SurfShelf Treadmill Desk Laptop Holder Review

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SurfShelf Treadmill Desk Laptop Holder Review

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We honestly wouldn’t include this product if treadmill deskers didn’t insist on misusing it. The SurfShelf is actually a great product – but not if you plan on working while walking.

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If your treadmill desking ambitions extend no further than catching up on your favourite TV shows while walking, then the SurfShelf may be for you. Simple, sturdy, and cheap, this is a fine option for those who can’t stroll without their dramas. Responsive customer service.


Not, not, not a treadmill desk. All credit to SurfShelf, as they're very honest about what their product is meant for, but people still try to type on these things. Just…don’t. Please.

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Desker Danger

There’s a time and place for thrift.  Buying generic aspirin from a pharmacy? Great idea.  Buying cheap aspirin from a website in China? Maybe not such a great idea.  Trying to use a SurfShelf as a walking worksurface falls somewhere in between – it won’t kill you, but it will send you scurrying for more illicit painkillers after you take an ergonomic mauling.

If you came here looking for a treadmill desk, then it’s time to look elsewhere.  Visit our ergonomics section to learn why investing in a height-adjustable desk is well worth the money.

On the Other Hand…

It wouldn’t be fair to SurfShelf if we didn’t explain this review.  The one-star rating we gave the product isn’t a universal judgement, it only applies to treadmill deskers.  Otherwise, the SurfShelf is a fine, intelligently built little addition to a standard treadmill, and consistently receives excellent ratings from other sites.  But if you’re new to the world of mobile productivity, this just isn’t a good place to start.  Instead, read through the rest of our website, and put yourself on the path to a proper, ergonomically secure treadmill desk.


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