balance board

Standing desk with chair, balance board, storage drawer accessories

Most Essential Standing Desk Accessories

Find all the standing desk accessories you need for your workstation, including balance boards, ergonomic seating, cable management, and storage.

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Fluidstance Plane underside

FluidStance Balance Boards

FluidStance first launched The Level in 2015. Since then, the company has continued to bring out more top-flight products.

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Plantar Fasciitis Ergonomics

What Plantar Fasciitis Sufferers Need to Know About Standing Desks and Treadmill Desks

Find out how a treadmill or standing desk can help sufferers of plantar fasciitis strengthen their muscles, move more, and break out of a sedentary life.

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Balance board exercises

The 9 Best Balance Board Exercises

We list our favorite balance board exercises along with detailed explanations to make sure you do them correctly.

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iMovR Gymba Ergonomic Balance Board

iMovR Gymba Ergonomic Balance Board Review

The Gymba, newly available in North America for the first time, is the incontrovertible category killer in balance boards for standing desk users.

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Movemate Active Standing Board Review

Baltic birch balance board for ergonomic movement while using a standing desk.

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Skill Board balance trainer

Skill Board Balance Board Review

While the Skill Board is aimed at those who want to exercise, this is essentially a more extreme balance board. Does it work at a standing desk?

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Uplift Desk E7

Uplift Desk E7 Motion Board Review

The UpLift E7 Motion Board is not like other standing desk balance boards. It is square and comes with a faux-leather cushion.

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UpLift Motion-X Balance Board

Uplift Desk Bamboo Motion-X Balance Board Review

The UpLift Motion-X balance board is a very standard entry into the balance board category and exhibits many of the common pitfalls we see in the category.

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Holiday Guide: Office Fitness Gift Ideas

This holiday gift guide from office fitness industry might just give you ideas for at least to where start looking for a perfect present.

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Whirly Board Review

The Whirly Board provides movement but also inhibits your ability to work, even though it was surprisingly easy to stay balanced.

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Adjustable standing platform from Fitterfirst

Fitterfirst Active Office Balance Board Review

The FitterFirst Active Office Board is a real find for those looking for an alternative to the FluidStance models and has three levels of difficulty.

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Vew-Do Zone Stand Up Desk Balance Board in Chocolate

Vew-Do Zone Fitness Stand Up Desk Balance Board Review

The Vew-Do is a close runner-up to the FluidStance decks. If you are looking for a slightly cheaper option you could take with you to the gym, this is it.

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Indo standing desk balance board art

Indo Board Original FLO Standing Desk Balance Board Review

We love that you can vary the challenge with the Indo Standing Desk Balance Board, but doe sit work at an adjustable height desk?

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Gaiam Evolve Balance Board

Gaiam Evolve Balance Board Review

We review Gaiam's Evolve Balance Board that has quite a few intriguing features. Shaped similarly to FluidStance's The Level, is it really built to last?

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Man standing on FluidStance The Original, balance board for standing desk

How to Choose a Standing Desk Balance Board

Are standing desk balance boards good for you? Should you stand on one all day? We cover all of your standing desk balance board questions.

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Fully Floatdeck Balance Board

Fully Floatdeck Balance Board Review

A close knock-off of the Fluidstance "The Level" balance board at a very slightly lower price.

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