Durable Corporation Comfort Stand HD Mat Review

May 19, 2023
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Durable Corporation - Comfort Stand HD Mat


Review Summary

The name Durable Corporation creates certain expectations. Unfortunately, the brand’s Comfort Stand HD anti-fatigue mat is neither durable nor comfortable. Made of nitrile sponge, it sinks under your feet—providing no support, and that means it won’t reduce fatigue or take pressure off your legs and feet.

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1-year warranty

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Nitrile rubber (synthetic rubber) sponge and single layer cross link vinyl

NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic


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Expert Rating
Customer Experience
Quality and Aesthetics
Positives Good surface traction and travel control. Non-standard size options.
Negatives Overly soft nitrile sponge negates the mat’s above industry standard 7/8” thickness. Extreme bottoming out makes it as hard as the floor. The mat tears with little to no effort. And a non-ADA-compliant 13-inch beveled edge creates a steeply raised platform, increasing tripping risk.

Bottom Line

If rubber or vinyl aren’t ideal standing mat materials, sponge must be the worst. It lacks the support necessary to displace and suspend your weight, and immediately sinks to the floor under your feet. The Comfort Stand HD standing mat is made of nitrile sponge with a vinyl overlay, so expect extreme compression, lingering foot and finger indent marks, and generally a comfortless standing experience.


Comfort Stand HD MatThe Comfort Stand HD mat from Durable Corporation is an odd product. It’s an industrial anti-fatigue mat made out of sponge (nitrile rubber, also known as synthetic rubber) that left us bewildered by its lack of durability—and all that by a company with a name to defend. Let’s just address the elephant in the cubicle here, you can break this mat almost as easily as bread. Simply pinch at the edge and pull.

On second thought, you’d be better off returning it, as it won’t serve you for long and definitely isn’t worth the price tag. Described as “2-3 times more resilient than a standard vinyl sponge mat”, Comfort Stand HD couldn’t withstand a simple tear test—we easily ripped through the edge into the thick standing area of the mat. How long do you think it would last in a harsh industrial environment? We’ve reviewed many dozens of standing mats over the years, and clearly, have developed a different definition of ‘durable’ from the makers of the Comfort Stand HD (see our article What Makes The Best Standing Mats and The Worst).

But that’s not our only argument against this mat. The Comfort Stand HD standing mat is completely lacking in support, meaning it simply sinks under your feet, becoming as hard as the floor that you’re standing on. At risk of stating the obvious, this puts pressure on your joints, legs, and lower back and doesn’t reduce standing fatigue, which are the primary purposes of using a standing mat in the first place.

Durable Corporation - Comfort Stand HD Mat

Is It Really That Bad?

Well, let’s take a look at the specs. 7/8″ thickness is normally sufficient—even a great attribute, but it’s completely negated by the level of compression in the nitrile sponge. It doesn’t spring back under your feet like it should, which means it’s about as effective at cushioning your feet as thin carpet. A 13-inch degree beveled edge is non-ADA-compliant so you won’t be able to roll a chair over it. Also, a higher surface can potentially increase the tripping risk.

The mat is available in a variety of sizes, reaching up to 30 feet in length, which would be impressive if it wasn’t for the sponge. Not to worry, if you’re looking for an extra-long mat, there are other options on the market (see our Standing Mat Comparison Review).

Many standing mats lack good surface traction and travel control, as we’ve seen in our testing throughout the years. Ironically, this is where the Comfort Stand HD shines—the one criteria where many mats fall short. We tried it on both carpeted and smooth concrete floors, and it barely moved under our feet…one positive worth mentioning in a sea of disappointment.

The Takeaway

If you are looking for a truly comfortable anti-fatigue mat, the Comfort Stand HD from Durable Corporation is not it. Although it features above standard thickness, the mat has no bounce in it and compresses under minimal weight, which means it’s as good to stand on as carpet. In addition, it’s easy to tear with your bare hands, so don’t expect it to hold up under normal wear and tear, especially in an industrial environment. Good surface grip and travel control can’t redeem the mat’s poor quality and lack of comfort.

If you’re looking for a more effective anti-fatigue mat for your standing desk, check out our Standing Mat Comparison Review. And if you’d like to add more movement to your standing experience, definitely explore the Non-Flat Standing Mats category. Anti-fatigue mats are the perfect pairing with an ergonomic balance board for a standing desk to compliment your static standing time with dynamic standing movement.


Comfort Stand HD mat specs


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