Ergocomfy Non-Flat Standing Mat Review

May 2, 2023

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Review Summary

Ergocomfy is another Topo Mat imitator hailing from China. Just like the previous contender we reviewed, Ergohead, it fails to deliver on its promise of various standing positions and increased blood circulation simply because it’s too soft and poorly designed.

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Sizes Available

36.8″ x 25″ (3.6″ deep)

Colors Available

Gray and purple (coming soon)


100% polyurethane foam

Product Weight

8.2 lbs

Shipping Weight

9.8 lbs

NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic



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Quality and Aesthetics
Positives Plenty of room for tall users. Comes in two additional colors.
Negatives Overly soft, squishy massage section. Too wide to accommodate the “over ten standing positions” it advertises. Exudes toxic odor. All in all, poor value for the price.

Bottom Line

Though Ergocomfy does have positive qualities such as a bigger size and additional color options, it still fails to offer good value for the price. Its calculated terrain features proved insufficient for the advertised “over ten standing positions”. And its low-density construction rendered the massage section too soft to make any difference, regardless of whether or not you’re wearing shoes.

[Editors’ Note – This product seems to be no longer available from the manufacturer. We will keep this review up for future reference and comparison.]


The calculated terrain mat category is still relatively young, but it’s already seeing imitators copying the original products like Topo Mat and TerraMat without giving it much thought. In a clear attempt to steal some of their glory, a certain manufacturer has cranked out a bunch of topographic mats that, in imitation, lose the point and purpose of the original design: to provide a calculated irregular terrain firm enough to offer users proprioceptive feedback, improve blood circulation, and relieve foot strain with massage features. After studying its brand name, quality, and marketing materials as well testing the mat firsthand in our labs, we come to the conclusion that Ergocomfy Non-Flat Standing Mat is merely a variation on the theme and possibly a brother to the ill-conceived Ergohead

From the first glance, the mat looks promising. An ample massage section that outlines one of its sides seems like a great tool to relieve heel pressure and foot arch strain as well as slightly change stances. And then there is enough real estate for tall users. But when you get the mat under your feet, though, it disappoints. It is so soft that standing on it leaves footprints on the surface. The massage section sinks almost to the level of a non-flat surface, which proves to be a poor design solution for a foot massage feature that has to be stiff in order to be effective.

Ergocomfy Non-Flat Standing Mat is Only Nominally a Calculated Terrain Mat

Ergocomfy Non-Flat Standing Mat
Ergocomfy Non-Flat Standing Mat ‘calculated terrain features’

There is plenty of room for tall users to move around within the mat, but we see no point in buying it only because of the bigger dimensions. Besides, you’ll need to air out your office after unpacking the mat, as it off-gasses almost as much as its non-competitor Ergohead. If you are looking for a sizable mat, iMovR EcoLast Premium Mat comes in various non-standard sizes and is a much better investment for a slightly higher price. Not only does it come in an array of colors but it was also approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association and National Floor Safety Institute (read about The Real Differences Between the Best Anti-Fatigue Mats and the Worst).

Ergocomfy’s manufacturer claims that the mat can support over ten standing positions, but an Amazon reviewer pointed out that unlike Topo Mat, Ergocomfy comes without any illustrations for suggested uses to support that statement. In practice, we found the mat to be too wide and soft to accommodate all the various positions one could assume with the Topo or Terra Mat.

Poor design and foul smell aside, Ergocomfy also has a travel control issue – it’s too slippery. Even the carpeted flooring doesn’t stop it from sliding easily under your feet. The marketing collateral calls it a ‘hands-free edge’, meaning that you can easily pull the mat from under the desk or push it back with one foot. And while it works, the slippery underside only exacerbates the safety risks that are generally associated with calculated terrain mats.

Considering its size, Ergocomfy will offer little for you to work with in terms of a calculated terrain mat. It will occupy more space in your office. At least a big flat standing mat will allow you to roll a chair over it. Of course, with Ergocomfy you can utilize the squishy massage section to cushion your heels whenever you feel the pressure building, but other than that its ‘calculated terrain’ simply isn’t functional – you might just as well relieve heel pressure by standing on a beveled edge of a flat standing mat with your heels hovering over the floor.

One of the few positive qualities we found in the mat is that it will soon be offered in two other colors – gray and purple – but that’s hardly a game changing factor.

The Takeaway

Ergocomfy offers nothing that a standard flat anti-fatigue mat doesn’t. It is spacious and non-flat, but a calculated terrain mat it is not. If you are looking for a simple non-flat standing mat there might be better options out there. Butterfly Mat, for one, is cheaper and more ‘irregular’ if not particularly high quality. And if you want a generously-sized mat that will not become a trip hazard and an impassable obstacle in the way of your chair, we advise you go for the category-leading commercial-grade products.

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Available size 36.8 x 25 x 3.6 inches
100% polyurethane foam


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