Welcome to WorkWhileWalking & WorkWhileStanding 2.0

January 27, 2020
WorkWhileWalking and WorkWhileStanding 2.0

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new website, now combining both WorkWhileWalking and WorkWhileStanding. Over the past two years since our last revamp we’ve received countless helpful suggestions from our readers. You wanted a simple, intuitive way to navigate through the site. You wanted product reviews to give you all the most essential info at the top. And you wanted an easy way to compare different products. We listened, and after many hundreds of hours of work we’re delighted announce that we have delivered—the new site not only looks better, it’s also streamlined for a faster, more user-friendly browsing experience.


Our new navigation menus make it easy to get to the most relevant reviews and articles, right from the homepage – even on mobile devices. The blue navigation bar at the top has all of the same categories—product reviews, health benefits, practical tips, ergonomics (as well as a new category just for our comparison reviews)—but beneath that, we have another menu for all the major ergonomic office equipment you may be interested in: stand up desks, treadmill desks, sit stand workstations, adjustable height tables, standing mats, and more. Click on these categories to dive right in, or hover over them to see the top reviews and articles in each. This saves time and lets you easily access our most talked-about content.

Product Comparisons

Comparing desks side by side isn’t easy, we know. With all the different specs we evaluate and with so much nuance involved with any product, it can be tough knowing the best choice between two desks—or three, or five. We still have our comparison guides, which let you compare products with similar prices and capabilities—these now feature downloadable comparison charts you can view or print off. But now, readers have the additional option of selecting and comparing products right from any review or category page. Simply click the Compare button wherever you find it: below the product’s excerpt in the category page or at the top of the review page, for example. This will add the product to a ‘Compare’ bar at the bottom of your screen. Fill up that bar with as much or as little as you want, then click ‘Go’ to instantly see these products’ specs and review details side by side. Researching the best desk or treadmill for you has never been easier!

Reviews and Articles

The real meat and potatoes – hundreds of product reviews, expert advice pieces, and blog articles – have also been given the full-on Web2.0 treatment as well, making it easier to jump to the essential info. At the top of every review are any badges it may have earned (such as Editor’s Choice) and the ‘Compare’ button. There is also a selection of share buttons to let you effortlessly get the word out on your new favorite desk or that fascinating article you discovered. Scroll down below the picture to find our overview, where we collect the most relevant details about our review, including specs, pros & cons, our conclusions, and both our expert rating and that of our readers’. Our full review is right underneath that, and you can navigate through a table of contents to the left to jump to specific sections in the review. Scroll to the end of the page to find more relevant reviews and articles. More than ever before, you have tools at your disposal for sending us feedback. Use our ‘Was this helpful?’ survey to let us know how you liked the article, and hit the like button to let future visitors know what a great read it was.

Review Title Comparison
Each product review will include a ‘Compare’ button, as well as any relevant badges (like Editors Choice)

So there you have it: These new bells and whistles will no doubt make your browsing experience more enjoyable. Please explore the site, check out some articles (our comparison guides are a great place to start), and try out some of the features we mentioned here. If you have any questions or feedback, leave a comment below. If you haven’t already, please be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter to get the latest and greatest advice, tips, and product reviews in your inbox.

Happy hunting!

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