Bush Furniture U-Shaped Standing Desk Review

February 5, 2023
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Bush Furniture U-Shaped


Review Summary

The Bush Furniture U-Desk has a few positive aspects. With only a single portion of the whole desk that can go from sitting to standing, it’s cheaper than full U-shaped standing desks. Also, the three drawers can be a great storage option. That configuration also makes it seem a little awkward at times. This is beside the issue of lack of information on the website. We would normally expect to see more technical specification, and options in size or color are very lacking.

MSRP / List Price


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Five years on desktop and panels, three years on standing desk base

Lift Type

Dual electric, dual-stage lifting columns

Transit Speed



Four height memory presets

Sizes Available

100″ x 71″ x 42″

Colors Available

Mocha Cherry and Hansen Cherry

Adjustment Range

Height range: 23″-49″

Weight Capacity


Noise Level


Connectivity Features


Power Consumption


NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic



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[Editors’ Note – This product is no longer available from the manufacturer. We will keep this review up for future reference and comparison.]

This is a preview of the Bush Furniture U-Shaped Standing Desk. Because this is not a popular e-commerce option this product is not currently slated for a full lab review like so many other standing desks on the market but is included here because the search for a sit-stand U-desk still comes up with very few options for the buyer. If we get a lot of reader interest in this product we will slate it for a full lab review. Don’t want to miss any of our new reviews? Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news.

Bush Furniture is based out of New York and has been producing furniture for decades. Their main focuses are commercial office furniture and living spaces, and they have a small selection of adjustable height desks. They sell one standing desk in three sizes, plus an assortment of fixed-height L- and U-desks with a desktop converter built into the middle desktop.

The desk we’re reviewing here is an example of a U-desk where the main desk is a 2-legged sit-stand desk and the other two sides are stationary. This is preferable to the type of desks mentioned above with the converter built in, but not nearly as good as a full sit-stand U-desk where the entire desktop is one surface and rises uniformly. This isn’t the ideal U-shaped standing desk design (that would be a full-surface height-adjustable desk like the iMovR Lander U-Desk) but it gets the job done with more of a nod to traditional fixed-height U-desk designs.

Bush Furniture U-Shaped Standing Desk

Shape, Size and Colors

As we said above, the Bush Furniture U-Desk is actually three separate pieces of furniture. There’s a standing desk in the middle, a credenza on one side and a fixed-height desk with three drawers. The fixed-height desk has two box drawers for office supplies and a file drawer.

The credenza is 72” x 24” and the fixed-height desk is 72” x 30”. Both are 42” high. The standing desk is 48” x 24”. That 24” depth could make it difficult to get enough focal depth if you’re using a monitor arm.

There are no size options to pick from, the desk only comes in these dimensions. The frame only comes in black. There are two colors to pick from, Hansen Cherry and Mocha Cherry.

Standing Desk Base

The standing desk portion comes on an electric-dual stage base with a height range of 23”-49” that should accommodate most users. It has a transit speed of 1.5 inches per second. The controller features four height memory presets. No information is provided about lifting capacity.


Bush offers a warranty of five years on veneer finishes and three years on the standing desk base. As lifting bases go, most of the high-end standing desks in this price range these days have at least a 10 to 15 year warranty, so it’s a bit concerning to see one with only a three-year warranty.

The Takeaway

The Bush Furniture U-Desk has some things going for it. Because only a small portion of the whole unit is height adjustable, it’s cheaper than full U-shaped standing desks. The three drawers will be great for storage.

However, that same asset that makes it cheaper, means it’s just three matching pieces of furniture next to each other and only two electric lifting columns, rather than an actual full U-shaped desk with four electric lifting columns.

You’re also missing the options and information you would typically see from a digitally native standing desk company. Technical specifications are scarce. There are only two colors and only one size. This is very limited compared to more modern designs on the market (e.g. the category-leading Lander U-Shaped Standing Desk that can be configured nearly 15,000 different ways.)

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