JumpSport’s Wurf Board Review

May 2, 2023
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Wurf Board line up


Review Summary

The Wurf Board was one of the earlier products to populate the emerging active standing mat market. Designed by the trampoline maker JumpSport, the fully inflatable board was funded through Kickstarter. Looking like a miniature surf board that you can use with your standing desk, it puts additional pressure on your calves so we’d recommend it for active breaks and gym use rather than the office use.

Best Use

For exercise

MSRP / List Price


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Free Shipping


2-year warranty against manufacturer’s defect

Sizes Available

Small, Medium, Large

Colors Available

White and Dark Brown
Tan and Dark Brown
Tan, Light and Dark Brown
Ocean Blue
Dolphin Grey
Kona Coffee


Aerospace grade materials

Weight Capacity

Small – 200 lbs
Medium – 250 lbs
Large – 300 lbs
Wurf Board Maui – 350 lbs


Small – 28.3″ x 14.2″
Medium – 30.9″ x 16.7″
Large – 32.9″ x 17.7″
Wurf Board Maui – 30.6″ x 16.6″

Product Weight

1.6-2.2 lbs

Shipping Weight

3-4 lbs

NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic



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Expert Rating
Customer Experience
Quality and Aesthetics
Positives Lightweight and easy to move. Variable density. Eye-catching design. Can double as wall art.
Negatives Tenses up the small muscles in feet building pressure in calves and heels. Air plug positioned between feet makes for an inconvenient obstacle.

Bottom Line

The Wurf board standing mat is no competitor to a 100% polyurethane mat in terms of support and comfort, but if you like the idea of a more engaging standing solution it can fit the bill if you can afford it. Inflatables tend to engage more muscles in the lower body, which is why your legs can get tired more quickly while using them.


In spite of its name and marketing, the Wurf Board is not a balance board. In fact, its manufacturers insist on it being an anti-fatigue mat. We first noticed it at the last year’s ErgoExpo and made it our goal to experience what it’s like to work on an air cushion at our standing desks.

After testing a few active standing mats and balance boards, we were interested in where the controversial Wurf board belongs. And our verdict is that while it has a barely noticeable curve that allows you to sway (rather than properly rock) from side to side, it’s closer to active standing mats.

Unlike other active mats, though, the Wurf is an inflatable that can be adjusted to provide a stable or a wobbly surface, depending on its level of inflation. When fully inflated, the Wurf feels tight and springy under your feet, providing just a slight relief from the hard floor surface, while a partially deflated mat provides more challenge with increased imbalance.

Wurf Board Vs. Polyurethane Standing Desk Mat

Manufactured with aerospace grade materials, the Wurf has a bit of a plasticky appearance remedied with flattering color combinations and wood-look patterns. Two metal hooks on the sides of the board allow you to put it on the wall as a modern art alternative, or hang it from a hook in your cubicle for easy storage.


The Wurfs come in the shape of surfing boards with but one design flaw—an air plug that cuts right between your feet if you’re using it as a regular mat (as opposed to placing your feet at shoulders’ length for swaying), which can be particularly annoying if you’re wearing socks.

The Wurf is pretty easy to use and provides an adequate level of comfort as long as you sway and keep moving. While some users prefer it to a polyurethane mat, others find that the air lacks the support factor that makes PU (polyurethane) mats irreplaceable as floor cushioning (due to proper weight distribution and displacement). If you try to stand still on the Wurf for prolonged periods of time (up to 1 hour), you may find increased tension in your heels and calves. (Weight displacement is what makes it easier on your joints and lowers the tension in pressure points like heels and knees.)

Like with all inflatable products, the users may run into a problem of air leakage that may require you to re-inflate the board every day or 3 hours. Our guess is that this one may fall under the product’s 2-year warranty against the manufacturer’s defects. Expected deflation still occurs, so you’ll have to re-inflate your Wurf board around every month but that period of time may vary, depending on your preferred level of density (inflation) for your Wurf.


Standing on an inflated mat for hours can be particularly tough on the product, but the trampoline manufacturer JumpSport took that into account. The Wurf is made using the patent-pending drop-stitch construction and a double-layered surface, resulting in a stronger, more durable product (which does reflect on its pricing). The manufacturer warns against using Wurf with your stiletto heels, however. And we recommend that you keep sharp objects away from your Wurf.


The Wurf is not only an office standing solution. It comes with a poster showing how you can use it for exercise and balance training. This is a great way to incorporate a short body conditioning workout at home or gym. Calf and hip flexor stretches are a good practice for those who spend at least half their day standing.

Wurf board

While deflating a Wurf board shouldn’t be a problem (with a special valve on top), inflating it might be tricky. The pump that comes with the board has no pressure gauge, so you cannot measure when you hit the maximum recommended pressure level of 7 psi. However, you probably will not want to inflate it to the maximum anyway, since it creates more imbalance that engages more muscles in your legs, thus fatiguing them faster.

Offered in multiple styles, the Wurf’s price range starts at $99, twice the cost of a similarly-sized, ultra-premium, American-made standing mat made of 100% polyurethane. The largest board’s maximum weight capacity is 300 lbs, which is impressive for a relatively small inflatable mat. Interestingly enough, the medium sized one is rated for up to 350 lbs, whereas the small board can hold only up to 200 lbs.

Safety Risks

The manufacturer warns against jumping and bouncing on the Wurf, as well as allowing children to play with it due to trip and fall hazard. We also recommend paying attention while stepping on and off any raised surface especially if it has a significant level of instability. If you’re on the heavier side, be especially cautious about shifting your weight from one leg to another as it will raise the board on one side creating a tripping hazard. The solution to this may be inflating your Wurf board to the maximum.

The Takeaway

The Wurf is definitely a unique product that has a place on the market of standing solutions. Although polyurethane has been scientifically proven to be ergonomic[study link], the Wurf can provide an adequate level of comfort for standing desk users who like to sway, move, and fidget continuously throughout the day.

There are inflatables that will run you much less than the listed 200 bucks that you could use for standing, but the Wurf has the size advantage. The medium size allows for plenty of real estate even for users over 6 feet. Plus, its aesthetically pleasing design doesn’t hurt.

Read our comprehensive slate of balance trainer reviews to see how Wurf compares to its competition.


Wurf Board full Inside view
Drop-stitch construction in full view.

Size Small – 28.3″ x 14.2″; weight capacity 200 lbs
Size Medium – 30.9″ x 16.7″; weight capacity 250 lbs
Size Large – 32.9″ x 17.7″; weight capacity 300 lbs

Wurf Board Maui

Weight capacity 350 lbs.
Size Medium – 30.6″ x 16.6″


2-year warranty against manufacturer’s defect, including all parts and pieces that come with it.


Free shipping on Amazon.

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