Flexispot Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Mat Review

May 7, 2023

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Review Summary

The Flexispot Ergonomic Office and Kitchen Not-Flat Anti-Fatigue Mat has the best quality to price ratio in the non-flat mat category. Boasting thick construction, generous dimensions, and decent buoyancy, it’s one of the higher quality non-flat mats we’ve tested. It’s a solid anti-fatigue solution that will probably last for years.

MSRP / List Price $74.99
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1 year

Colors Available



100% polyurethane


32.3″ x 20.5″ x 0.98″~2.0″

Product Weight

5.28 lbs

NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic



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Customer Experience
Quality and Aesthetics
Positives Thick enough to support your weight without compressing and sinking to the floor. Features footprint-shaped massage nodes for use with bare feet or socks. High level of travel control.
Negatives The slightest chemical odor may affect those with acute allergy to chemicals.

Bottom Line

Non-flat standing mats aren’t big on quality at the moment, as adding features and lowering cost seems to be the priority for many manufacturers. That’s where Flexispot Ergonomic Office and Kitchen Not-Flat Anti-Fatigue Mat stands out from competition: with a simpler design, solid construction, and a competitive price. Better suited for taller users, it still provides the necessary support to anyone who spends more than an hour at a time on their feet.

Flexispot is coming in with a new round of products for the active office. The brand recently pushed out the Alcove converter series and Compact risers, but it’s their Ergonomic Office and Kitchen Not-Flat Anti-Fatigue Mat we’re going to cover in this review, specifically the Flexispot Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Mat. Flexispot is best known for their quality standing desk converters, but how do they fare against competitors in the anti-fatigue mat department? Well, the test sample we received prior to the mat’s launch bears the indications of deep research into polyurethane technology.

Dozens of non-flat polyurethane anti-fatigue mats currently available on the market cut down on material and production costs, which leads to a host of problems such as high levels of compression; spongy, prone-to-ripping texture; and toxic odor (coming from the demolding fluid that requires thorough washing). In addition, a lot of these mats lack the support required to keep your body weight displaced and suspended, which is absolutely essential in reducing fatigue and spinal compression. (Read more about how to choose a good anti-fatigue mat.) Flexispot most certainly did not skimp on the material, as their mat is one of the thickest we’ve tested. It’s quite dense but bouncy enough to provide anti-fatigue benefits. Thanks to the low level of compression, it doesn’t sink to the floor and provides support for prolonged standing.

Aside from its thick construction, the mat boasts plenty of real estate that will fit users of any height. In fact, we recommend it to anyone above 6 feet. The two prominent features that differentiate the Flexispot mat from the rest are its footprint-shaped massage nodes and its front side ridge for easy, quick repositioning.


Massage Nodes

None of the massage nodes and mounds made of polyurethane we’ve tested have ever produced any significant effect (even without shoes on) simply because the material is too soft for this sort of application. If you have sensitive feet, you may take advantage of this non-flat mat’s massage features. We suggest alternating your feet while using those massage footprints simply because they are designed for a wide stance, which may not feel comfortable to shorter users. This seems like a necessary design decision to keep the node-free space for regular stance and when you’ve had enough proprioception stimulation. Speaking of which, such features are great for those who would like to improve their spatial awareness and balance.

Foot Ridges

While foot ridges for quick mat repositioning are a feature many manufacturers advertise with pride, we find that to work well, the mat must have poor travel control (easy sliding), which is at odds with mat/flooring safety. And while the Flexispot mat has a foot ridge, we’re happy to note that its grippy underside does not slide around the carpet floor very easily. You can still use the ridge by anchoring it with the side of your foot and pulling it toward yourself, but it does take some effort.

The Takeaway

The Flexispot Ergonomic Office and Kitchen Not-Flat Anti-Fatigue Mat is a great find for anyone above 6 feet tall or looking for a good quality, thick, and spacious mat. It’s not as cushy as others, but it has enough bounce to make your feet comfortable and alleviate pressure from your joints and spine.

If you’re interested in seeing how the Flexispot mat stacks against other non-flat mats, check out our comprehensive comparison review. We also rounded up all the regular standing desk mats in one page for your convenience. Subscribe to our newsletter to get more office fitness updates.

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