UPDESK Pro SquaredUp Corner Standing Desk Review

September 11, 2020
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updesk pro squared up commercial grade electric corner standing desk review


Review Summary

An overpriced option in a field of many better options, the SquaredUp Corner Desk comes in only one size and two desktop colors. For a lot less money you could get a similar quality corner standing desk or l-shaped standup desk in a stunning array of sizes and colors to match your decor, and your budget. And it will arrive a lot faster.

MSRP / List Price





7 years

Lift Type

Electric, triple motor

Transit Speed

1.3 inches per second


Height control paddle with four height presets and Bluetooth-enabled smartphone app

Sizes Available

Only one: 60″ x 24″

Colors Available

Only two desktop colors: black or maple
Base available in black, white or “titanium”

Adjustment Range

23.5″ – 49.5″

Weight Capacity

475 lbs

ANSI/BIFMA Certified


NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic



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Customer Experience
Quality and Aesthetics
Positives Built on a top-quality, American-made Linak base. Like its cousin, the UpDesk Pro, the SquaredUp comes with a Bluetooth-enabled controller and smartphone app.
Negatives One size only, and it is diminutive at that. Only two desktop color options. Extremely overpriced for a simple corner standing desk. Very long lead times for shipping.

Bottom Line

We'll admit to being completely puzzled as to the choice of using a very costly three-legged premium base to support a small and simple desktop that comes in only one size and two colors. The lack of choice, long lead time and nominal warranty simply do not comport with the very high price of this desk.

[UPDATE: Sadly it appears that UpDesk was wiped out by a tornado – offices, inventory and all – per this update on the manufacturer’s website and reports from readers who own UpDesk products. We are leaving the reviews of UpDesk’s products live for posterity and for former customers to be able to find information on why they are no longer responding to customer service requests.]

UpDesk has added the three-legged SquaredUp corner desk as a new addition to their UpDesk Pro Commercial-Grade Electric Adjustable Corner Standing Desk, which we’ve already reviewed in great detail. We refer you to that review for the basic information on the Linak-based frame, and will just delve into the differences between the rectangular original and the corner-shaped desktop in this review. But first, let’s just get some important definitions out of the way…

The Difference Between Corner Standing Desks and L-Shaped Standing Desks

Height Adjustable Standing Desk with L-Shaped Top
True L-desks are constructed with two desktops mounted to a 3-legged base. The UpDesk Pro SquaredUp desk is decidedly a “corner desk,” not an L-desk.

L-desks are the full-meal-deal, a three-legged base with two desktops mounted perpendicular to each other. These are generally configurable in a wide array of sizes and finishes to replace the fixed-height countertop L-desks commonly found in office cubicles. Corner standing desks, in contrast, are constructed with only a single desktop, and can be built on either a two-legged or three-legged base.

Corner desks will often (though not always) have a chamfered back corner, leaving a small gap between the desk and the place where the two walls intersect. This can have visual disadvantages but offers practical advantages in mounting monitor arms (at the proper depth of field) as well as lowering production and shipping costs.

If a larger sit-stand L-desk with no chamfered corner is what you’re looking for, check out our comprehensive round up of L-Shaped Standing Desk Reviews.

The UpDesk Pro SquaredUp is thus a “corner standing desk” by definition, as it’s tabletop is a single piece with a chamfered back corner. As such—within the subcategory of corner desks—it is built on a three-legged base.

While having three legs adds lift capacity, it also raises the cost of the base by 50% more than two-legged corner desk like the Energize and Cascade Corner Desks, and in fact brings it close to the price point of iMovR’s full-fledged, three-legged Lander L-Desk. (While iMovR’s L-desk is also Linak-based, we should clarify that the Linak componentry used in the Lander L-Desk is the top-of-the-line in lifting speed and capacity (DL6 actuators), and has a larger power supply than the lower-cost version used in the UpDesk Pro SquaredUp.)

One Size and Just Two Colors

updesk pro squared up corner standing desk maple
The chamfered back corner is more clearly visible in this side profile photograph.

The perplexing thing about this product line is its limitation to just a single sized desktop, 60″ along each wall and 24″ deep. Perplexing because corner desks and especially L-desks are offered in a wide array of sizes, and most commonly at least in a 30″ depth.

When it comes to colors UpDesk does go beyond offering only a black top and black base by also offering a maple top, and a choice of white or silver for the base. (UpDesk oddly refers to their silver choice as “titanium,” which is not a color, but we know that the Linak bases come in black, white and silver by default.) This is extraordinarily limited when compared to other corner desks that come in up to 16 colors and many additional sizes.

The tops on the SquaredUp corner desks are made of different material than the UpDesk Pro, and in this case are made from old-school HPL (high pressure laminate). This means that unlike the tops used on the UpDesk Pro rectangular desk, the SquaredUp’s surfaces have no ergo-contouring. To learn all about desktop materials and the advantages of ergo-contouring check out our Universal Guide to Desk Top Materials for Standing Desks.

The biggest problem with the small desktop size, however, is the tight spacing between the left and right feet of the desk, making it hard to slide your chair in and out without banging into one of them. Other corner standing desk designs leave a lot more maneuvering room for your chair.

The Takeaway: A Lot of Money for a Simple Corner Desk

We cannot understand why UpDesk would choose to put a pricey three-columned base under a single piece desktop. And a diminutive desktop size at that. You can spend a lot less on an iMovR Energize Corner Desk with its similarly high-quality, American-made two-legged base and have a plethora of size and color options to choose from. Plus the Energize ships in only one week of ordering versus 4-6 weeks for the SquaredUp.

The other obvious question this poses is that if you’re going to spend $1,695 on a corner standing desk, why not upgrade to a full fledged standing L-desk from iMovR, UpLiftDesk or Fully, and get the real deal, with color and size options that will most assuredly better match your specific space? You’ll just get a lot more for your money.

Check out our comprehensive round-up of other Corner Standing Desk Reviews, where you can learn about other corner desk offerings from UpLift and iMovR. And if you’re looking for something bigger don’t miss our L-Shaped Standing Desk Reviews round-up.

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