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Extra Large Standing Mat Reviews

Best Extra Large Standing Mats

We’ve reviewed dozens of extra large standing mats over the years, and beyond question, they significantly increase the amount of time users can stand. 

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Custom Branding Options for Standing Mats

Historically very few organizations went for this kind of custom branding on their standing mats because of the high costs. That is quickly changing.

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EcoLast Economy Anti Fatigue Mats

iMovR EcoLast Economy Standing Mat Review

The EcoLast Economy Standing Mat features superior comfort benefits & durability, but at a more affordable price than the iMovR EcoLast Premium mat.

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EcoLast Dual Gripper Anti Fatigue Standing Mat, non-slip mat grippers, travel gripper

iMovR EcoLast Dual Gripper Standing Mat Review

The iMovR EcoLast Dual Gripper is a clever non-slip mat features rubber strips & carpet grippers to prevent travel & ensure stability.

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iMovR EcoLast Continuum Standing Mat Runner Review

iMovR EcoLast Continuum Standing Mat Runner Review

iMovR's Continuum standing mat offers custom length single rolls that cover a wide variety of working spaces for both home and industry.

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Kensington mat

Kensington Anti-Fatigue Mat Review

Kensington Anti-Fatigue Mat is the new addition to the brand's line of ergonomic accessories. See how it compares to other anti-fatigue mats in our review.

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Genuine Joe Anti-Fatigue Mat, standing mat, Air Step

Genuine Joe Anti-Fatigue Mat Review

While some are happy with this Genuine Joe anti-fatigue mat budget option, we don't recommend it to workers who stand for the majority of their day.

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ErgoHead Standing Desk Mat

Ergohead Standing Desk Mat Review

Ergohead Standing Desk Mat is a calculated terrain standing mat that is on the softer side. Read all about how it compares to the competition.

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Sky Mat

Sky Mat Comfort Anti Fatigue Mat Review

Sky Mat Comfort Anti-Fatigue Mat looks great, but it is everything else that you expect from a standing mat it fails miserably.

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ES Robbins sit or stand mat, hybrid mat, chair mat

ES Robbins Sit or Stand Mat Review

A review of the ES Robbins Sit or Stand Mat is coming soon. The meat has hinge folds for cushion, or unfolds to full size chair mat.

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standing logic standing mats

Standing Logic Anti-Fatigue Ultra Comfort Floor Mat Review

Review of the Standing Logic Anti-Fatigue Non-Slip Kitchen Mat coming soon! The mat comes in two sizes and two colors, black and brown.

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