Corporate Wellness Programs

August 4, 2020

Focus on where the majority of your health care dollars go

It is well known that the vast majority of corporations’ health care costs are generated by one-quarter to one-third of the employee population, a minority that avoids participation in traditional corporate wellness programs. Today’s wellness programs focus mostly on keeping the healthy healthier but do little for those with the most costly chronic care issues. These employees are generally more reluctant to take advantage of gym memberships or similar wellness offers, yet they’re also the demographic most in need of injecting activity into their workdays. These employees often suffer from weight gain, obesity, diabetes, back pain, and other ailments associated with many years of working in a sedentary job.

Whether they’re workaholics who won’t make time for physical wellness, or are already so swamped with problems that they feel health to be a lost cause, we firmly believe that offering these employees treadmill desks (or standing desks) can be the very gateway to getting them going in the right direction.

How to get every employee participating in a wellness program

Your existing corporate wellness program may do an excellent job of motivating the healthy to stay healthy, or get healthier. But what are you doing about those who won’t participate? How can you get them to focus on their health, with an accessible program that isn’t susceptible to the usual excuses of “I don’t have time, too much work to do,” or “I’m just not one of those gym people“? specializes in creating treadmill desk trialing centers on-campus, just like they have in our retail stores. Your employees can be coached by friendly experts who are well versed in the equipment, ergonomics, pacing regimens and other elements necessary for an employee’s training and initiation into the realm of treadmill desking.

The primary obstacle to getting the employees who can benefit the most from treadmill desking to adopt its use is their inability to actually try it out.’s corporate wellness division allows companies to establish a safe and healthy treadmill or standing desk program that maximizes employee participation before committing to a full investment.

You set the criteria, we’ll help you achieve your goals

The Corporate Wellness Solutions Specialists will work with your management team to establish criteria for how employees would be evaluated, trained and equipped for the most successful adoption of treadmill desks (as well as standing desks). They can help create on-site or off-site trialing centers, whether staffed by your existing employees – who they will train – or their employees working on your campus sites.

The corporate wellness program is designed to benefit the roughly 30% of employees who ordinarily do not participate in traditional programs yet represent the greatest opportunity for improving health across your entire workforce. Creating a program accessible to these key employees is guaranteed to have the greatest impact on your health bottom line because, unlike any other traditional wellness program, it helps those who need it most.

Want to learn more? Contact and an experienced Corporate Wellness Solutions Specialist will contact you to begin the dialog.

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