Stand Steady Clamp-On Ergonomic Keyboard Tray Review

February 16, 2023
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Stand Steady Clamp-On Ergonomic Keyboard Tray


MSRP / List Price $54.99
Street Price

27″: $54.99
20″: $69.99


Free to lower 48 states


1 year

Sizes Available

20″ and 27″

Colors Available



Steel and plastic

Weight Capacity

4 lbs


20″ x 11.75″
27″ x 12″

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The Stand Steady Clamp-On Ergonomic Keyboard Tray starts at $54.99 for the 27″ size. The 20″ size costs $69.99. The 27″ keyboard tray is 27″ x 12″ and the 20″ keyboard tray is 20″ x 11.75″.

The clamps add 5.5″ to the width of 27″ tray and 4.75″ to the width of the 20″ tray.

Both sizes are made from steel and plastic. They come only in black. The weight capacity for both trays is just 4 lbs, which is the lowest of any keyboard tray we’ve ever reviewed.

The clamps fit desktops up to 1.5″ thick and bump the keyboard tray surface down 6″ below the desktop for the 27″ tray and 4.75″ below the desktop for the 20″ tray.

The keyboard tray does not offer any tilt or height adjustability.

To assemble the keyboard tray, you screw the clamps onto the keyboard tray surface with four screws. Then you tighten the clamps onto your desktop. The keyboard tray can then slide in and out.

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