly (as well as a factory pre-assembly option), low cost, extra base color options (black, silver, and white), industry-leading warranty, extremely quiet operation.


Users over 5’11” should upgrade to the XT base (+$100) for extra height range. Note: users over 6’2” can also add 6” height extenders (+$59) to the XT base, a very popular option for extra-tall users that is only offered on iMovR electric standing desks.

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Suitability for Treadmill Desking
Bottom Line

The iMovR Freedom™ standing desk line is what the market has been waiting for – a quality American-made option that is priced competitively with popular standing desks built on commodity imported bases. The Cascade is identical in every other way to iMovR’s more conventionally-topped sister product, the Energize, but builds in their patented SteadyType™ keyboard tray for the most ergonomically advanced standing desk experience on the market. Toss in the litany of customizable options iMovR is known for (over 3,400 variants on the Freedom desk line alone can be ordered online), and here is a desk you can cater to your needs and count on for years of reliable, stable, and quiet operation.

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Disclosure: iMovR and WorkWhileWalking have mutual ownership interest*

iMovR’s new entrant into the competitive standing desk landscape is its Freedom line, a series of high-performing all-American-made desks designed to eventually replace their Olympus, Uptown, and Upsilon models. The latter models are built on top of the high-quality, albeit imported, UpStage base. iMovR’s Freedom Line was designed primarily to challenge aggressively priced imported desks head on, and it delivers superior quality and performance than any imported alternatives we’ve tested, at a comparably low price point.

If you’ve been shopping for desks like the UpLift, Jarvis, GeekDesk – all examples of standing desks built upon the popular Jiecang base – but have concerns about the quality reputation of these Chinese-made bases, the Freedom line offers better performance for the same money, with the ten year warranty and local support that comes with being entirely made in the US. To be fair, all of these desks will perform better than the super-cheap, super-commodity Autonomous Smart Desk products, but at the $600-$800 tier, the Freedom line (the Cascade desk, reviewed here, and the sister Energize desk with conventional tabletop) is going to be your best bet for the money.

Made-in-America, State-of-the-Art Ergonomics

The Cascade Tabletop – featuring SteadyType™ Technology

Cascade SteadyType Tabletop

The Cascade's SteadyType™-equipped tabletop tilts to provide the most ergonomic typing surface on the market...

The Cascade is the most ergonomically advanced member of iMovR’s Freedom Line. It boasts iMovR’s patented SteadyType™ technology built into its tabletop, for optimal typing ergonomics while you stand (or walk, if you have a treadmill). The basic concept is that while you’re in the upright position (either standing or walking), the most ergonomically neutral, non-straining position for your arms is akin to the posture of a sleeping astronaut ­– with elbows bent not at 90 angles like most standing desk advertisements show, but with your arms resting closer to your sides and your elbows at wider angles, typically 115 -140 degrees. 

The SteadyType™ keyboard tray is the only keyboard tray on the market that accommodates what ergonomists consider truly neutral arm angles while working in the upright position. After testing many of iMovR’s SteadyType-equipped desks in the past (including the Denali, Olympus, and Everest), there is a marked difference in terms of typing endurance especially; a SteadyType-equipped desk allows us to type for hours at a time while a normal flat-surfaced standing desk leads to faster fatigue. (SteadyType™ will soon be available as an add-on option for any standing desk in iMovR’s new Elevon Standing Desk Keyboard Tray.)

Cascade Standing Desk with SteadyType

SteadyType™ Technology in action on the iMovR Cascade Stand Up Desk

The difference with SteadyType™ is even more pronounced while walking at a treadmill desk and working. That’s because while walking, you tend to put more pressure (anchor stresses) on your wrists, bracing yourself on the desktop while keeping your fingers in position over the keyboard. The SteadyType’s negative tilt eliminates the need to brace and allows your wrists to rest naturally while you type for strain-free productivity. The Cascade is available from iMovR in a treadmill desk version we’re also reviewing. But the basic ergonomic advantage applies to standing as well as walking – the more closely you can emulate a purely neutral ergonomic angle while typing, the less strain you’ll place on all the muscles in your hands, wrists, arms, shoulder, and neck, and the more proficient and error-free your typing will be.

The Freedom Base Exemplary American Innovation

So how does the Freedom Line meld top-notch quality and low manufacturing cost to outperform its imported competitors? As singer Meghan Trainor would say, it’s “All About That Base.” Machining all the parts that go into a lifting column and desk frame is very labor intensive, and that’s usually where you’d expect cheap Asian labor to win out over American manufacturing economics.

iMovR Freedom Base

The American-made Freedom Base features the same industry-leading warranty as iMovR's Reliant Base

However, the Freedom Line’s bases are manufactured in the United States using cutting-edge, extreme robotic automation techniques for finer machining tolerances and unmatched production efficiencies. These new automation techniques grant the base its consistent performance, impressive stability, and contribute to its low cost. Impressively, the Freedom bases actually come with the same warranty as iMovR’s top-of-the-line desks, the Elite and the Everest (lifetime on the frame, 10 years on dual, precision Bosch motors and electronics, and 5 years on 3D-laminated tabletop). This industry-leading warranty coverage is a testament to iMovR’s confidence in the high standards of its production process.

The Core of Freedom’s Performance Edge Reduced Friction

Key to the Freedom bases’ excellence is the way friction was engineered out of the machinery, and key to that is its PerfectPaint™ glide system. The Freedom bases are weight-rated to lift 220 lbs, but after testing, we’ve concluded they can withstand more real-world weight than seemingly higher-rated Chinese competitors. Why? When linear actuators (the desk’s lifting columns) are machined to sloppy tolerances, they must overcome greater side-load stress and friction in order to raise the desk (learn more about this in our article on Do Weight Lift Ratings on Electric Standing Desks Really Matter?). Sloppier tolerances also lead to faster wear and tear on the delicately thin components that keep the actuator tubes separated, ultimately leading to a desk that becomes shakier and more likely to fail prematurely.  

The point is, when testing real-world loaded conditions – with monitors and monitor arms, computers, and other desktop accessories distributed as they normally would be across the tabletop, (i.e. with most of the weight toward the back edge of the desk) – a precisely-machined base with a 220 lb weight rating will outperform a sloppily-machined imported base with a much higher weight rating. When we lab test these competing products, we always use real-world conditions because Asian manufacturers famously publish their performance specs under ideal conditions – in this case with all the weight evenly distributed across the centerline between the base legs.

Freedom Crimped Down Tubes

The Freedom's PerfectPaint Glide System

The PerfectPaint glide system in the Freedom bases ensures the legs operate in a smooth and seamless fashion, raising the desk with minimal friction and no scratching. The difference is visually obvious when comparing the Freedom Base side-by-side against most any low-cost Asian competitors’ base. The low-cost Asian bases tend to exhibit dirty grease marks on the inner tubes of their lifting columns over time. (At their worst, they may even drip oil from underneath the feet.) This is one reason you won’t often find them available in white, or if you do, user reports of ugly black streaking along the legs are not uncommon.  

Internal to the leg column, most manufacturers use plastic end caps to stop the individual leg segments during the lifting process (so one telescoping tube doesn’t become unattached from the others). But the Freedom bases have eliminated these costly parts by precisely pinching the tube ends to serve the same purpose, giving their legs’ tube ends a distinctive look. This may sound like a relatively inconsequential nuance, but glide systems and end caps are crucial to keeping your desk in healthy working order for the long haul; they play an important role in keeping down the wear and tear on your base, and ensure many years of reliable and stable use.

Bonus Features

While most competing desk bases come in black or gray, the Freedom adds a sleek white color option to the mix, so you can create a desk with a characteristically modern “Apple-esque” or Scandinavian look to it. Its transit speed of 1.3 inches per second along with its whisper quiet motors outperform competing Chinese bases. Anti-collision sensing is built-in, along with acceleration and deceleration damping for ultra-smooth transitions from sitting to standing. It’s nice not to have your coffee slosh out of its mug when changing desk height.

The Freedom Base's Digital LDC Controller

The digital LCD controller displays height in inches or centimeters, and the Up and Down buttons cleverly double as sitting and standing height memory presets so you can quickly raise and lower your desk to your saved positions. While this minimalist approach leaves the Freedom desks with a less glitzy-looking controller, the truth is most people only use two of their height presets, and all you really need is two buttons to accomplish this. The one downside of the Freedom controller is that to save on some cost the hand controller uses a cheaper reflective LCD (not backlit) for height reading display, rather than a bright LED. Since you’re not likely to ever look at it again after programming your height presets, we don’t imagine this is going to be a big deal for most users. Plenty of popular electric desks have no height read-out display at all, for that matter.

Extraordinary Customizability

Cascade Custom OptionsOver the last few years, iMovR has developed a reputation for customizable desks, billing itself the “Dell” of office fitness with literally thousands of different desk and table configurations, and an on-demand, mass-customization product line. With the Freedom line, iMovR continues this legacy. Although the Cascade version doesn’t boast as many choices as its sister product, the Energize, it still has the rest of the market beat when it comes to base options, tabletop shapes, sizes, and colors.

The Freedom line overall has over 3,400 different desk combinations between base options, base colors, top dimensions, top shapes (including a variety of corner options), top thicknesses (for modern versus traditional look), and top colors (eleven are standard, plus hundreds of custom color options). Other desk manufacturers offer a relatively minute number of customization options because they have to mass produce their desktops and keep them in inventory, so size, shape and color options are always going to be more limited as compared to any iMovR desk offering.

Another nice benefit to having all these tabletop choices is that if you ever move or remodel, swapping out the top for a different size, shape, or color is a breeze. All iMovR tops come pre-drilled for easy assembly, and the thicker “Select Tops” use insert nuts and machine screws for attaching them to the base. This creates a stronger connection and also means you can disassemble and reassemble the desk many times without ever worrying about degradation of the screw holes.

1. Standard vs. XT Base

Every desk in the Freedom line, including the Cascade, comes with the option for a standard base or an “XT” base. The standard base has two leg segments and a smaller height range (25.7” – 43.8” not including tabletop, and with leveling feet fully closed). It’s the most economical option for shorter users, under 5’11” or so. The XT base comes with three segment legs and a greater height range (21.3” to 47.4” not including tabletop, and with leveling feet fully closed). iMovR recommends the XT for users over 5’11”.

iMovR Freedom XT Height Extenders

The Freedom XT Base can accommodate 6" Height Extenders for tall users (and treadmill deskers)

Important to note, though, is that for users 6’2” and taller, there are 6” height extenders available for the XT base. Our 6’7” co-worker is able to operate comfortably on an XT model with the 6” height extenders installed. If you want to squeeze even more height into the base, you can also add optional caster wheels, which will prop the desk up another 2.5 inches. These extenders are essential for most treadmill desk users, as they will be 5” taller when standing atop an office treadmill like the iMovR ThermoTread GT or Lifespan TR1200. The height extenders (only $59 when purchased with the desk) also enhance the stability of the desk by increasing the overlap area at the ends of the three leg segments of the XT base. iMovR is the only standing desk manufacturer so far to offer leg extenders on all its made-in-USA electric desk models. Just one more of the many things that separates them from the cheaper commodity desks you’ll find heavily advertised online.

Both the standard and XT Freedom bases are UL 962 / CSA 68 certified, and the XT base model is ANSI-BIFMA certified 5.5 and 7.1.

2. iMovR’s 3D-Laminated Tabletops

iMovR Color ChartThe Cascade, like all iMovR desks we’ve tested, comes in 16 different 3D-laminated finishes (and hundreds of additional custom colors are also available for bulk buyers). While most tabletops comprise a standard high-pressure laminated, powder coated or thinly veneered top, iMovR’s signature 3D lamination process hermetically seals around the MDF (medium density fiberboard) tabletop, making it impervious to moisture damage. It also allows the tables to achieve gently-sloping edges and rounded corners for a more comfortable top than standard standing desks⏤what iMovR dubs “ergo-contouring.” You can see their website if you’re curious to learn more about the advantages of 3D-lamination.

The Cascade, along with the Energize (its close relative, minus the SteadyType™ keyboard tray), comes in corner shapes as well as standard rectangular shapes. The corner options are two-legged, easier to install than 3-legged L-desk behemoths, much easier on the wallet, too, and feature a flat back edge to make monitor arm installation easier (and at the correct focal depth). Interior designers love that they can combine these corner desks in a variety of patterns (honeycomb, quads, back-to-back) to optimize space in the large open workspaces that are so popular these days.

3. Try it with a Treadmill

The SteadyType™ keyboard tray’s ergonomic advantage is seen most keenly when applied on treadmill desks. Why’s that? When you type on a treadmill desk the tendency is to lean your wrists against the desk. The SteadyType™ keyboard tray prevents this from happening; it tilts to emulate the most ergonomically neutral, non-straining angle for your arms and wrists to type. If you add an iMovR ThermoTread GT, you can transform your Cascade Standing Desk into a state-of-the-art “sit-stand-walk” machine. You can see SteadyType™ technology in action with a treadmill desk below (albeit on iMovR’s original SteadyType-equipped desk, the Everest, but the ergonomics are the same (see @3:58)):

How does the Freedom Line compare to iMovR’s Everest & Elite desks?

iMovR Omega Everest

The iMovR Everest Standing Desk with SteadyType™

There aren’t that many made-in-USA electric standing desks available to begin with – it’s even rarer to have a choice between two American-made lines from the same manufacturer. So let’s take a look at how iMovR’s new Freedom line differs from its Reliant-based desk line, which features their still top-selling Elite, and its SteadyType-equipped variant, the Everest.

At first glance, the two electric lines may appear similar, and in many ways they are. For instance, both feature the same array of 3D-laminated tabletop designs (although corner desks, compact 24”-deep tops, and the modernistic, ¾ inch-thick “Slim Tops” are only available for the Freedom line at this point). And the desks boast the same, industry-leading, lifetime frame warranty and ten years on all mechanical and electrical parts, plus five years on the tops. However, there are some important distinctions to note that may help you make a purchase decision.

The Freedom line has an advantage over the Everest and Elite in a couple respects. The desks are a little easier to assemble, and come with their own wire management tray for organizing your cords. (While the Reliant base requires buying a separate cable management tray, the one provided with the Freedom is smaller, and won’t hold a power strip or many cables – some users will still opt to add an iMovR Advanced Cable Management Kit to the Freedom regardless.)

But from a performance standpoint, the Everest and Elite desks remain la crème de la crème of iMovR’s standing desks, outdoing the Freedom desks on most specs, such as transit speed (1.5 in/sec vs 1.3 in/sec), lift capacity (265 lbs vs 220 lbs), and the functionality of its back-lit, readable, and elegant hand controller. The Everest and Elite desks also feature four programmable height-preset memories versus the two that are offered on the Freedom-based desks.

That said, the main distinguishers are that the standard Reliant base raises 3” higher than the Freedom XT, and is a better fit for taller workers. iMovR does offer 4” leg extenders for the Reliant, as well as caster wheels to add as much as a total of 6.5” to its already tall desk height⏤this is great for tall treadmill desk users, and the very vertically-endowed standing desk user. The Reliant has longer feet (23 5/8” vs 29” long) that create more longitudinal stability in the desk. And its crossbars telescope for even wider desks, so it is one of the few bases on the market that can stretch wide enough to fit a 7’ top with complete stability.

All in all, the Reliant base has about 30 lbs more metal in it, giving it the greatest adjustment range and stability of any electric desk we’ve ever tested in our labs. That said, if you’re building a narrow desk (47” or 59”, say) and aren’t super-tall, you might never notice a difference in stability between the two desk lines.

The Takeaway

iMovR Cascade XT

iMovR Cascade Standing Desk

In a market facing cost pressures from abroad in the form of cheap, poorly-made imports, the iMovR Cascade Standing Desk stands out as a high-quality American-made alternative with a variety of customizable options, state-of-the-art ergonomics, and an impressively low price point for a domestic product. Its SteadyType™ technology, patented by iMovR, is the only method on the market for ensuring neutral ergonomic posture while typing (costs about the same as adding a conventional high-quality adjustable keyboard tray), and its industry-leading warranty is the best you’ll find in its price tier.

If you’re looking for a Made-in-America standing desk with top notch ergonomics, a reasonable price point, and middle-to-top tier specs, the Cascade Standing Desk from iMovR is one not to miss.  


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Full disclosure: iMovR and WorkWhileWalking have mutual ownership interest. However, we can assure our readers that we expose the good and the bad of every product, regardless of any financial connection we may have to the manufacturer.

Cascade desks are made to order and arrive within ten to fourteen business days from order placement. They are shipped palletized by freight from Grand Rapids, Michigan. The standard shipping price for Cascade desks, including all optional items purchased at the same time, is free. iMovR also offers a variety of delivery upgrades including room of choice delivery and, uniquely, factory pre-assembly.
The iMovR Cascade has an excellent warranty: Lifetime on the frame, 10 years on moving parts and electronics, and 5 years on the tabletop.

iMovR Cascade Standing Desk Base Dimensions

The Cascade Tabletop
Lamination Type 3-Dimensional
Edging Ergo-contoured
Grommets All sizes have dual, fully-laminated, 80-mm grommet holes
Table Thickness 1.125" SelectTop
SteadyType Cutout Placement 47" - 65": Center of Tabletop
71": Center, Left, or Right of Tabletop
Available Sizes 47" x 30"
53" x 30"
59" x 30"
65" x 30"
71" x 30"Cascade is also available in a wide variety of corner models
Available Standard Colors
See color samples
Light Maple
Almond Cherry
Hayward Cherry
Clove Mahogany
Urban Walnut
Shaker CherrySolids:
Designer White (frosty)
Warm White (beige)
Shark Gray
Durability Super-durable
Special Features Insert nuts for attaching base to SelectTop
Pre-drilled holes for keyboard tray(s) and hand controller
Country of Origin Michigan, USA


The Freedom Base
Freedom Standard Freedom XT
Rated Lifting Capacity 220 lbs. 220 lbs.
Stroke 460 mm 660 mm
Height Range 25.7" - 43.8" not including top or casters,
leveling feet fully closed
21.3" to 47.4" not including top or casters,
leveling feet fully closed
Product Weight 60 lbs. 66 lbs.
Average Travel Speed 1.3 inches per second 1.3 inches per second
Controller Type Digital LCD Readout with two memory presets Digital LCD Readout with two memory presets
Special Features Acceleration and Deceleration Dampening Acceleration and Deceleration Dampening
Country of Origin Michigan, USA (some parts made in Europe) Michigan, USA (some parts made in Europe)

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