Objection! Attorney is Clearly Suffering from Sitting Disease

August 19, 2020

Hostile courtrooms and derogatory jokes aren’t the only threats to a lawyer’s wellbeing. Sitting disease might not sound like a major threat in the context of such a stressful profession, but attorneys should sit – or better, stand – up and take notice. Chairs can kill, and lawyers spend an awful lot of time in them.

Pretty much identical to your office chair.

Plenty of professionals end a workday with a well-worn rear, but lawyers may be among the most deskbound workers around. An average attorney’s day consists of an incredible amount of information processing – both on screen and on paper. That’s par for the course these days, as so many jobs require computer time, but several factors can make things even worse for legal professionals. Practicing law is an inherently stressful gig, a common contributor toward an expanding waistline. Also consider the incredibly long days that most lawyers work (especially in a Biglaw setting), many of those enforced by hourly billing, a demanding research schedule, or simple professional pride. While other workers might feel free to take walking breaks every couple of hours, lawyers often don’t have that liberty, or don’t take advantage of it even if they do.

With all that in mind, it might not be too surprising that overweight person from sitting diseaselawyers often wind up losing the battle against the bulge and suffering from sitting disease. Fox News rated law amongst the eight unhealthiest American professions. On top of that, nearly half (48%) of legal professionals were found to be overweight by a recent poll. Why? Many lawyers simply have difficulty fitting exercise into an incredibly busy day.

Enter the treadmill desks. An active workstation is among the best ways for lawyers and other sedentary professionals to reclaim the healthier, more active life lost to their work. Many legal professionals have already made the switch. Law firm Taft Stettinus recently made headlines by adopting treadmill desk technology, and individual officebound or telecommuting lawyers have long since jumped to the mobile workday.

It’s time for the rest of the field to follow suit. Treadmill desks can lend lawyers healthier, happier lives. Take the first step. WorkWhileWalking is here to help.

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