iMovR EcoLast Hybrid Sit-Stand Mat Review

May 4, 2023
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iMovR EcoLast Hybrid Sit-Stand Mat Review


Review Summary

The EcoLast Hybrid Sit/Stand Chair Mat seamlessly bridges the gap between sitting and standing at your desk. It offers plenty of room for your five-caster office chair, while beveled edges let you easily roll your chair onto your mat. It offers the same health benefits and supreme durability of the EcoLast Premium standing mat with the convenience of a versatile workspace.

MSRP / List Price $249
Street Price

36″ x 60″ – $249

Smooth Texture:
36″ x 60″ – $300
36″ x 72″ – $330
48″ x 60″ – $340

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Free shipping in continental US. Additional charges for AK, HI, Canada. DHL available for international.
Ships within 5-7 days of order. Add up to 5 business days for freight delivery anywhere in the continental US.


Ten-year full-performance warranty
Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects

Sizes Available

3′ x 5′
3′ x 6′
4′ x 5′

Colors Available

Black, Gray, Brown (5’x3′ Black only)


100% polyurethane
3/4″ thick
20-degree beveled edges (ADA compliant)
Made in America

NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic



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Customer Experience
Quality and Aesthetics
Positives Large enough to fit all five casters of a standard office chair and still have room to stand. Beveled edges make it easy to roll a chair onto and off the mat. Superior materials and construction techniques mean none of the wear and tear of low-quality mats. Variety of sizes and colors.
Negatives Plush, 3/4"-thick 100 percent polyurethane costs more than thin plastic chair mats of old.

Bottom Line

iMovR's EcoLast Hybrid Sit-Stand Chair Mat provides a supportive surface for you to stand at your desk, and is large enough for you to fit your chair on top, thus eliminating the need to move the mat every time you change working modes. Since it is made of the same material and methods as iMovR's leading EcoLast Premium Standing Mat, this convenient desk accessory will last you a lifetime.

Standing desk users are faced with a tough choice: Either stand on an uncomfortable plastic chair mat, or awkwardly perch their chair on an ill-fitting anti-fatigue sit-stand mat. Old-fashioned chair mats don’t offer the support and comfort that standing desk users need, while anti-fatigue mats provide a supportive surface but tend to be incompatible with office chairs. To sidestep this dilemma, iMovR has introduced a larger version of their popular EcoLast Premium Standing Mat that has size options specifically for the standing desk user who also wants their chair on top of the same mat.

The Hybrid Mat

EcoLast Premium Hybrid chair mat standing mat Sit or stand on the Hybrid sit stand chair mat while you work comfortably.

When using a standard anti-fatigue mat, one or two of the chair wheels always end up teetering off the edge, but the iMovR EcoLast Hybrid Standing / Chair Mat provides plenty of room to sit and stand at the same workstation by simply rolling your chair to the side. It features a 20-degree bevel cut around its entire edge, allowing you to roll any office chair up onto the mat with ease and keep all of your chair’s casters on the same level surface while you work. The 3′ x 6′ size is ideal for use with sit-stand-walk workstations that have enough space between the desk legs — like iMovR’s 83″ Elite and Everest treadmill desk models — with the mat length perfectly matching the treadmill length.

Like the rest of the line, this oversized EcoLast mat is made in the USA, 100% recyclable, and designed to last forever—it features an industry-leading lifetime warranty against defects and a ten-year full-performance warranty. Unlike traditional chair mats, the Hybrid mat is anti-microbial, won’t leach out harmful chemicals, and is resistant against damage and wheel impressions.

Hybrid Sit Stand Chair Mat Convenience vs. Budget

While 100% polyurethane is the best material to use for an anti-fatigue mat, it tends to be more expensive than other foam and gel mats. This is especially true for larger mats like the Hybrid mat, which spans 15 to 20 square feet. Still, it can’t be beat for performance and convenience. Using a hybrid anti-fatigue mat means never having to bend down to pick up your standing mat and move it out of the way to roll your chair in place.

chair mat, hybrid mat, chair on mat Office chair wheels won’t damage the Hybrid mat.

Plus, low-quality anti-fatigue mats will tear from the wheel action (or pointy heels) in short order, so they aren’t usually sold with the invitation to roll chairs onto them. Few come with substantial warranties. For truly resilient foot and back relief, we recommend spending up a little for a more durable, more comfortable anti-fatigue mat. For more details about how materials and construction affect mat quality, take a look at The Real Differences Between the Best Anti-Fatigue Mats and the Worst.

The Takeaway

100-percent polyurethane unibody mats have become the gold standard for office anti-fatigue mats, thanks to the resilient, long-lasting standing support they provide. The concept of marrying a chair mat with a standing mat is an exciting development because it solves a problem that’s as old as the adjustable-height standing desk itself. The iMovR EcoLast Hybrid Standing / Chair Mat combines the health benefits and superior durability of the EcoLast Premium mat with the ample space of traditional chair mats, resulting in a one-of-a-kind sit-stand solution.

One tip for users: Unlike a hard plastic chair mat, your chair will sink in a bit when you roll on the Hybrid while seated. We found that chair casters designed for use on carpet roll more easily than casters designed for wood floors. While neither type will damage the ultra-tough polyurethane material, we found it easier with some casters to first roll the chair into position, then sit down and rotate yourself to face your desk.


Check out our Anti-Fatigue Mat Comparison Review to see how the Hybrid Standing / Chair mat compares to the competition. To learn about other large-format mats include hybrid sit-stand chair mats, puzzle-piece mats and custom-area mats check out our round-up of Extra-Large Standing Mats. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss our upcoming office fitness product reviews. Anti-fatigue mats are the perfect pairing with an ergonomic balance board for a standing desk to compliment your static standing time with dynamic standing movement.

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