calculated terrain

Ergodriven Topo Mat Review

The Topo mat "calculated terrain" feature provides its own hills & slopes for a varied, ergonomic, and comfortable standing surface.

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TerraMat by CubeFit

CubeFit TerraMat Review

Our lab-testing reveals how the TerraMat blends the benefits of normal standing mats with "varied terrain" standing mats to offer the best of both worlds.

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ErgoHead Standing Desk Mat

Ergohead Standing Desk Mat Review

Ergohead Standing Desk Mat is a calculated terrain standing mat that is on the softer side. Read all about how it compares to the competition.

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Licloud Mats standing desk mat

Licloud Standing Desk Mat Review

Licloud Standing Desk Mat is another Topo Mat competitor that lacks in density but manages to bump up activity by encouraging continuous movement.

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