Genuine Joe Anti-Fatigue Mat Review

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Genuine Joe Anti-Fatigue Mat Review

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This Genuine Joe anti-fatigue mat leads the category by miles in terms of cost. But, you get what you pay for. The Air Step is incredibly thin and short-lived. For those who need a low-budget comfort fix, this mat might be a good match, but expect to toss it in the landfill yearly.

MSRP / List Price

2' x 3' $16.00
3' x 5' $32.99
3' x 12' $78.99
3' x 60' $344.40

Sizes Available

2' x 3'
3' x 5'
3' x 12'
3' x 60'

Colors Available



Vinyl foam
3/8" thick
Ribbed surface

Where to Buy

Inexpensive. Cheap. Not much else to add.


Very thin. Does not offer buoyancy or comfort for an extended period of time. Strongly not recommended for use at a standing desk. Environmentally up there with disposable water bottles.

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Bottom Line

While some consumers are happy with this Genuine Joe anti-fatigue mat budget option, we don't recommend it to workers who stand for the majority of their day. As a standing desk mat, the Air Step doesn't provide sufficient support or comfort and isn't durable enough to survive the wear and tear of a sit-stand workstation.

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Standing desk users often find themselves in serious discomfort when they stay upright for too long without some assistance. Anti-fatigue mats have long seen use in factory assembly lines, and office workers should think about sticking their feet on something a little more comfy than corporate carpet. While the Genuine Joe Anti-Fatigue Mat is one of the first stops for standers on a budget, it won't deliver the comfortable and supportive surface needed for extended standing.

Passable Padding on this Genuine Joe Anti-Fatigue Mat

Amazon reviews are generally a collection of extremes, so we're used to seeing both ends of the rant-rave spectrum more than the middle. That holds very true for the Genuine Joe Air Step Anti-Fatigue Mat. Most buyers fell in love with the price tag more than anything else, but the affair ended right there for some. This budget mat is thin; at 3/8", it's nearly half an inch slimmer than its more expensive kin, which means the Air Step falls flat in the pain relief and comfort factor.

Air Step Genuine Joe anti-fatigue mat

This Genuine Joe anti-fatigue mat is not effective for standing desk use.

The Genuine Joe anti-fatigue mat vinyl foam construction also loses out in buoyancy, and some reviewers found themselves sinking right through their Air Step to the floor beneath them. At a sit-stand workstation, your mat needs to provide hours of ergonomic support; the Air Step simply isn't effective in this aspect. Plus, it is not durable enough for an office environment. Think about high heels, dress shoes, and chairs being rolled over it—the material can't hold up to that kind of wear and tear. For more details about how this type of construction method affects the Genuine Joe anti-fatigue mat quality, take a look at The Real Differences Between the Best Anti-Fatigue Mats and the Worst.

On the other hand, plenty of users love their Air-Step. Some folks found that they didn’t miss the cushiness of more luxurious options, and we saw plenty of reviews that reported increased comfort—though we doubt they were using the mat hours on end each day like a standing desker would. One positive is the size options available for this Genuine Joe anti-fatigue mat. On Amazon, it is listed in four sizes that range from 2' x 3' to 3' x 60', which could work for a variety of settings.

The manufacturing company specializes in cleaning and janitorial equipment, so their mats are consequently on the minimal end of the scale. Is the Air Step easy to clean? Absolutely. Is it attractive? Not so much. Only one color is available, and while black is universal, the ribbing has an industrial feel to it, and some users report it looking cheap. Aesthetics are important in a workplace environment, and so is longevity and durability. While this Genuine Joe anti-fatigue mat may be the solution for some short-term standers, we don't recommend it as a standing desk mat.

The Takeaway

So, would the Genuine Joe Air Step Anti-Fatigue Mat work for you? We don't recommend it to anyone who plans to stay on their feet for the majority of a workday. As a standing desk mat, the Air Step provides insufficient comfort and support and isn't able to handle the wear and tear of an office environment. However, some consumers find this Genuine Joe anti-fatigue mat worth its attractive price tag.

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