Muista Chair Review

August 25, 2022
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Muista chair all black


Review Summary

The Muista chair is a great, non-traditional option for standing desk users. It might be more expensive than it seems like it would be for it seemingly simple design, but it is made with quality materials that will last. It isn’t the most comfortable on your tush, but if you are using it with a sit-stand workstation, it just pushes you to be on your feet more. So that’s an ergonomic bonus beyond the movement it encourages while seated.

MSRP / List Price $390
Street Price

Small: 390 Euros
Large: 630 Euros

*Euros roughly equivalent to $USD at the time of this review’s publication


Free Shipping in the EU, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Norway, and the UK. Delivered by FedEx.



Sizes Available

Short and tall

Colors Available

Wood frame: black or clear
– Wool: black, blue, gray
– Recycled Polyester: cream, black, brown, red

Weight Capacity

240 lbs


Small: 19.7″ tall x 20.5″ wide x 11.8″ deep
Large: 28.7″ tall x 23.6″ wide x 13″ deep

Product Weight

Small: 8.2 lbs
Large: 15.4 lbs

NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic


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Ease of Assembly
Customer Experience
Quality and Aesthetics
Positives Keeps you moving while sitting to improve body dynamics. Multiple types of sitting, rocking forward and sideways. Quality construction and materials.
Negatives Expensive for the simple design, it seems, but not surprising for an import. Not always incredibly comfortable, at least not for initial days of use. Not height adjustable, but comes in two sizes.

Bottom Line

The Muista is a different kind of seating for offices. It certainly succeeds in its claims to keep you moving, whether you rock forward and back or side to side. It isn't super comfortable, which might seem bad, but since you are likely trying to buy it for use with a standing desk, this can become an incentive to spend more time standing. The quality materials will help this office chair last for a long while.

What is Muista?

Muista is a furniture design brand behind the original Muista chair concept. Founded in Vilnius, Lithuania, in 2017 by designer Aurimas Lažinskas and his cousin Gytis Štaras, Muista’s aim is to change the approach of long sitting at work desks, to encourage flexibility and movement and make sitting a more enjoyable experience.

Using the muista chair two ways
Not many chairs are meant to use in multiple ways, but the Muista can help you move in a variety of directions.

Introduced for the first time at the Habitare 2018 design fair in Helsinki, Finland, Muista claims to have achieved big interest and positive feedback, both from health professionals and members of the public. Since then it was successfully showcased at various design fairs including Cologne (IMM), Paris (Maison & Objet), Vienna, Zürich, Hamburg (Blickfang) and sold to hundreds of customers, according to the company.

A different kind of office chair

Have you ever been working at your desk and wished you were riding your horse through mountain fields? Well the Muista chair might be the closest thing you’ll get to making that wish come true. 

Muista’s chair is pretty unique among office furniture as it is basically like a headless rocking horse, but for adults. However, you can also turn it to rock side to side as well if you need a change.

What Makes It a Good Chair?

The primary benefit of using the Muista chair is what they tout in their marketing copy; body movement for some ergonomic benefit. Using this chair in our labs for a few days has confirmed that it does help users sit upright while they work and even get a little motion in the hips and back to keep the core from being stagnant. This is also consistent across many of the user reviews we could find online.

The Muista seat is also safe for most flooring surfaces in your home or office. The rubbery padding on the curved feet helps protect wood or other flooring materials from scrapes and scratches.

The construction is also a bit more solid than some of the other “active seating” products we’ve reviewed in the past. There are basically only two pieces; the curved legs formed from high-quality plywood and the padded seat on top. Without any connections in the frame, it is a pretty solid piece of furniture. And being constructed in Europe from materials found there, we are confident that the materials come from reliable sources and will last longer than many products emanating  from Asia.

The packaging is also unique for the Muista chair. Where most manufacturers just put their product in a cubic cardboard box and fill in any pockets of space with more cardboard or styrofoam so the parts don’t move around, Muista instead basically molds the box around the legs of the chair, so the box looks like a two-legged stool. For one, this shows that Muista is investing in their packaging enough to make sure their customers receive a quality, undamaged product, which is likely indicative of the quality of the chair overall. As a possible bonus to their operations, it lets them stack the chairs in a unique way to save space in shipping.

Great Sitting Experience for All?

While there are certainly benefits to the Muista, you’ll want to be aware of some issues that could change your mind on whether to get it or not. The problem that we experienced ourselves but also see with most of the other customer complaints we found online is that the Muista chair isn’t particularly comfortable. That is a problem several of our testers noted after using the Muista chair for only a few minutes. The problem was worse for heavier users. 

Muista does recognize this is an issue for some users. They recommend that users build up the proper muscles by sitting on it starting at about 30 minutes a day and increasing bit by bit. They claim that most users become accustomed to the new seating within 2-3 weeks at the most. Some can use it longer and are rocking comfortably in only a few days. However, if you are used to riding horses, there might be no adjustment period at all.

One of the most obvious deficiencies of the Muista chair is that it can’t adjust height like office chairs that are equipped with height-adjustable cylinders. This limitation could make it quite difficult if you are working at a desk that doesn’t change height. Luckily, most of our readers are looking for office furniture for sit-stand desks, so the Muista won’t have as much difficulty there. 

However, there are only two different heights you can purchase, and if your legs don’t sit or hang comfortably at the height of the either chair, you are kinda out of luck.

Muista chair small with gray seat
The small option of the Muista is great for those whose legs don’t quite rest comfortably on the tall version.

A major factor in deciding whether to buy the Muista for many consumers will be its price. It does cost quite a bit in comparison to most office chairs. The shorter version costs about $400 and the larger will run you about $650, depending on the exchange rate from euros (which has been very disadvantageous to Americans lately, at least at the time of this writing). That said, there hasn’t been an imported product that hasn’t seen price increases since the pandemic, whether due to tariffs, shipping costs, exchange rates, or all three, so the Muista’s price isn’t that much higher than many other active seating options these days.

Need a Rockin’ Time?

There are plenty of positives and negatives to consider when thinking about buying a Muista chair to go with your standing desk workstation. If the price isn’t an issue, and you know your adjustable height desk will go low or high enough to suit your needs (some might not go low enough), it could be a great choice. 

Thinking about the discomfort issue, it might not be such a problem for standing desk users. If sitting gets a little uncomfortable, you can just use this pain as an incentive to stand up and get moving in another way.

Overall, it is a quality seat that will keep you moving, burning a few more NEAT calories, and keeping your spinal cord and joints better lubricated and oxygenated.

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