Our Top 11 Funniest Office Fitness Videos

August 2, 2021

The Best of Sit-Stand Comedy

If laughter is the best medicine then watching funny health motivation videos might be the very best therapy for breaking out of our sedentary habits. At the very least, it’s a fun diversion to share around your office. Some of these videos are informational, some are just plain weird, but all of them made us laugh. In no particular order, allow us to present:

1. iMovR: ZipLift

2. iMovR: War on Sitting

Kicking off our list is this video from iMovR’s Upsilon Standing Desk Kickstarter, which we reviewed. It depicts a world where sitting is literally the new smoking as the Surgeon General requires warnings printed on chairs à la cigarette labels. Standing desk advocates picket the White House, a secret cabal of evil chair manufacturers is busted, and Big Tobacco gets their party on in this tongue-in-cheek “news report”:

3. Ergotron: The Uprising – Just Stand

The ergonomic office industry isn’t usually known for quality entertainment, but many of Ergotron’s videos certainly elicited a few laughs from our team. This video, which takes place in a traditional office with perpetually-hunched workers, introduces us to one individual happily upright thanks to one of Ergotron’s Workfit-S sit-stand risers. Predictably, his slumped co-workers are intrigued, and the whole office is soon on its feet. It’s a simple video with just the right kind of campy:

4. Ergotron: The LX Arm: It’s Alive!

Ergotron might possibly have the biggest video effects budget among ergonomic product manufacturers. Admittedly this isn’t saying much, but we have to give them credit for a pretty exciting ad. Tester Guy (yep, that’s his name) unboxes a new LX Monitor Arm that promptly hops away, culminating in a thrilling chase through Ergotron’s warehouse, complete with music. The monitor arm animation is well-done, and the ending perfectly captures a classic horror movie cliché:

5. Ergotron: CubeLife 2.0 – The Uprising

Confession: we can’t get enough of Ergotron’s videos. This one, titled CubeLife2.0, might be the most bizarre thing on this list . The video, which highlights Ergotron’s Workfit line and once again stars the beloved Tester Guy, more or less speaks for itself, but we have one word for you: Jazzercise.

6. Ergotron WorkFit-A: Love the Way You Work

Arguably the best video on Ergotron’s Youtube page, this gem – promoting Ergotron’s Workfit-A desktop riser – treats us to what is possibly the best way to take a standing break. The “Swan Lake” of ergonomic product ads, this video involves an impressive bit of synchronized choreography and its own orchestral soundtrack.

7. The Office Breakup: Wednesday

This video series, one for each day of the week, encourages users to “break up” with their office chairs. They couch in some factual tidbits about sitting disease, but ultimately they’re all about leaving your chair behind with a few common break-up lines. Ouch. This one is particularly scathing, and we almost felt sorry for that chair. Breaking up is hard to do, but you’ll be glad you did.

8. Humanscale Ergonomics

The next video was apparently filmed before the advent of HD, and it definitely shows. Graininess aside, it nevertheless demonstrates some timeless ergonomic issues we run into with traditional offices, like wrist angles, back discomfort, and improper monitor positions. The draw in this video is its rather comical portrayal of the typical office worker (think Mr. Bean with a soul patch) and the accompanying soundtrack, which will almost certainly get stuck in your head.

9. Anthro Furniture: Stop Improvising…

It’s a tale as old as time: an office worker, unhappy with his or her fixed-height desk, asks Corporate for a new sit-stand desk. They refuse, and the employee has to resort to… other measures. This video, essentially a roundabout way of promoting Anthro’s Elevate II, wins the award for most obnoxious character on our list.

10. Anthro Furniture: Ruffles

It’s a scientific fact that the internet runs on cute animal videos, and the office furniture industry is no exception. As part of Anthro Furniture’s 30th birthday celebration, they released this video of Ruffles, Anthro’s Chief Morale Officer – who also happens to be an adorable little pug – planning a party. Ruffles has starred in many of Anthro’s videos before, and you haven’t lived until you’ve seen him in a chef’s hat:

11. OK Go – Here It Goes Again

Last but not least, we’re ending this list with this viral hit from 2006! An oldie but a goodie, the internet collectively lost its mind when this song came out, spawning a deluge of tributes and parodies. For its part, the song is still catchy, and a fun way to kick off your weekend. If you have a treadmill desk and you’ve never danced to this song (pause the belt first!), you’re doing it wrong.

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