Ergonomic Chairs Category

Ergonomic chairs category
imovr treadmill desk with Energy Treadtop Stool

Treadtop Seating Options

The best ergonomic stools and chairs for use atop an office treadmill base

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iMovR McHale TreadTop StableChair Review

Comfortable treadtop chair made specifically for the Unsit treadmill with a stable construction and ergonomic support.

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imovr energy treadtop stool

iMovR Energy Stool Review

An active seating stool that's great for standing desk users as well as safe to use "treadtop" on an office treadmill

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iMovR McHale shown in Kelp Green

iMovR McHale Ergonomic Chair Review

Very comfortable and adjustable, with a strong warranty, the iMovR McHale has everything you expect in this price range, and a little more.

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iMovR Tempo Stool

iMovR Tempo Sit-Stand Stool Review

With similar ergonomic adjustability as the TreadTop Chair, the iMovR Tempo Sit-Stand Stool offers surprisingly good comfort.

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iMovR tempo chair

iMovR Tempo TreadTop Chair Review

More than any chair on the market, the iMovR Tempo TreadTop Chair is perfectly suited for use at any sit-stand-walk station.

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QOR360 Ariel Active Seat Review

Ergonomic office chair that is ideal to pair with a standing desk or treadmill desk to keep your core engaged and your spine properly aligned

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Top Ergonomic chairs and top standing desk chair

Our Top Picks in Ergonomic Chairs

Get your move on while sitting at your standing desk with these popular active ergonomic chairs. This growing list of fidgety seats will make you active. 

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EffyDesk BohdiStool-swivel-office-chair-black-balance-activesitting

EffyDesk BohdiStool Standing Desk Stool Review

The EffyDesk BohdiStool is an active seating option for standing desk users especially if they also have an office treadmill.

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Leaning Chair Primer

Lean on Me – A Leaning Chair Primer From Treadmill Desk Experts

A Leaning chair provides a new way to spend your sitting breaks. They place you in an ergonomically healthy angle that is healthy for both your feet & back.

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BackApp 2.0 Chair

BackApp 2.0 Active Chair Review

The BackApp 2.0 active chair improves on the original, in terms of looks and ergonomics, while keeping the active seating features.

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iMovR Neemo ergonomic chair shown in black

iMovR Neemo Ergonomic Chair Review

Why A Chair? Read a couple of our reviews and you’re sure to find us saying that sitting is the enemy and generally trying to convince you to sit less. So why are we reviewing an ergonomic office chair? We’re also realists. While almost everyone should stand (and ideally also walk) more at their desk, it’s inevitable that some portion of your workday will be spent sitting. Standing or wa…

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Move chair

Varier Move Leaning Chair Review

Review of the Move Active Chair from Varier. Varier's active seating options help keep workers mobile even during chair time.

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Muista chair all black

Muista Chair Review

The Muista chair is a unique option for an office chair, but if you want to keep moving, this rocker is great for standing desk users.

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Muvman Leaning Stool Review

The iconic Muvman leaning stool helps extend time spent on your feet, while still allowing you to settle back down when you need a rest.

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ErgoChair Core

Autonomous ErgoChair Core Review

The Autonomous ErgoChair Core starts at $349 without the legrest and headrest and comes in two available colors, black and gray.

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Active Motion Up Wobble Jr. Stool

Stand Steady Active Motion Up Wobble Jr. Stool Review

The Stand Steady Active Motion Up Wobble Jr. Stool is a smaller version of Stand Steady's wobble stool designed for kids.

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Active Motion Up Wobble Stool

Stand Steady Active Motion Up Wobble Stool Review

The Stand Steady Active Motion Up Wobble Stool is $179.99, comes in six colors and promotes better posture while you're seated.

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