Bush Furniture Converter U-Shaped Standing Desk Review

May 5, 2023
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Bush Furniture Converter


MSRP / List Price


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10 years

Lift Type


Sizes Available

59.45″ x 119.21″ x 29.84″
Front desk: 60″ x 43″
Bridge with converter: 42″ x 24″
Credenza: 60″ x 24″

Colors Available

Hansen Cherry/Graphite Gray or Mocha Cherry

Adjustment Range

Converter can rise to 37″, 40″ or 43″

Weight Capacity

Information not provided

NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic



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[Editors’ Note – This product is no longer available from the manufacturer. We will keep this review up for future reference and comparison.]

This is a preview of the Bush Furniture Converter U-Shaped Standing Desk. Because this is not a popular e-commerce option this product is not currently slated for a full lab review like so many other standing desks on the market but is included here because the search for a sit-stand U-desk still comes up with very few options for the buyer. If we get a lot of reader interest in this product we will slate it for a full lab review. Don’t want to miss any of our new reviews? Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news.

Bush Furniture is based out of New York and has been producing furniture for decades. Their main focuses are commercial office furniture and living spaces, and they have a small selection of adjustable height desks. They sell one standing desk in three sizes, plus an assortment of fixed-height L- and U-desks with a desktop converter built into the middle desktop.

Shape, Size and Colors

The entire unit is 59.45″ x 119.21″ x 29.84″. The main desk is 60″ x 43″. The bridge desk with the converter is 42″ x 24″. The credenza with three drawers is 60″ x 24″.

There are no size options to pick from, the desk only comes in these dimensions. There are two colors to pick from, Hansen Cherry/Graphite Gray and Mocha Cherry.

Built-In Standing Desk Converter

Bush Furniture Converter U-shaped Standing Desk

The built-in standing desk converter lifts manually and can only rise to three heights: 37″, 40″ and 43″. While this does provide the bare minimum for an adjustable height worksurface, it’s not likely to allow you to work ergonomically because three heights just aren’t enough to fit many people. The top-end height of the converter being only about 13″ above the desk, as compared to 19″-20″ being typical for top-rated converters like the ZipLift, make this an unsuitable standing workstation for many individuals. And the executives who are the target market for this product tend to run even taller than the average bear.


Bush Furniture provides a 10-year warranty for this desk.

The Takeaway

The Bush Furniture Converter U-Shaped Standing Desk features our least favorite U-shapes standing desk design because you lose some functional desk space without gaining a solution that’s worth it ergonomically. The converter lifts manually, which could be an issue for those with back issues. Having three set, locking height positions won’t provide enough ergonomic flexibility for most, and the limited top-end height setting makes it ergonomically untenable for taller users.

If you are interested in an option like this, we’d suggest getting a fixed-height desk and then buying a good standing desk converter separately. See our roundup of standing desk converters to find more information about which type is best for you.

Be sure to check out our full roundup of U-shaped standing desks.

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