Accessories & Peripherals for Standing Desks and Treadmill Desks
iMovR Hide-Away drawer

iMovR Hide-Away Drawer Review

The iMovR Hide-Away add-on drawer is solid, simple and cheap. It helps gain back some of the storage space you gave up when you switched to a standing desk.

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What to Expect When You’re Expecting Your First Standing Desk

If you are upgrading you office to a standing desk, make sure you know the most important tips on how to make the right choice.

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Standing desk with chair, balance board, storage drawer accessories

Standing Desk Accessories to Improve Your Workspace

Find all the standing desk accessories you need for your workstation, including balance boards, ergonomic seating, cable management, and storage.

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Best Standing Mats for Office Desk Anti Fatigue Standing Mat Review

The Best Standing Desk Mats – Expert Reviews

A standing desk mat is essential to any ergonomic workstation. Read our experts' reviews to find the best standing mat available.

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iMovR Gymba Ergonomic Balance Board

Top Balance Boards For Standing Desks – The Experts Review

We reviewed all the popular balance boards on the market to find the best standing desk balance board in terms of quality, functionality and price.

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keyboard tray

Best Ergonomic Keyboard Tray Reviews

Ergonomic keyboard trays overcome the innate inadequacy of desks, allowing you to type in a way that’s more neutral for your upper body.

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treadmill desk

How To Install A Keyboard Tray On A Treadmill Desk

In this primer we cover everything you need to know about how to install a SteadyType keyboard tray on a treadmill desk.

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Top Ergonomic chairs and top standing desk chair

Top Ergonomic Chair Reviews

Get your move on while sitting at your standing desk with these popular active ergonomic chairs. This growing list of fidgety seats will make you active. 

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Autonomous File Cabinet Review

As basic as they come, this is a thin steel, 3-drawer mobile file pedestal that's supposed to match Autonomous' standing desks.

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Cable management for standing desks

DIY Cable Management for Standing Desks

Cable spaghetti can be a nightmare for standing and walking workers. Follow these tips to straighten up the cables at your workstation.

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imovr fono bluetooth speakerphone plus usb 3.0 and ac power outlet reviews

Top-Rated Power Modules for Standing Desks

We review the best power modules for standing desk and treadmill desk users, whether they are grommet-mount, edge-clamp, underdesk-mount or free-floating.

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UpLift locking under desk drawer a solution for a standing desk with drawers

UpLift Locking Under Desk Drawer Review

The UpLift Locking Under Desk Drawer is a good option that suffers mostly when compared to cheaper alternatives from other manufacturers.

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Rubber Treadmill Mat

Top Anti-Static Treadmill Mat Reviews

All treadmill mats are definitely not created equal. We explain the difference between a gym equipment mat and a treadmill mat.

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iMovR Tempo Stool

iMovR Tempo Sit-Stand Stool Review

With similar ergonomic adjustability as the TreadTop Chair, the iMovR Tempo Sit-Stand Stool offers surprisingly good comfort.

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StandUpDeskStore Sliding Under-Desk Drawer

StandUpDeskStore Sliding Under-Desk Drawer Review

The StandUpDeskStore Sliding Under-Desk Drawer overcomes some drawbacks by being cheap, coming in multiple colors and offering a locking option.

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iMovR RightSize Under-Treadmill Mat

iMovR RightSize™ Premium Anti-Static Treadmill Mat Review

Ideally sized for office treadmills, the 32"x72" RightSize treadmill mat offers maximum protection from dust, noise & vibration. USA, 100% recycled rubber.

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Fully Desk Drawer

Fully Desk Drawer Review

The Fully Desk Drawer is decent, simple and cheap. Because it doesn't pull out all the way, you might get less storage space than you hoped for.

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iMovR EcoLast TreadTop Standing Mat Review

iMovR EcoLast TreadTop Standing Mat Review

The EcoLast TreadTop Standing Mat fits on top of any office treadmill, giving treadmill desk users needed anti-fatigue standing relief without dismounting.

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imovr desktop lamp doven

The Hidden Ergonomic Risks of Poor Desk Lighting

Each of these new iMovR task lights provide enough illumination to eliminate eye strain and fatigue, to keep you productive and comfortable, while also providing great lighting for Zoom calls.

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Uplift 2-drawer file cabinet review

UpLift Desk File Cabinet Reviews

There's nothing about any of these cabinets that should sway your decision as to which standing desk you're going to buy.

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Nike Grind Treadmill Mat

Nike Grind Equipment Mat Review

The Nike Grind is an equipment mat designed for gym equipment, and not quite the ideal choice for use with a treadmill desk.

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fully sidekick 3-drawer mobile file pedestal

Fully Sidekick Mobile File Cabinet Review

The Fully Sidekick comes with a 10-year warranty, which is as good as it gets at this price, but overall the feel of this product is on the flimsy side.

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Grey rocker board for standing desk

Top Rocker Board Reviews

Designed for fitness and physical therapy, rocker boards have a fairly limited range of motion. Are they good for use with a standing desk?

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Lifespan Treadmill Mat

LifeSpan Treadmill Mat Review

Made in the USA of almost 100% recycled rubber, the LifeSpan Treadmill Mat is a solid mat in this price range as it isn't made of noxious PVC in China.

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iMovR EasySpray Treadmill Lubricant

The iMovR brand silicone treadmill lubricant has a well designed stream applicator that makes treadmill lubrication a quicker, cleaner task.

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LifeSpan Treadmill Lubricant

LifeSpan Treadmill Lubricant sprays on and does help keep treadmills in good condition, but unfortunately it comes with a poorly-designed pump.

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Standdesk rolling file cabinet

StandDesk Rolling File Cabinet Review

The very cheapest mobile file pedestal you can buy for use with a standing desk. Drawers deep enough for letter and legal-sized documents.

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iMovR tempo chair

iMovR Tempo TreadTop Chair Review

More than any chair on the market, the iMovR Tempo TreadTop Chair is perfectly suited for use at any sit-stand-walk station.

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Vari File Cabinet

Vari File Cabinet and Storage Seat Reviews

We can't recommend this Vari file cabinet over others in a similar price range unless you're trying to match the black decor of your other Vari furniture.

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iMovR Birdi Perching Stool Navy

iMovR Birdi Perching Stool Review

The iMovR Birdi's 360 degree range of motion keeps blood flowing and core muscles activated throughout the day for optimal workstation ergonomics.

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The iMovR SteadyType Exo keyboard tray shown in Bella Walnut and attached to a standing desk.

iMovR SteadyType Exo Ergodynamic Keyboard Tray Review

Among trays we've tested, the SteadyType Exo is the most stable, easiest to install, and the best at achieving “negative” ergonomic angles.

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SurfShelf Treadmill Desk Laptop Holder Review

SurfShelf Treadmill Desk Laptop Holder Review

WorkWhileWalking's review of the SurfShelf Treadmill Desk. While this low-cost treadmill upgrade may work well for some, we can't recommend it for deskers.

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iMovR Trackless Keyboard Tray Review

iMovR's Trackless Keyboard Tray is an all-around solid option for an ergonomic keyboard tray, featuring 15 degrees of negative tilt and solid stability.

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Best Wind Fan Towers

Selecting the Right Wind Tower

Every treadmill desker should take some basic steps to beat the heat. We break down our top picks of wind towers available in the market.

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Tucker Cable Management Pro Kit

iMovR Tucker Cable Management Kits for Standing Desks Review

The three Tucker Cable Management kits (Basic, Advanced and Pro) are well-considered levels to fit different use cases and budgets.

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iMovR Stowaway Keyboard Tray Review

iMovR Stowaway Keyboard Tray Review

The Stowaway keyboard tray is compatible with any standing desk, and is very adjustable to give users their ideal wrist ergonomics

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Standing Desk Storage iMovR Mobile File Cabinet Review

iMovR Mobile File Cabinet Review

The iMovR filing cabinet is a rare standing desk storage solution that has been built specifically with active desk user in mind

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Many ergonomists' business card graphics still depict incorrect arm positions for standing desk users

Standing desk anthropometry and Ergonomics: Why Should You Care?

Knowing how the study of anthropometry, posture, repetitive motion, and workspace design affects the user is critical to proper ergonomic design.

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iMovR CPU Holder for Standing Desks

iMovR CPU Holder for Standing Desks

The iMovR CPU Holder is made for standing desks and treadmill desks. This space-saving device is a sturdy and inconspicuous addition to your desk.

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iMovR Elevon Standing Desk Keyboard Tray

iMovR Elevon Ergonomic Keyboard Tray Review

The most ergonomically sound keyboard tray we've tested, iMovR's Elevon allows you to add SteadyType technology to any standing desk or treadmill desk.

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Allsop Ergonomic Tilting Circular Mouse Pad

Ergonomic Tilting Circular Mouse Pad

This simple and inexpensive mouse pad can make a world of difference for those who are susceptible to wrist pain when doing a lot of mousing.

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Matias Ergo Pro Ergonomic Keyboard

Matias Ergo Pro Ergonomic Keyboard Review

The Matias Ergo Pro is compact enough for any situation and its adjustability options make it the best ergonomic keyboard for standing desks.

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Ergonomic Keyboard- Kinesis

Kinesis Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard Review

Highly ergonomic and well designed, the Kinesis Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard is a great option for treadmill desk or standing desk users.

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Ergonomic Keyboard - Gold Touch

Goldtouch V2 Ergonomic Keyboard Review

Review of the Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Comfort Keyboard Tray from Key Ovation by the editors of WorkWhileWalking, the internet authority on treadmill desks.

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GoldTouch Go!2 Ergonomic Mobile Keyboard

Goldtouch Go!2 Ergonomic Mobile Keyboard Review

Goldtouch's new keyboard, the Go!2, brings tried-and-true ergonomic benefits to the mobile keyboard market. Its design, modeled after Goldtouch's V2 ergonomic keyboard, lets users adjust their typing angles to find more ergonomic wrist positions. Moreover, the Go!2 has the unique ability to fold into a compact, travel-size package for easy storage. The Go!2 doesn't quite have the chops t…

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Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard Review

Review of the Sculpt ergonomic keyboard from Microsoft. Microsoft's newest generation of keyboard is both futuristic-looking and ergonomically overhauled.

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Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 Review

The Microsoft Natural 4000 has a lack of adjustability which is a major knock, but most users will probably find it better than a standard keyboard.

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Tablik Tablet Holder

Tablik Adjustable Tablet Mount Review

The Tablik Adjustable Tablet Holder brings office workers the ability to set their tablet to an ergonomically sound height on their desk.

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Vu-Ryte 59GR Document Holder

Vu-Ryte 59GR Adjustable Document Holder Review

WorkWhileWalking's In-depth review of Vu-Ryte's new document holder. This office add-on by Vu-Ryte raises the bar for document holders.

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Ergoption Oystermouse

Ergoption Oystermouse Review

Review of the Oystermouse Adjustable Ergonomic Mouse from Ergoption. These ambidextrous office wonders work for anyone, regardless of shape and size.

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Evoluent VerticalMouse

Evoluent VerticalMouse Ergonomic Mouse Product Review

Product review of the VerticalMouse by Evoluent. Learn more about this unusual ergonomic fix that could work for consistent mouse users.

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Lumo Back Posture Sensor Review

Review of the Lumo Back Posture and Movement Sensor. Personal quantification for the office - Lumo Back tracks movement, and also helps correct posture.

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Gooduse Microdesk Desktop Extender

Gooduse Microdesk Desktop Extender Review

Review of the Microdesk by Gooduse. Desktop extenders provide an extra worksurface below a monitor, adding extra room and reducing unergonomic reach.

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HandShoe Ergonomic Mouse Review

HandShoe Ergonomic Mouse Review

Review of the HandShoe Ergonomic Mouse. European-designed and heavily researched, few products come with an ergonomic pedigree like the HandShoe.

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Contour rollermouse

Contour RollerMouse Review

Review of the RollerMouse ergonomic mouse from Contour. These slim pointing devices are designed to prevent the injuries common to standard mouse use.

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Mousetrapper Ergonomic Mouse

Mousetrapper Ergonomic Mouse Review

Review of the MouseTrapper ergonomic mouse. The MouseTrapper is one of a new class of hybrid pointing devices designed to cut down on mousing RSIs.

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DXT Ergonomic Mouse review

DXT Ergonomic Mouse Review

Review of the DXT Mouse from City Ergonomics. This minimal mouse is designed for precision mousing by both right-handed and left-handed workers.

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Intelliskin Posture Control Shirt

IntelliSkin Posture Undershirt Review

Review of posture correction products from IntelliSkin. IntelliSkin's postural underclothes encourage upright, healthy posture and correct poor habits.

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bax-u posture corrector review

Bax-u Posture Corrector Brace Review

The Bax-u Posture Corrector is currently under review. It was designed by a chiropractor to reduce kyphosis, slouching and forward head carriage.

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Fully Floatdeck Balance Board

Fully Floatdeck Balance Board Review

A close knock-off of the Fluidstance "The Level" balance board at a very slightly lower price.

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