iMovR Mobile File Cabinet Review

December 11, 2022
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Standing Desk Storage iMovR Mobile File Cabinet Review


Review Summary

At first glance, a filing cabinet unit that has been custom built as a standing desk storage solution may not look radically different from a classic one. But as we continue with this review, you’ll soon know why they’re indispensable to complete an ergonomic workstation built around a standing desk. And why we have awarded 5 stars to the iMovR cabinet for unique attributes that set it in an entirely different class from other units on the market.

MSRP / List Price $499
Street Price

Solid wood (top only): $840-$1,160
Solid wood (top and drawer faces): $1,180-$2,080
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Free shipping anywhere in the contiguous United States


5-year Warranty

Sizes Available

15.625″ wide × 20.625″ deep × 21.125″ high

Colors Available

See all 24 Colors of 3D Laminate See all 38 Species/Stain Combos in Solid Wood

Product Weight

75 lbs

Typical Assembly Time

100% Pre-assembled


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Customer Experience
Quality and Aesthetics
Positives Compared to virtually all competitors, who offer no more than just 2–4 color choices in a thin-steel construction, this is a piece of premium office furniture that's actually designed to match your standing desk. In the same plethora of 24 3D-laminate colors and 38 species/stain combinations of solid wood finishes that iMovR offers on its desk lines. Functioning as an auxiliary office chair with its 300 lbs weight limit is another bonus. Arrives completely pre-assembled.
Negatives Two drawers should meet the needs of most workers, but some might prefer three.

Bottom Line

Moving to a standing desk often means losing your desk drawers, for which the solution of adding a mobile pedestal file cabinet is sort of a no-brainer. But that's the only thing this premium furniture piece, made in the USA, has in common with cheap Chinese-made file cabinets sold by other standing desk manufacturers, or for that matter, on Amazon or at Staples. Weighing in at 75 lbs, iMovR's standing desk storage unit has quite a bit of heft to it, eclipsing similarly sized cabinets by 15–45 lbs. And that’s exactly how you’d expect fine, durable office furniture to be built like. Smooth and silent drawer slides, 58 different finish options and a 300 lb user weight limit when used as a seat for impromptu guests make it worth every penny.

Looking For a File Cabinet as Elegant as Your Standing Desk? Look No Further…

Best FILING CABINETS IN WOOD Designed by celebrated furniture craftsman Vincent Leman as part of iMovR’s solid wood standing desk line.

Of all the mobile file pedestals we reviewed in our comprehensive round-up of Standing Desk Storage Cabinet Reviews, the iMovR cabinets stand in a class of their own, as you’ll soon find out why.

Whereas the rest of the rolling cabinets we reviewed are made in China of cheap, thin steel and low-quality componentry, the iMovR units are made-to-order in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with either the company’s signature 3D-laminates (24 colors) or signature solid hardwood finishes (38 species and stain combinations) to perfectly match their premium, made-to-order standing desks.

iMovR’s mobile file pedestal consists of two drawers and a lock that secures them both. A roomy, smaller drawer on top holds basic work supplies like tablet devices, notepads, staplers, pens etc. The larger, deeper, bottom drawer includes perimeter rails to support either legal- or letter-sized hanging folders.

Heavyweight Champion

One of the biggest dangers associated with all file cabinets is the inherent tipping risk that develops as your deeper drawers accrue larger and larger loads. 

To avoid tip overs, some manufacturers distribute the payload by adding a fifth caster wheel that protrudes from the front edge. But while this does adequately protect against the tipping risk, the extra wheel looks like a prosthetic aid for the cabinet, which we find decidedly inelegant.

iMovR’s practical approach to solving this problem is more aesthetically pleasing: instead of adding a fifth wheel as a visible reinforcement in the front, they added a ballast weight inside the rear back of the cabinet. 

At 75 lbs total weight, their standing desk storage unit has quite a bit of heft to it, eclipsing similarly sized cabinets by 15–45 lbs. And that’s exactly how you’d expect fine, durable  office furniture to be designed. (We pushed the envelope by adding extra loads of paper as a test, but we still couldn’t get it to tip.)

A Cornucopia Of Laminate Colors And Solid Wood Options

iMovR has taken the same manufacturing philosophy as their made-to-order standing desks to their filing cabinet products, so as compared to virtually all competitors who offer a single color to perhaps a handful of color choices, we rang up at least 58 options for these gorgeous cabinets. And that’s to match every available standing desk they offer, so you can always get a perfectly matching set. Each one of the cabinet designs below is extraordinarily solid. No cheap, thin, painted steel or noisy drawer slides are used in the making of these premium standing desk storage pieces.

iMovR also offers other furniture accessories as part of both their 3D Collection and Solid Wood Collection, including the 2-door Credenza, SteadyType Exo and SteadyType Slide keyboard trays and the Fly Deck monitor riser. All of these products are made in the USA using high-quality components and workmanship, and all come with 15 year warranties and 100-day satisfaction guarantees.

• Signature 3D Laminate

Most wooden filing cabinets that you’ll find use cheap veneers glued to cheap particle board, which runs the risk of delaminating over time. Even more unsightly is the fact that in order to save money, many manufacturers will skimp on the laminate by leaving the back wood exposed. A traditional filing cabinet will have its back to the wall so the omission may not matter much, but as standing desks typically have no vanity covers, an unfinished back can be in embarrassing display for everyone to see.

In contrast, iMovR encases its file cabinet in the same 3D lamination as all of their tabletops. Each panel—front, top, sides, back, and even underside—features this advanced lamination, providing 360-degree scratch, ding and chemical resistance, superior durability, and protection from moisture damage.

Available in an array of 22 colors including solid, woodgrain, matte luxe and embossed-in-register reclaimed wood finishes, the 3D laminate cabinets can be paired with any iMovR desk, regardless of size and model, to create a matching suite—something we’ve found pretty hard to accomplish with standalone products like standing desks. (Click here to see all your options in 3D laminate.)

• Signature Solid Wood

elegant imovr file cabinet solid wood for standing desks

Like their solid wood standing desks, iMovR’s file cabinets are offered in a choice of 36 stain-and-species combinations, and designed by celebrated furniture craftsman Vincent Leman as part of iMovR’s solid wood standing desk line.

The eight species offered—maple, rustic and select walnut, rustic and select cherry, hickory, red oak and quartersawn white oak—are all sustainably harvested and domestically-grown. (Click here to see all the finish options in solid woods.)

In this crème de la crème segment of the standing desk storage, buyers can choose between having an identical solid wood top on their file cabinet to match their desk surface, or going a step further to having both the top and drawer faces made in the same species/stain combo as their desk. Everything else remains the same 3D laminate body as their standard file cabinet, in either a black or white cabinet color. 

More Reasons Why This Standing Desk Storage Unit Passed Our User-Friendly Test With Flying Colors

• Whisper Soft Drawer Movement

Each drawer opens and closes very quietly and crisply, thanks to the high-quality ball-bearing rails supporting them. 

Ball-bearing rail systems tend to cost a bit more than the simpler, roller styles you see with cheaper discount drawers, but they are quieter, more stable, and have a stopper mechanism to prevent the drawers from slamming shut when you close them. This is a very welcome upgrade that users will appreciate over time with continuous use.

Standing desk storage cabinet mobile FILING CABINETS IN WOOD Rated to a 300-lb limit, this standing desk storage pedestal will support the weight of an average adult without worry.

• A File Cabinet – Plus A Seat Or A Small Table Top

The unit is sturdy enough to serve as extra seating that can be rolled out to accommodate a visiting friend or colleague. Equipped with four heavy-duty 2.5″ caster wheels (the two front casters have brake locks) and rated to a 300-lb limit, this file pedestal will support the weight of an average adult without worry.

You can also place it alongside your desk and use the cabinet top as bonus surface to hold your CPU, printer, an art piece, etc. 

• Arrives Pre-Assembled

Preassembly means no assembly, which is a huge relief for some whose Ikea projects don’t end well, and for all others who have better uses for their time. The rolling standing desk storage cabinet will trundle off to work straight out of the box.

• Longer Warranty Than Other Standing Desk Storage Cabinets

iMovR backs up its file cabinet with a 5-year warranty—the same warranty as all their 3D-laminate and solid wood desktops. In contrast, other mobile pedestals made of wood typically have a short 1-year warranty.

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