Ergotron WorkFit Floor Mat Review

May 19, 2023

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Ergotron Workfit Floor Mat


Review Summary

This Ergotron WorkFit mat doesn’t reach the expected quality level of its high price. While it has a tough outer layer, its inner foam has compression issues that keep it from performing sufficiently in an office environment.

MSRP / List Price $289
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5 years

Sizes Available

36″ x 24″

Colors Available



Medium density polyurethane blended foam
5/8″ thick

Shipping Weight

6.7 lbs

NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic


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Expert Rating
Positives Beveled edges reduce curling. Easy to keep top surface clean.
Negatives Foam core loses buoyancy and is susceptible to wear and tear. Not enough support for a comfortable standing day. Underside made of easily-damaged foam. Overpriced for the quality of the product.

Bottom Line

While a step above any bargain bin mat, the Ergotron WorkFit mat is still plagued with pitfalls endemic to foam and gel mats: substandard durability and inadequate support. Anyone looking for an office-worthy standing solution for their legs and feet should look at sturdier polyurethane mats.


When it comes to ergonomic peripherals and accessories, few manufacturers have as many different products as Ergotron. We’ve reviewed several of their more popular items and have found them to be fairly hit-or-miss. While the Ergotron LX monitor arms have impressed us with their weight capacities and adjustability ranges and the Workfit-S is a quality desktop riser, their Neo-Flex keyboard tray under performed during evaluation. So we were curious to see how this pricey Ergotron WorkFit Floor Mat was going to perform.

Ergotron WorkFit Foam Faults

As we explain in The Real Differences Between the Best Anti-Fatigue Mats and the Worst, all sorts of materials are incorporated into standing mats. One in particular—polyurethane—is the gold standard due to its durability against tearing, compression, and heat damage. Since Polyurethane is an expensive material, many standing mats, the Ergotron WorkFit Floor Mat included, comprise a combination of materials, supplementing the polyurethane with foam fillers to come out with a thicker mat at reduced costs.

Ergotron Workfit Floor Mat
The Ergotron Workfit mat won’t last long at a standing desk.

There are drawbacks to this method of construction. Since its core is a urethane-blend foam, this Ergotron WorkFit mat doesn’t provide as much support as solid 100% polyurethane. In fact, it is so weak that many testers found themselves sinking straight to the floor, despite its 5/8″ thickness.

While foam may at first feel pleasantly soft and cushy, it easily compresses and renders the mat flaccid after several minutes of standing. Forget about rolling an office chair on the Ergotron WorkFit mat, either; it is easily warped and pinched when you try. This kind of deterioration will only grow worse over time as the foam layers at the core break down and lose what little support it had to begin with.

The Ergotron WorkFit Floor Mat does incorporate a tough polyurethane top layer that is easy to clean and proves pretty resilient to months of wear and tear. Unfortunately, though, the bottom quickly becomes plagued with visible tears and scratches. It’s a good thing this Ergotron WorkFit mat has a 5-year warranty, because users may easily burn through two or three in that time span. Foam-bottom mats also don’t offer as much grip on as polyurethane, and the Ergotron WorkFit mat constantly slips out of place.

Ergotron Workfit Floor Mat Damage

Another frequent problem with the Ergotron WorkFit mat is that it has a tendency to curl up at the edges, which quickly turns into a trip hazard for unsuspecting standing desk users. While the Ergotron WorkFit Floor Mat fared much better than cheaper mats in this category thanks to its beveled edges, we still noticed a worrying amount of curling in its corners.

The Takeaway

While the Ergotron WorkFit Floor Mat is a step up from your bargain bin sponge mat, it doesn’t come close to justifying its steep price (slightly discounted on Amazon). Users looking for an all-day standing desk mat will find this ErgotronWorkFit mat to have inadequate anti-fatigue foot support, and the speed of deterioration in the foam means you’ll all but certainly have to replace it after a few years. Quality mats are available on the market that surpass the Ergotron WorkFit Floor Mat at more reasonable prices. The iMovR EcoLast Premium Standing Mat, with its 3/4″-thick, 100% polyurethane unibody construction, offers more support and durability and comes in at roughly half the cost. Against more durable, more affordable options, we can’t find a reason to justify this product’s price tag.


Check out our Anti-Fatigue Mat Comparison Review to see how this Ergotron WorkFit mat compares to the competition. Anti-fatigue mats are the perfect pairing with an ergonomic balance board for a standing desk to compliment your static standing time with dynamic standing movement.

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