37 Best Work From Home Gifts For Telecommuters Who Could Use Some Special Holiday Cheer

November 11, 2020

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37 Best Work from Home Gifts For Telecommuters Would Could Use Some Special Holiday Cheer

Let’s face it: traditional Holiday plans are basically off the table this year. We’re all going to discover how the most social season in the calendar can be celebrated with a side of social distancing, and how we can still make a jolly time of the Holidays with our loved ones, in spite of everything that’s going on in the world.

Gift shopping has always been a happy preoccupation after the Black Friday flag-off, but the time-honored tradition (since the launch of the iconic Sears Christmas Wish Book catalogue in the 1930s, at least) is expected to be even more meaningful – and more busy! – this year.

Market pundits are already noticing that popular items like clothes, shoes and electronic accessories are being knocked off the top spots on Christmas wish lists (after gift cards and straight up cash) in favor of more `thoughtful’ ones that are congruent with the virus-imposed new normal we are living through. 

WFH increasing with Covid resurgence

A sizable chunk, in fact, of the whopping $ 1 trillion that was spent on Holiday gifts in 2019 is going to be spent on at-home items that will cheer up friends and family whose work-life balance is totally off-kilter with Covid-19 in virulent resurgence for the third time this year.

 This is especially true of the Work From Home (WFH) gift category, that was never even a category until Covid-19 came along and changed how millions of Americans live and work.

Stress levels are high on account of the unforeseen transition, complaints of chronic physical aches and pains are on the rise, and if you’ve been following the news, you know that WFH Burnout has already become a national concern.

The Holidays are coming as a welcome relief from all that strain, but they’re also a time to prepare for the coming New Year when a significant number of office-goers will find out that they don’t have a physical office to go to anymore. (According to many research studies, at least 35% of desk jobbers will work from home permanently as more and more companies adopt a remote work policy for a variety of Covid-initiated reasons. In the tech sector, the number could be as high as 65%.)

WFH is here to stay therefore, one way or another, and the best thing one can really do for their loved ones this Christmas is to prepare them for the new reality with thoughtful gifts that help to offset the many trials of a telecommute lifestyle.

This extensive Holiday gift guide has been carefully curated for our readers, focusing exclusively on WFH, for just this reason.

Our team of WorkWhileWalking reviewers, who are experts in the WFH space since long before the pandemic era, have spent many hours researching the marketplace for the very best products that have either been tested in our lab or reviewed forensically. We’ve done all the legwork, so you don’t have to, and created a Holiday gift guide full of exciting stuff for pretty much every work-from-homer on your shopping list this year.

* Please Note: Products have been divided into 2 categories — Ergonomic Workstation Accessories and Stocking Stuffers. Enjoy browsing through the guide to see what’s trending, what’s interesting or what you may even want for yourself to elevate your own WFH game.

 Essential WFH Workstation Accessories

Essential WFH workstation accessories

# 1: Tempo Monitor Arms

Tempo Monitor Arms WFH accessory

One fixed monitor height doesn’t suit all. Many people don’t realize that each time you switch from sitting to standing and your lower spine straightens out, they need to raise their monitor(s) a few inches to keep their necks from craning downwards. 

If vision height and distance from the monitor aren’t properly adjusted, computer users are almost certainly straining their eyes, and well on their way to joining the 90% or so of computer workers who are suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome in varying degrees.

Monitor arms are the solution, as they offer height, distance and angle adjustments, and they’re an integral part of any ergonomic workstation set-up to avoid both eye and neck strain that may become chronic over time with continued computer usage.

The highly configurable Tempo monitor arms come in single and dual monitor options, and can be light or heavy-duty, depending on the weight of the user’s monitor(s). 

* Pro tip: Excellent choice for tall users for whom many monitor arms (originally designed only for fixed-height desks) are too short. The extra height advantage that Tempo offers is also useful for those who use under-desk keyboard trays. To learn more, check out our Tempo monitor arm review.

Price: $209 – $369


# 2: Ambidextrous Vertical OysterMouse

WFH Ambidextrous Oyster mouse vertical ergonomic mouse Gift idea Work from home Holiday Christmas 2020

We love adjustability when it comes to ergonomic workstation products, which is not surprising, given the enormous variety of body types, work styles and personal quirks that exists among cubicle denizens. 

So we’re always pleased to see products like Ergoption’s Oystermouse — a clever little device that brings ergonomic adjustment to mousing, and comes heavily recommended for anyone concerned about forearm RSIs. 

Any and all users will find it easy to reach a comfortable angle with the highly adaptable Oystermouse. Even lefties can get in on the ergonomic game, thanks to its ambidextrous design. Thumb buttons are easily reached and the  model is fully programmable. Comes in a wireless version, which is a major boon to the cable-challenged. (Read our Ergoption Oystermouse review if you want to learn more.)

Price: $ 129.99


# 3: Cubii Under Desk Elliptical

Cubii Pro Cubii Jr Under Desk Elliptical Cycle Compact

If you’re looking for under desk pedals as part of an ergonomic home office workstation, ellipticals are definitely better than desk cycles.

And among under desk ellipticals, nothing beats the Cubii.

While other products are basically infomercial and as-seen-on-TV category of goods with dubious ergonomic value, Cubii is the only NEAT-certified desk elliptical on the market that will give you both performance and value for money.

Besides its elliptical motion, the Cubii blows away the competition with one main attribute: its “smart” functionality. The Cubii uses Bluetooth to link to an app on smartphones (Android and iPhone are currently supported) where it keeps track of the user’s exercise stats like speed, distance, time, stride and calories burned.

The Cubii app also allows users to set goals, compete with friends, and share their progress with others. This way, they can tap into the extra motivation they might stand to gain from their social circle. It even integrates with the popular fitness device FitBit, keeping fitness progress made in the office linked with fitness progress outside of work. (To learn more, read our Cubii Under Desk Elliptical review.)

Price: $ 349


# 4: Birdi Leaning Stool

iMovR Birdi Leaning Stool WFH Work from home ultimate gift guide 2020 Holiday Christmas

⁣Have you ever wished you could… not sit, not stand, but lean at your desk while talking shop with your colleagues online from your home office? Rocking back and forth, side to side, feeling less and less impatient as the meeting dragged on because you’re not forced to be sitting in an office chair?

If you have, then you (or someone on your list who’s just like you!) need a Birdi.
This ergonomic perching stool is a curious little creature (yes, it looks a bit odd at first) that sort of inveigles its way into your life, once you discover how relaxed you feel when you’re perched at just the right height and right angle on it.

Users with bad postures, who typically sit in a hunched position at their desks, have reviewed the Birdi as the only height-adjustable stool that has helped them straighten their back without even realizing it.

Perching at an angle with your feel planted firmly in front (preferably on a standing mat) stretches out the body, and the small undulations you make almost unconsciously with your hips (core muscle activation) is just enough loosening up you need to stay focused on whatever it is you’re doing.

Not getting into the many ergonomic features of the Birdi here — check out our review if you want to know more about that —  but we strongly feel this bottom-weighted stool is the newly-come dark horse in the ergonomic seating stable that will finally win the race.

* Pro Tip: Works a treat on top of a treadmill base, if the person you’re buying it for is thinking of getting an integrated treadmill set-up.

Price: $ 159


# 5: Get Up! By Dr James A. Levine

Get Up by James A Levine sitting disease

Get Up! illustrates how our society has, in less than 200 years, traded a healthy, walking-centric existence for a severely unhealthy, chair and sofa-centric one.

Like the famous example of a frog in a cooking pot that is slow boiling without awareness into oblivion, we too as a race have acclimated to the fact that technology has increasingly made “real work” into motionless sitting in front of a computer screen. And unless we wake up and do something to combat sitting disease, the silent pandemic will continue to infiltrate modern society, exacerbating a public health crisis that has already affected millions who are struggling with obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, musculoskeletal disorders etc.

At Workwhilewalking, we wholeheartedly recommend this book by Dr James A. Levine (known among his disciples as the “Godfather of sitting disease”) to every physician, every manager, every teacher, every parent, and everyone who is concerned with sitting disease.

Get up and grab a copy for someone on your gift list who you think will be well-served by the wealth of information contained in this book. Read our review if you’d like to know more.

Price: $ 18.99


# 6: Ergonomic Circular Mouse Pad

Ergonomic title mouse pad wrist relief Top WFH gifts 2020

Designed to be a wrist aid, this tilting mouse pad does what it is supposed to do. At less than $ 20, it’s worth the modest investment to avoid a potentially painful and costly injury from using a mouse at a bad angle for long durations. The circular pad’s cushy felt surface provides a comfortable rest for the wrist while “anchoring” the body.

We especially recommend it for standing and walking desk users who tend to place more pressure on their wrists. The ability to simply rotate the slanted pad throughout the day ensures they never spend much time in one position. (To learn more, read our Allsop Circular Mousepad review.)

* Pro Tip: This mouse pad is a perfect complement for the highly popular Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse combo.

Price: $ 18.50


# 7: Pono Balance Board

Pono Board - Core Activating Level Motion Balance Board for Standing Desks and Exercise WFH Gift 2020 Holidays

Pono Board by Pono Ola is a great balance board for beginners. Designed to emulate the beach, the Pono Board features a generously sized 0.5-inch bamboo deck and four ball-shaped inflatable PVC legs located at each corner of the board. The user doesn’t have to worry about extreme rocking or wobbling at all. The level of bounce can be changed by deflating the PVC ball legs on the board, but one shouldn’t expect any serious challenges if they’re proficient with their balance.

On the flip side, for users with very poor balance, this is the safest board you’ll find on the market. Wanting to step away from the “distracting, disorienting and potentially dangerous ‘see-saw’ movements” of other balance boards, the designers built this product in a way that allows the user to only move laterally while staying parallel to the ground, which is perhaps the best option for those with balance issues and vertigo. (To learn more, read our Pono Balance Board review.)

* Pro Tip: When not working, the board can be used as an accessory for exercise routines such as yoga. 

Price: $ 220


# 8: Under-Desk CPU Holder

Under desk CPU holder WFH Gift 2020 work from home office organizer iMovR

While adjustable standing desks and treadmill desks have become the smart choices for active work-from-homers, one niggling problem that remains is: how to make the best use of the space underneath them?

So, let’s tackle the biggest piece of equipment under the desk, the CPU, and find a practical solution for it.

The CPU doesn’t need to be taking up floor space, sucking up dusty boll weevils into its cabinet, or consuming precious desktop real estate when it can easily be suspended from a  CPU holder.

The configurable design of this CPU holder fits most computer cases in the market. What we love most about it is its minimalist aesthetics that does not stand out or impose visually on the adjustable height desk in any way.

* Pro Tip: While buying a CPU holder, consider adding caster wheels to the desk legs. Yes, the entire workstation will then be easy to move, including the CPU.

Price: $ 49.95


# 9: Evoluent Ergonomic VerticalMouse 

Ultimate work from home gifts 2020 holidays Christmas Evoluent VM4R VerticalMouse 4 Right Hand Ergonomic Mouse with Wired USB Connection

The Evoluent, and other vertical mice, all address the same intrinsic problem of wrist ergonomics. When using a traditional, horizontal mouse, computer workers tend to pronate their wrists (twist them thumbwards) in an action that compresses the carpal tunnel and can lead to pain, fatigue, and eventually, Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

Vertical mice relieve that pressure by placing the hand in an upright, “handshake” position, and many users find them to be an effective remedy for work-related wrist and forearm complaints.

There are plenty of options for anyone looking to bag a vertical mouse. Numerous companies have gotten in on this ergonomic fix, including giants like 3M. So why is Evoluent still one of the market leaders? 

Simple. They make some of the best vertical mice around. (Read our Evoluent VerticalMouse review if you want to learn more.)

Price: $ 89.95


# 10: Fluidstance `The Plane’ Balance Board

Fluidstance The Plane Balance Board Best

FluidStance has made it its mission to bring additional movement into the office, and after becoming known as a balance board industry leader thanks to its product, The Level, the company created a very similar one with a more affordable price tag: The Plane.

Its movement is just a bit more dynamic than The Level’s, which puts it in the sweet spot — not too boring and not too distracting. The surface is non-slippery and offers a good grip regardless of whether or not you wear shoes.

With the base molded from high-molecular HDPE and a top deck made out of nearly 100% recycled, low-emitting rubber tires, the board is fully recyclable. Read our review of The Plane to know more.

Price: $ 159


# 11: Fitterfirst Active Office Board 

Fitterfirst Active Office Board Anti Fatigue Ma Work from home wfh gift idea 2020t

Fitterfirst’s Active Office Board is one of the more inventive balance boards we’ve seen. Endorsed by the author of Sitting Kills – Moving Heals and former director of NASA’s Life Sciences Division Dr. Joan Vernikos, this Canadian-made board offers an intriguing adjustable design and attractive finish that looks rather at home in a WFH office.

Made exclusively with Canadian-sourced wood, its adjustable standing platform features four non-marking foam legs (held by Velcro strips) that allow for varied stances and offer shock absorption. Changing the base configurations is easy. Simply attach the foam pads to the Velcro strips in a pattern that corresponds to the user’s desired level of difficulty. 

Unlike other balance boards, FitterFirst’s Active Office Board has a bounce to it, which smoothens the overall experience. Its hard, wooden surface might not be ideal for ergonomics (as the feet start hurting within an hour of use), but the foam base does a great job of absorbing shock from movement.  (To learn more, read our Fitterfirst Active Office Board review.)

* Pro Tip: It’s quite slippery when used in socks, so we recommend that users wear shoes or socks with rubber sole grips. 

Price: $ 99.95


# 12: Power Management Accessories

Smart power management accessories for standing desks

It’s the 21st century, so why clutter workspaces with old computer speakers, landline phones and old-school charging stations?

Power management accessories have smartened up with the times to take care of a variety of devices at once, and it is easy these days to keep workstations organized with a module that best suits a user’s individual needs.

We’ve tested and failed with too many cheaply manufactured Chinese-made modules to recommend anything other than made-in-USA ones, that are UL-certified and stress-tested well beyond industry standards.

Check out these power management accessories that come in an assortment of AC, USB-A and USB-C outlets and Qi charging pads. All made with reliable, high-grade electrical components that are sturdy – and safe!

Price: $ 99 – $ 389


# 13: Mobile File Cabinet For Standing Desks

iMovR Mobile File Cabinet For Standing Desks Ergonomic Office WFH work from home gift 2020

For all the ergonomic benefits one enjoys with adjustable sit-stand desks, one common complaint about them is lack of storage space, since standing desk base mechanisms are unable to support the size and weight of deep desk drawers.

Mobile file pedestals are an obvious solution, but that decision too is complicated by factors unique to standing desks, such as whether the cabinet can roll conveniently over the foot of the desk or has to take floor space outside or inside the legs.

We chose the Mobile File Cabinet from iMovR because the unit is built specifically to address pretty much all of the common problems of pairing securable drawers to a standing desk.

Standing at just over 21 inches tall, the cabinet fits safely under the minimum height of most stand-up desks, so you don’t have to worry about collision and damage to both pieces of furniture when the desk moves down.

Unlike many filing cabinets we have tested, this 75-lb beast has plenty of heft and a counterbalance ballast so that the cabinet doesn’t topple over even when a full drawer is opened all the way. In fact it’s so robust that it can serve as a convenient roll-out seat for an office guess weighing up to 300 lbs.

If you’ve ever shopped for a filing cabinet, you already know the next one. A lot of them are made of cheap steel and are quite ugly.  In rare contrast, iMovR’s Mobile File Cabinet looks powerfully executive in the same signature 3D laminates that go on their standing desks (and now, a few solid wood options as well), so if you’re planning to buy the desk from iMovR as well, you’ll get a handsome, seamlessly matched combo.

The cabinets arrive completely pre-assembled, too, which is always a plus.

Price: $ 499


# 14: EcoLast Premium Ergonomic Standing Mat

iMovr Ecoast Premium Ergonomic Standing Mats WFH work from home gifts 2020 Christmas Holidays

A good  anti-fatigue mat can triple the amount of time a user can stand at their sit-stand desk in comfort every day. But if you have ever searched for a truly ergonomic standing desk mat (particularly in online megamarts like Amazon that are crammed with cheap, Chinese-made goods that are about as ergonomic as a couch custom-built for a potato) you already know how confusing it can be because all the mats look very similar.

You have no idea what you’re buying until you actually stand on the mat. And even then, unless you have a bunch of different ones to try out side by side, you can’t really tell the difference from a photo and promotional description. That’s why we test all the mats we’ve reviewed for weeks, if not months, to compare and contrast.

With its 100% polyurethane unibody construction, the EcoLast is, in our opinion, the best-designed mat on the market today for serious standing desk use.

Its premium construction is durable enough to resist the wear and tear from dress shoes and office chairs. These mats are 100% recyclable, made in USA, and will never leech out odorous or harmful gases.

The designer Granite range (in 4 styles) and the Linen range (in 12 styles) carry plenty of options to complement any home office décor theme.

The EcoLast’s industry-leading full-performance warranty is comprehensive, reflecting its use of the highest-quality American-sourced materials and full ¾” thickness.  (To learn more, read our EcoLast Standing Mat review.)

* Pro Tip: While the most popular size for a standing desk mat is 24”x36”, the more diminutive Portable EcoLast, at $ 79.95, is a practical size (18”x22”) not only for desk use but to take on the go, for working on bended knee in the garage or garden, or even using as a seat cushion on those ice cold stadium bleachers.

Price: $ 129.95


# 15: Cable Management Kit For Standing Desks

Cable Management Kit for Standing Desks WFH home office gift 2020 WFH

If someone on your gift list is (justifiably) proud of switching to an ergonomic workstation for their home office, they surely don’t want to see a snarl of dusty wires riding up and down every time they adjust the height of the table.

The problem is only going to get more gnarly as time goes on, unless you just happen to present them with a tidier-upper like this Cable Management Kit to keep things neat. It will also eliminate the risk of cables getting yanked out of computers and monitors accidentally when rising up to standing mode. 

While not a very glamorous gift, you’ll win major brownie points for identifying such a supremely practical and thoughtful one. There’s an odd satisfaction in seeing wires all in order even if someone is not OCD about such things in general. The fact that sit-stand desks have to have sufficient slack in all their cables to cover the full range of height adjustment just makes it all the more necessary to bundle them up neatly.

* Pro Tip: Read our primer on standing desk cable management techniques if you want to learn more.

Price: $ 49.95


# 16: Matias Ergo Pro Ergonomic Keyboard 

Matias Ergpo Pro Ergonomic Keyboard  WFH Gift work from home ergonomic 2020 holiday christmas

We’ve tested a lot of ergonomic keyboards here over the years — on both standing desks and treadmill desks — and we have to say, the Matias has raised the bar on this game by at least a couple of notches. 

The Ergo Pro offers a high range of adjustability for improved ergonomic comfort and its compact design saves precious desktop space without compromising on productivity. 

It is also more responsive than your typical keyboard. To save on costs, traditional keyboards will place multiple keys on the same circuit. This leads to a phenomenon called “ghosting,” in which a keyboard will fail to recognize simultaneous keystrokes if they’re on the same circuit. 

(This is why some keyboard will sometimes only enter part of a word you type, particularly if you’re speedy.)

In designing their keyboards, Matias has refused to cut corners. Each of Ergo Pro’s keys is put on its own circuit to avoid this ghosting effect. This feature ends up costing more, but delivers a far greater typing experience than keyboards without it. It allows fast and precise typing, with none of the embarrassing typos caused by missed keystrokes.

After our expert staff reviewers spent months trying out different options, the Ergo Pro is the only keyboard they unanimously wanted on their own desks. (Read our Matias Ergo Pro Keyboard review if you want to learn more.)

Price: $ 195


# 17: Footrest For Standing Desks

Footrest for standing desks ergonomic WFH work from home gifts 2020

An ergonomic workstation isn’t quite complete without an ergonomic footrest. They help to evenly distribute body weight, improve blood circulation in the legs (which may prevent blood pooling and clotting) and relieve lumbar pressure.

Durability has been a major drawback with most ergonomic footrests we have reviewed, which is why at Workwhilewalking, most of us choose to use this one at our own workstations. We also like:

  • The spacious platform, which means ample room for big feet even when sitting at an ergonomic angle of between 105°-135°.
  • The tilt angle adjustments that accommodate users of various heights and shoe sizes. 
  • An anti-fatigue rubber surface.

(To learn more, read our iMovR Footrest for Standing Desks review.)

Price: $ 45

  WFH Gifts: Stocking Stuffers

Work from Home Stocking stuffers

# 1: Blue Light Cancelling Clip-On Glasses

Best WFH Gifts Blue Light Cancelling clip o glasses for computer

Blue light emitting from computer screens can be pretty harmful for eye health. Retina macular degeneration and cataract (appearing 10 years in advance), for example, have now been associated with long hours spent staring at a screen. 

Then, when off-the-clock activities on phones, ipads and other digital devices are factored in, the average screen time for most Americans rounds out to about 12 hours a day.

A simple way to protect the eyes from the blue light we’re constantly exposed to is protective eyewear. And for people with prescription glasses, the clip-on style (kind of retro cool!) are the easiest option as they can be attached onto the glasses one is already wearing.

There are wraparound blue light glasses as well that can be worn over prescription spectacles, but the clip-ons are so much lighter and easy to use and store.

Price: $ 29.88


# 2: Wearable Heating Pad

Warming heat pad jacket

An office temperature study conducted by Cornell University found that when heat was dialed up to 77° from 68° in winter, typing errors fell by 44% and output increased by roughly 150%.

Heating at home, however, is not always as reliable as corporate offices, and a wearable warming `jacket’ could keep work-from-homers more comfortable – and more productive – during the cold winter months.

Designed especially to be worn around neck and shoulders, this heated wrap can also be used on the back, abdomen, legs and waist to cover larger areas.

There are 5 levels of heat to choose from. Magnetic clasps and comfortably weighted edges hold the flannel micro-plush pad snugly in place.

Price: $ 36.99


# 3: Coffee Mug Warmer

WFH Gift Guide Desk Warmer For Coffee Mugs

If your dad, husband, brother or boyfriend drinks a lot of coffee while they work, this coffee mug warmer gift will accomplish two things.

First, their coffee will stay warmed at an optimal 131℉ (55℃) for 8 continuous hours before auto shut-off kicks in. This is great, especially during winter months.

Second, if you’re concerned by how much coffee they’re consuming while working from home, the warmer will reduce their need to refill because the beverage doesn’t get cold!

The warming plate is suitable for all kinds of mugs (ceramic, glass, enamel, metal etc.) except plastic. And yes, you can keep pretty much any beverage heated on it. Adaptogen-laced hot chocolate, focus-and-concentration tea, immunity-boosting turmeric latte, meal-replacement chicken soup

Price: $ 14.88


# 4: Dead Fred Novelty Pen Holder

WFH Gifts Dead Fred Pen Holder Desk organizer item 2020

Dead Fred is no ordinary sort of dead guy. Ignore the fact that he can hold only one pen, because stationery organizing isn’t what Dead Fred is enjoying an iconic status for at the moment.

 He’s proven himself to be a friend and confidante to many frustrated work-from-homers during the early days of COVID. They used Fred as a stress-reliever, jabbing and stabbing their exasperation (at working from a kitchen table?) into his little silicone body, and Freddie just lay there good-naturedly, taking one for the team.

 Yes, it’s possibly the most unnecessarily violent pen holder in the market today. Go get your now!

 Price: $ 10.84


# 5: Seasonal Depression Therapy Desktop Lamp

SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder Therapy Lamp Depression Lamp For Winter

An estimated 10 million Americans suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a major depressive disorder that is accompanied by unshakable feelings of lethargy and fatigue that set in during the fall with decreasing amounts of sunlight and intensifies through the winter months.

Along with medication and psychotherapy, the disorder is commonly treated with light therapy. Light produced by lamps such as this one simulates sunlight, which tricks the brain into producing increased amounts of serotonin (the `happy’ hormone) instead of lethargy-inducing melatonin.

Price: $ 39.99


# 6: Noise-Cancelling Headset For Video Conferencing


Ambient sounds are impossible to cancel out sometimes when participating in work meetings from a home office with other family members going about their lives.

This (USB-A) headset with noise cancelling boom microphone blocks out sounds of ceiling fans, televisions, pets, kids etc. and helps you show up in a more professional manner for virtual meetings with colleagues, clients and bosses.

The Yexatel headset also works as a dictation device with nuanced Dragon Speech Recognition software. Precise sound output communicates voices more clearly and naturally. A built-in Anti-Static and Acoustic Shock Protection (ASP) circuit protects your hearing and an inline Mute button mutes the microphone when needed.

The cushy, over-the-ear muffs and adjustable headband are a comfortable fit. And the color of the set, a cross between rose gold and coffee is pretty elegant.

Price: $ 39.99


# 7: Multipurpose Smart Desk Lamp

Work From Home Smart Multipuprpose Desk Lamp

You can stop playing favorites among your many devices now, when deciding which to charge first. This smart desk lamp has 4 USB charging ports, so 4 can go at once. 

Sitting on top of a free-range, flexible arm is the light source itself, made up of energy-saving LED lamp beads that emit 3 modes of light. Flicker-free illumination to protect your eyes. 2 AC ports. 8-foot-long power extension cord. Lightweight, foldable and portable.

Managing the sequential docking of multiple chargeable devices is one thing you’re simply not going to miss.

Price: $ 37.99


# 8: Restcloud Chiropractic Pillow

Chiropractic pillow for neck stress relief gift item for people who work from home

Sitting at your desk doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck, says a Mayo Clinic report, but 54.9% of computer users still complain of chronic neck/shoulder pains after 8 hours or more spent working at a computer.

If a man in your life has a tendency to hunch in his office chair, he may be in need of one of these dense, foam pillows that are designed to stretch areas that are most susceptible to posture-related aches and pains.

The V-shaped curvature conforms to the neck contour to help release stored tightness and tension naturally. The C-shaped “wave” design decompresses the neck area elastically.

Restcloud’s technology (awaiting global patent) may take some getting used to for first time users, but after a few sessions of stretching the affected area, one begins to feel the relief almost immediately.

Called a “pillow” but you shouldn’t use it like one, all night long. The makers suggest 10 minutes of therapeutic application in one session.

Price: $ 24.99


# 9: Sensory Fidget Rings

Fidget rings for people who work remotely gift Holiday 2020 stocking stuffer

Few need to be re-introduced to the idea of stress management accessories after the runaway success of fidget spinners a few years back.

There are many variations in the fidget product category today – from (hygiene-challenging?) chewable necklaces and chewable pen toppers to Zen sand garden desktop trays, shapeshifting magnetic balls and Euler’s disks for work-from-homers with high stress jobs.

They’re all linked above if you want to look at them, but we chose to show you these simple sensory rings with pointy, hedgehog needles that press and palpate 6 pressure points in the hand for anxiety relief. The feeling is extremely relaxing when the job at hand gets tense and challenging, and they can be held discreetly just off camera during virtual meetings to keep calm and carry on.

Price: $ 11.95


# 10: Gift Mug For Boss Lady

Cute Boss Lady Coffee Mug Gift For Boss Office gift 2020 Holiday Christmas

Be wary. There’s a gamut of things that can go horribly wrong if a gift for a boss doesn’t sit well with the special recipient. (Doesn’t even have to be political, religious, weight related, beauty related, alcohol or flowers to blow up in your face.)

Common sense and expert advice both warn against proactive gift-giving to bosses, when one is not expected or warranted.

But we’re still loving the pink marbling and golden etchings on this gorgeous Boss Lady mug and cannot put it down.

So, here’s a thought: why not give it to your WFH mom, wife, best friend, girlfriend…. Anyone who’s fierce, female and totally rocking the whole work-from-home lifestyle. Like a… boss lady?

Price: $ 20.99


# 11: Work From Home T-Shirts

WFH Work from Home T shirts Unisex Funny Novelty tee shirts for people who work remotely gift 2020

Who knew that working from home would entail a separate WFH wardrobe? One would think that a pajama top off camera and an ironed shirt on camera would suffice, right?

Not so! People want to mark their new WFH status with the right kind of gear, and apparel brands are taking note of this cultural shift, putting out what they are calling multipurpose, “transient” garments as our office and home spaces get more and more entangled.

Check out this selection of T-shirts designed specifically for the avant garde culture of online meetings.

Price: $ 16.99


# 12: Triggerpoint Grid Foam Roller

Grid Foam Roller for back neck pain ergonomic neck pillow tube

Why pat yourself on the back after a hard day’s work when you can roll it instead with a TriggerPoint Grid?

The foam roller does exactly what it says: it drains all the accumulated tension and soreness away with a patented multi-density exterior stretched over a rigid, hollow cylinder and comes in several cheery colors.

Purchase includes free access to an online instructional video library on foam rolling best practices. 

The brand purports to have professional therapists, coaches, trainers and athletes all endorsing the Grid’s exceptional ability to loosen knots and kinks in 6 muscly parts of the body. With over 90% top star reviews on Amazon, buyers clearly agree. 

We do too.

Price: $ 34.52


# 13: Moksha `Smart’ Aroma Diffuser

Moksha Aromatherapy Blutooth diffuser stress relief for work from home office goersBluetooth-enabled aromatherapy diffuser-cum-humidifier?

Welcome to the new age WFH world, my friends, where technology and spirituality can seamlessly co-exist to integrate home comforts into a professional work space.

The Moksha diffuser has a built-in Bluetooth speaker that can be paired to your phone. It also functions as a humidifier if you add water.  Every box comes with a complimentary 10 ml bottle of organic Frankincense essential oil, which has anti-fatigue, anti-stress and anti-microbial properties.

If you want to change up the fragrance, buy a set of quality essential oils like this pack with healing attributes that help you stay alert and focused throughout the workday.

Price: $ 44.99


# 14: Giantex 4-Panel Room Divider

Folding room divider for work from home office gift holidays 2020 wfh

If you don’t have a designated room to call your home office, a partition is a simple and affordable way to carve out one.

The 4-panel Giantex room divider comes in two colors –  broken white and a natural wood – that are neutral enough to blend in with most home environments, and still give you the privacy you need to focus on work. 

We love the shelving as an extra decorative touch. Face the `pretty’ side outwards to pretend it’s not hiding a home office. Or turn it inwards if you want the extra space to store files, books and other office supplies.

Price: $ 149.99


# 15: Work From Home Coffee Mugs For Employees

Funny Wok from from coffee mugs Zoom meeting Novelty gift work from home Christmas office employee boss 2020

When times are rough and the future feels insecure, something that helps to cope with all the uncertainty is team spirit and a sense of humor. 

Work-from-home coffee mugs are a popular employee gift that bosses are sending their WFH staff members to let them know, they know… And that they’re all in it together for the long haul.

Many will consider this Zoom meeting mug particularly fitting for the flurry of virtual meetings during the early days of the Covid crisis. Zoom reported over 300 million daily meeting participants as many companies, newly separated from their office spaces, overcompensated with excessive virtual meetings that could indeed have been concluded over email.

People are calling these `quarantine mugs’ and we think they’ll appear on many WFH desktops this year before the Holidays are over.

Price: $ 14.95


# 16: Green Screen Customizable Background For Video Conferencing

Green Screen for video conferencing WFH working from home gift idea for remote workers

Given that virtual meetings are now par for the course for most work-from-homers, a clean background does help to convey a more professional image with bosses and clients than disorganized clutter or your kid’s proudest finger paintings.

This background prop is 56” in diameter, which should frame most office chairs (do check the size and shape of yours before you buy). The Chroma key green color gives you the blank slate you want to set any background of your choice using green-screen enabled software, such as Zoom.

The Bigshot is collapsible, so you can fold and store away when not in use.

Price: $ 75


# 17: WFH Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy stress relief candles for WFH office Gifts Holidays Christmas 2020

In the past, being mindful of colleagues meant one could rarely use aromatherapy products in the office. Some would be allergic to lavender, some would have unsettling memories of patchouli from growing up with hippie parents, some would simply despise the scent of ylang ylang. 

Scented candles in a shared workplace wasn’t really a possibility until Covid took a bunch of jobs home, where buy-ins from fellow workers are no longer necessary.

 This set of beautiful aroma candles therefore, will be a lovely gift idea for work-from-homers who enjoy the restorative powers of essential oils to decrease stress, boost productivity and stay focused while the kids run off with office supplies and the dog wants to go for a walk.

Price: $ 18.99


# 19: Plushie Home Office Doorstopper

Cute Stuffed Animal door stopper Gift Holidays Christmas 2020

A wonderful thing about home offices is that they don’t have to look all starched and professional like jobsite cubicles. In fact, they shouldn’t, given that they have a thematic relationship with the décor of the rest of the home.

People have the freedom to personalize this space however they wish in order to feel relaxed and comfortable while working in it, which is a thought that stopped us at these incredibly cute doorstoppers.

The selection is pretty large with dogs, cats, porcupines, bears, foxes etc, and they’re all weighted to either stop the door from closing or banging against the wall.

Way more cheerful than a rubber wedge, don’t you think?

Price: $ 23.29


# 20: Computer Hunch Correcting Brace

Posture Corrector Computer hunch corrector brace

Poor posture has always been a common problem among office workers, and the unexpected transition to WFH this year has only aggravated the situation.

More and more people are complaining of back, shoulder and neck pains from hunching at kitchen tables or slouching on living room sofas as they work, and this back-straightening device may prove to be a much-needed help to correct posture.

The device comes with a slouch detector and its ergonomic figure-of-eight design fits comfortably over the back and shoulder.

Recommended use is 2 hours a day for 2 weeks until muscle memory kicks in and the user starts sitting in a more natural, upright position over the next 30 days.

Price: $ 29.99

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