Ergonomic Tilting Circular Mouse Pad

December 13, 2022

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Allsop Ergonomic Tilting Circular Mouse Pad


Review Summary

This clever, inexpensive device helps move your hand into a safer and more comfortable ergonomic position when working with a mouse.

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Cobalt Blue

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Expert Rating
Positives Shallows the angle of your wrist, reducing the propensity for carpal tunnel injury, and making it more comfortable to mouse around. Being circular it's easy to optimize the angle of your wrist just by rotating the mouse pad around.
Negatives Only comes in one size and color. Tilt angle is fixed at 7 degrees. However, this works sufficiently well for most situations.

Bottom Line

This wrist aid does what it promises to do, and is a very inexpensive solution. Worth the small investment to avoid a potentially painful and costly injury from using a mouse at a bad angle for long durations. Works just as well with trackballs.
  • 7° slanted surface prevents pain and soreness during extended use
  • Rotatable design to avoid keeping wrist at same angle all day
  • Reduces effects of repetitive stress due to long mouse use
  • Adjustable angle accommodates an individual’s comfort levels
  • Circular shape allows for maximum mousing surface

This simple and inexpensive mouse pad can make a world of difference for those who are susceptible to wrist pain when doing a lot of mousing. Its cushy felt surface also provides a comfortable rest for your wrist when “anchoring” your body. We especially recommend it for standing and walking desk users. Standing and walking desk users tend to place more pressure on their wrists, so the ability to simply rotate the slanted pad throughout the day ensures they never spend much time in one position.

The 7° tilt of this Ergonomic Circular Mouse Pad matches that of ergonomic keyboards like the Microsoft Sculpt. In fact, one of our complaints about the popular Sculpt Mouse is that it is so tall that the user’s wrist is cranked more than when using low profile mouse, so this mouse pad is the really perfect complement to the highly popular Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse combo.

The Ergonomic Circular Mouse Pad is designed to meet all the OSHA recommendations for reducing repetitive stress injuries. It works equally well for both right-handed and left-handed individuals.

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