iMovR Hide-Away Drawer Review

July 3, 2022

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iMovR Hide-Away drawer


Review Summary

The iMovR Hide-Away drawer is a cheaper alternative to the company’s premium Lander drawer. The Hide-Away is a simple product and it delivers on what’s promised with a small storage addition to your standing desk.

MSRP / List Price $73
Street Price

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15 years

Colors Available


Weight Capacity

20 lbs


Overall dimensions: 20.5″x16″
Main compartment interior dimensions: 18.75″×11″×1.75″

Product Weight

5 lbs


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Ease of Assembly
Customer Experience
Quality and Aesthetics
Positives It's one of the cheaper add-on drawers we've reviewed. It's deeper than drawers in the same price range, so you get more of that precious storage space. It's backed by iMovR's 15-year warranty.
Negatives Only one color option, while the plastic and metal construction doesn't add much to your desk's look.

Bottom Line

The iMovR Hide-Away drawer is simple and it does what it's supposed to do: Give you back some of the precious storage space you gave up to switch to a standing desk. It's on the cheap end of add-on drawers, yet supplies some extra space compared to other cheaper drawers with its extra depth.

Switching to a standing desk is amazing, but losing drawer space is one aspect that is easy to overlook until the day you swap out your old desk for the new. What can you do about it? Check out our full roundup of standing desk storage options (including add-on drawers, standing desks with built-in drawers and mobile file cabinets) to find out what the best options would be for your desk type.

iMovR’s Hide-Away drawer lives on the other end of the spectrum from the company’s Lander Premium drawer, in a more budget-friendly neighborhood. It costs $73, putting it in the same range as the cheapest drawers we’ve reviewed, like the one from Fully.

The iMovR Hide-Away has a basic molded plastic and metal construction. Inside, it has one main compartment and a front section with four small compartments. Overall, the drawer is 20.5”x16”x3.6”. Interior dimensions of the main compartment are 18.75″×11″×1.75″. These interior dimensions are where the iMovR Hide-Away separates itself slightly from the comparable Fully drawer, as it is 3″ deeper. This is especially important because simple add-on drawers like this often don’t pull out all the way, and the Hide-Away is no exception. This will make the back of the drawer tougher to access because of its slim profile.

iMovR Hide-Away drawer

The weight capacity is 20 lbs, which should be more than enough for a drawer of this size.

The drawer is also backed by iMovR’s 15-year warranty and it’s worth noting that all not all warranties are the same. Check out our primer on How To Compare Standing Desk Warranties to find out more information.


The easiest way to install the iMovR Hide-Away drawer is to flip your desk over, as seen in the video below. Then you attach the brackets to the drawer, set it on your desk where you want it, pre-drill your holes, then screw it in.

You can also keep your desk right-side up, hold the drawer in place and go through the same steps either with a helper (easy) or by yourself (a little tougher). Whether you flip the desk over or not, we always recommend using a drill bit with a depth-setting collar to make sure you don’t drill through your desktop and destroy it.

Measure, Measure, Measure

iMovR is a step ahead of the competition as far as compatibility because it provides a detailed chart on which of its desks the Hide-Away will fit. If you’re installing on a non-iMovR desk, you need to make sure your workstation has an available under-desk area of 20.5” x 16” to accommodate the drawer.

The Takeaway

The iMovR Hide-Away drawer is a solid, budget-friendly option with an excellent warranty. Compared to the similar Fully drawer, it is deeper, which helps counteract the fact that these simple add-on drawers can’t pull out all the way and it’s hard to access the back few inches.

We highly recommend going with a higher-end product like the Lander Premium drawer, to get more space, construction quality and color options. But if that’s not in your price range, this simple Hide-Away drawer will do the job well.

Don’t Stop Here

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