iMovR Energy Stool Review

May 4, 2023
  • Lab tested

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imovr energy treadtop stool


Review Summary

There are cheaper stools to be found for use with height adjustable desks, but for our money, the Energy Stool is a bargain. After testing dozens of different active stools over the years, we can say most are either too uncomfortable, have too small of a dynamic range, or don’t have enough traction grip for safety on slick floors. The Energy Stool is also perfect for use as a treadtop seat as the soft rubber base will not damage the belt, and it’s so light that it’s easy to move on and off your treadmill desk workstation. A gentle swaying motion isn’t just going to be good for your posture, joints, leg, and low back muscles, but it actually feels great on the glutes. Particularly after long periods of standing and/or walking at your desk. The Energy Stool quickly became an office favorite.

MSRP / List Price $225

Free in the Lower 48 States


Two-year warranty

Colors Available

At the moment, there’s only once color scheme (which matches iMovR’s Unsit Treadmill Base) of light grey upholstery and white base frame

Adjustment Range

Height adjusts from 22″ – 32″

Weight Capacity

275 lbs


The base has a 14″ diameter

Product Weight

13.5 lbs

Typical Assembly Time

3 Minutes


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Compare to Other Top-Rated TreadTop Seats

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Ease of Assembly
Customer Experience
Quality and Aesthetics
Suitability for Treadmill Desking
Positives Whereas a lot of the active stools for standing desks that we've tested can actually be uncomfortable, the Energy Stool from iMovR is one of the most comfortable we've seen, and it practically massages your glutes as you sway on it. Soft rubber base has good traction and is safe on all floors as well as on office treadmill belts, making it an excellent and relatively inexpensive choice for "treadtop seating." Assembles easy and very lightweight (only 13 lbs) so it's easy to move in and out of the way.
Negatives While a perfect color scheme of light grey and white for matching iMovR's Unsit Treadmill Base, there is only one color choice.

Bottom Line

Of all the sit-stand active stools we've tested, the Energy Stool instantly became one of the favorites at the office. We only have one so it's constantly getting stolen by co-workers, and that tells you something because we have a lot of stools around the test lab. The bottom line is the Energy Stool is super comfortable even for large users, and has a great range of motion. It's lightweight, so very easy to move around. And the base is safe on all floors, won't damage a treadmill belt, and has great traction. The only complaint is lack of more color schemes, though the light grey upholstery and white frame seems to blend in nicely with everything.

An Ideal Active Stool for Both Standing Desk and Treadmill Desk Users

imovr treadmill desk with Energy Treadtop Stool
⁣The base of the Energy Stool is made of a soft rubber that won’t damage wood floors or a treadmill belt, while providing great traction for safe use on any surface.

We’ve tested a lot of active stools over the years, both for use at sit-stand desks and as treadtop seats for office treadmill users, and the Energy Stool has become an instant favorite for both applications among our own review staff.

The range of motion of the Energy Stool is unconstrained, where some other stools (e.g. the Focal Upright Mobis) have to limit the range of motion significantly because of the angle of the post and tipping concern. It’s actually kind of tricky getting the contours of the base just right to balance between a comfortable range of motion and going too far to where the stool might slip out from under you. The Energy Stool designers found the sweet spot better than on 90% of stools we’ve tested.

The result is not only a greater movement range for even more activation of sore muscles, joints, and lower back vertebrae after long periods of standing and/or walking at your workstation, swaying around on this seat actually provides a nice massage on your posterior muscles (glutes, technically), more so than most other stools we’ve tested. And that has much to do with the cushion design as anything else. Whatever material is under the upholstery of this seat is just more comfortable to sit on than most stools.

Candidly, we’ve had to put a euphemistic spin on some stools we’ve reviewed in the past, saying that “it’s intended not to be comfortable, to compel you to stand more and sit less.” And that’s because most of the stools we tested were indeed uncomfortable. So when this stool came into the test lab all of our colleagues were instantly impressed by its relative comfort.

Now, let’s be completely honest. It’s not like relaxing in a full size office chair with a back and arm rests. The idea behind and active seat is to keep your core muscles engaged, your hips loose, and your lower spine in a more open position unlike the 90-degree bend it has to take when you sit in any chair.

According to The Mayo Clinic’s Dr. James Levine, the human body was only designed to sit for three hours a day. Ever since the Industrial Revolution we’ve upped that to 10 to 14 hours a day for the average office worker in America, which is a major contributing factor to the ever rising trend of obesity, diabetes, and low back pain in this country (and other developed countries just the same). So, having a good “active” stool on hand is a great way to minimize that “passive seating” time.

Lightweight and Portable

⁣The base of this stool is just as much at home on a hardwood floor as on the belt of treadmill.

Weighing in at only 13.5 lbs the Energy Stool is one of the lightest ones we’ve tested, as well. It’s well balanced and easy to move around your workstation or even pass around to others in your office by grabbing one of the handholds underneath the seat pan.

We particularly like it as a treadtop seating option give it’s about a quarter of the cost and less than half the weight of something like the Tempo Sit-Stand Stool, also from iMovR. We know they’ve been searching for a better solution for a treadtop stool.

The Tempo stool, by comparison, is made in the USA using some metal components from Germany that have become extremely expensive with the pandemic economy, and more recently the Ukraine conflict. While the Energy Stool is made in China, it appears to be very well made and durable. The warranty, however, is only two years on the Energy Stool versus lifetime on the Tempo Stool.

But if you want to look at other treadtop seating options from iMovR, they are one of our favorite manufacturers for anything meant for standing or treadmill desk workstations.



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