CubeFit TerraMat Review

May 2, 2023
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TerraMat by CubeFit


Review Summary

The TerraMat is a durable standing mat that encourages subconscious movement through its varied terrain, but it also provides ample room for regular standing. There are downsides such as the over-softness of some features, but overall this is one of the top topographical mats out there and a quality addition to your workstation.

MSRP / List Price $84.99
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Lifetime Warranty / 100% refund

Sizes Available

27″ x 23″ (3.5″ depth)

Colors Available



100% polyurethane

Product Weight

5.51 lbs

NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic



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Expert Rating
Customer Experience
Quality and Aesthetics
Positives The mat's features promote subconscious user engagement in a natural manner. At least 11 different stances possible to perform stretches. Triggers proprioceptor stimulation.
Negatives Massage mounds are too soft and conforming. Using Power Wedge and Support Track won't be straightforward for everyone, will require exploration and experimentation.

Bottom Line

Though it can improve in terms of stiffness and rigidity, the CubeFit TerraMat is a durable standing mat designed to provide you with a variety of features to keep you energized and active. By using your feet to shift positions, you can reduce body strains, improve balance, and keep your body engaged throughout the day. You will find yourself more energized at work – just remember to tuck the mat away when you’re done to prevent tripping hazards.


TerraMat: the Next Step in Calculated Terrain

Compared to other topographic mats reviewed in the past, our review team found that the TerraMat by CubeFit offers the best of both worlds; it combines the benefits of both topographic mats and regular standing mats – without sacrificing on quality – for a spacious, varied terrain surface that’ll keep you both comfortable and active. With features designed to combat the negative effects of rigid standing, the TerraMat promotes continuous movement (as well as opportunities for stretching) and provides ample room for normal standing as well.

Our review team spent several weeks with the TerraMat, and we found it successfully delivers on its claim to help users subconsciously move throughout the workday. By evenly spacing out its surface features, the TerraMat gives both active and passive standers the opportunity to easily do what they need to feel comfortable.

When we compare it to the Topo Mat – which has ridges that often leave users feeling too constrained to move – the TerraMat wins hands-down with its bountiful supply of standing room. We found ourselves experimenting with different standing positions as there are at least 11 different stances that can be performed using the TerraMat, and even more to be discovered depending on the person using the mat. But, like other any other product on the market, there’s always room for improvement.

Taking a cue from in-use product images provided by CubeFit (as well as our experience with other topographical mats), our review team decided to test the TerraMat with and without shoes.

CubeFit's TerraMat

Balance Bar

We began with the Balance Bar and found this protruding half-cylinder tube does a great job promoting body adjustments for balance, whether or not you have your shoes on. For those of us identifying as desk fidgeters, the Balance Bar kept us engaged through regular proprioceptor stimulation. It also had the effect of triggering our core stabilizers to stay upright, causing us to continually realign our stances for improved body posture. Overall, it’s probably our favorite feature on the mat.

Move your feet over to the middle of the Balance Bar and you’ll find the Pressure Peaks (bumps that give the user the option for a foot massage). Unfortunately, we couldn’t feel any substantial effect from this feature while we had our shoes on. Take them off though, and you’ll find the bumps trigger the nerves in your feet for a gentle massage, just as advertised.

Support Track & Power Wedge

On the other side of the mat, you can find the Support Track and Power Wedge, which, in our opinion, have the least to offer compared to the mat’s other features. Both are primarily used as places to lodge the heel of your foot while preparing to stretch, but there are other uses that can be found after a little experimentation. We think the Power Wedge can be more effective with a steeper stepping angle, as it feels too low to experience much of a stretch throughout the lower leg. But if you stand back from the mat and rest your toes on the Support Track or Power Wedge while leaning forward, you may be able to stretch your calves.

Massage Mounds

From our testing (and depending on the user’s preference) some of the surface features may also be too soft and compressible, such as the Massage Mounds located along the horizontal center line of the mat. By adding some rigidity and stiffness, these could provide a better experience for those looking for arch relief. As it is, they only make a difference if you take your shoes off and rub the soles of your feet against the mounds – and even then only for those of us with sensitive feet.

While over-softness may be a critique for the Massage Mounds, we do have to point out that compared to competitors like the Butterfly Mat and the Ergocomfy Mat, the TerraMat’s other surface features are refreshingly firm.

Other Impressions

Specifics aside and going back to the mat overall, we find the TerraMat accomplishing what it was made to do: promoting subtle, subconscious movement through various positions the user may adopt. We actively used each feature, discovering ways to engage the different extensor and flexor muscles surrounding the feet and ankles. Having plenty of room for regular standing is also a big plus, removing the need to stow away the mat when you’re no longer interested in using one of the many surface features.

Some issues may arise for taller users, so they’re forced to position themselves outside the mat to feel the proper stretch they’re trying to perform. CubeFit also advertises the opportunity for minor workouts through exercises like calf raises but in reality, the intent shouldn’t be to promote working out at your workstation. Even if one was to use the mat in that way, the body would quickly adjust and it would end up providing little benefit in terms of musculoskeletal toning and definition.

The Takeaway

TerraMat by CubeFitIf you’re in search of a quality topographic standing mat, our review team views this option as one of the best on the market. Though it could improve in terms of stiffness and rigidity, the CubeFit TerraMat does an excellent job combining the spacious surface of a regular standing mat with fun, interesting, and effective surface features to keep you active while you stand. By encouraging your feet to shift positions, the TerraMat reduces body strains, improves balance, and keeps your body engaged throughout the day. You will find yourself more energized at your workstation – just remember to tuck the mat away when not in use to prevent tripping hazards.


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