Holiday Guide: Office Fitness Gift Ideas

August 12, 2020

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In time for the holidays, we’ve rounded up a list of office fitness gift ideas full of top-rated products that you can buy for your loved ones and make their working hours a little more cheerful. If you or someone you know has a standing or treadmill desk, there are a lot of things you can add to their setup that will brighten their experience, so checking their name off your gift list will feel all the more rewarding.

1. Fabulous Standing Mat – iMovR Designer Granite – $129.95

Designer Granite
There are few fashion-grade office polyurethane mats on the market, which is why iMovR Designer Granite stands out with its metallic specks and attractive stippled pattern. The mat is offered in four stylish colors—Gold, Copper, Steel, and Emerald. We recommend Copper and Steel for the stricter office environments while Gold and Emerald can find a home in the kitchen. That’s right, a 2′ x 6′ mat is a perfect kitchen addition for those who cook your holiday dinner.


2. Active Standing Mat – Topo Mat – $89

Topo Mat

While a flat standing mat is a good way of alleviating standing fatigue as well as aches and pains, an active standing mat promotes activity throughout the whole day. Thanks to non-flat terrain or moving elements, an active standing mat is a great way to keep moving at your desk rather than locking your knees and hips and leaning heavily on your desk.

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3. Foot Rest – Humanscale – $109, iMovR – $45

Humanscale footrest

A footrest may not promote activity, but it makes both sitting and standing much more comfortable. Ill-adjustable chairs and prolonged standing can make both activities quite an unpleasant experience. iMovR’s adjustable footrest is good for both sitting and standing while Humanscale Foot Machine is better suited for sitting.

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4. Balance Board – FluidStance – $199-$489

Fluidstance The Plane-Scandi

A balance board is a more active standing solution, and a good way of keeping your knees and hip joints lubricated while standing. There are a few types of balance boards, but wobble and rocker boards are most optimal for office use. The Level and The Plane by Fluidstance are the two top-rated balance boards that make for top-notch holiday presents.

The Level is pricey but elegant. Its wooden deck is available in Bamboo, Light and Dark Maple, and the military grade die-cast aluminum base gives it a fluid omnidirectional movement.

The Plane is a more affordable option that comes in an eco-friendly modern design and monochromatic colors. The new versions of the board comes with felt top covers.

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5. Foot Swing – Hovr – $79.99-$149.99

hovr portable

A standing desk is not a prerequisite for Hovr, a foot swing that allows you to stay active and burn 20% more calories even while sitting. You can mount it to your traditional desk and get some movement in throughout the day, which is particularly beneficial to those who struggle with blood pooling and lower leg pain. There is also a free-standing option that requires no installation or drilling. The device comes with an optional tracker (sold separately) that reports on your levels of activity.

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6. USB Heated Shawl and Lap Blanket – $24.99

USB Shawl

Winter offices can be cold and unproductive, so having a heated shawl that doubles as a lap blanket in your cabinet is a great way to survive the dips in temperature. Plug it into your Desktop or Laptop, PC or Mac and enjoy the output of heat that’s equal to cat or a small dog levels.

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7. Standing Chair – Mogo Portable Stool – $99


Mogo is a leaning chair that you can take anywhere with you. Weighing only 2.1 lbs, it’ll take half the load from your bodyweight and support you when you can no longer stand. Featuring 3 telescoping sections and a ball-shaped base, Mogo is surprisingly sturdy and safe. Thanks to its clever design, the chair can collapse and fit into a purse.

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8. Ergoption Oystermouse – $96.83 or Ergonomic Circular Mouse Pad – $15.34

Ergonomic Circular Mouse Pad


An ergonomic mouse doesn’t seem like a necessity for most workers, but if you’re working on a treadmill desk or suffering from a carpal tunnel syndrome, you have a better chance of relieving or preventing wrist pain if you use an ergonomic mouse or a tilted mouse pad that’ll keep your wrists from pronating.

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9. Ergonomic Keyboard – Matias Ergo Pro – $195

Matias Ergo Pro Mechanical KeyboardAn ergonomic keyboard can ease up your typing experience, resulting in less strains and pains in your wrists and fingers. The Matias Ergo Pro Mechanical Keyboard, split in the middle to promote better hand positioning, is a great contender for any truly ergonomic office setup. A bridge cable allows for further adjustability (being able to extend up to 17 in) all while keeping the two halves of the keyboard together while the gel wrist pads keep fatigue and soreness at bay.

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10. Ergonomic Keyboard Tray – Elevon – $399

iMovR Elevon

If you already have a favorite keyboard and mouse, an ergonomic tray is a good way to improve office ergonomics. Because it allows you to sit back and relax your shoulders and arms, an ergonomic keyboard tray is more beneficial than ergonomic keyboard and mouse. The iMovR Elevon is the only keyboard tray that you can install on almost any desk without drilling holes in your desktop. All it takes is 30 seconds to find a center position and tighten the knobs under the clamp. The rest is adjusting it to best suits your needs.

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11. Desk Converter – Ziplift+ – $299

Ziplift +

Are you or your loved one considering a standing desk, but have no budget for one? A desk converter is a great option for those who aren’t sure if an adjustable height desk is for them. The beauty of a desk converter is that it’s much more portable than a desk, so even if you end up replacing it with a full desk, you can easily move this one to your home or an intrigued friend’s office. iMovR Ziplift+ comes with a free standing mat, which makes for a great (almost complete) ergonomic setup.

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12. Desk Cycle – Cubii Under Desk Elliptical – $249

CubiiDesk cycles can be on par with more expensive balance boards and desk converters out there, but you can find cheaper options too. The top-rated NEAT-certified under desk elliptical you’ll find on the market is the Cubii. It comes with an app that tracks strides, distance, and calories burned. Unlike desk pedals, ellipticals are more ergonomic and are easier on the knees.

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13. Self-Massager – Rolflex™ Foam Roller – $59.95

Rolflex Foam Roller

Marketed as the Foam Roller Re-Imagined, has a potential to become a go-to natural pain relief tool for a person with fitting interests. For one, it’s a great therapeutic device for those who exercise regularly and seek to improve their range of motion, release muscle tension, and recover faster. Unlike other foam rollers, Rolflex gives you more control over the areas of impact as well as the pressure levels.

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