UpLift 900 Stand Up Desk Review

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UpLift 900 Stand Up Desk Review

UpLift 900 Adjustable-Height Desk
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A private-label desk product offered only through a single ergonomics products retailer, the Uplift is based on the most commonly used electric base on low- to mid-tier desks: the Chinese-made Jiecang base. The tabletops offered with the basic Uplift are standard fare high-pressure laminates in the usual sizes, with other tops available for additional cost. Similar desks include the S2S, Conset, and Jarvis; for just slightly more you can get a higher-performing, stronger and quieter Uprise or iMovR Electra electric base.


Ships via UPS Ground in 1 - 5 business days


Human Solution offers a 7-year warranty on the UpLift base, including frame, moving parts, and electronics

Lift Type


Transit Speed

1.25" per second


Two-Button Up/Down Controller Standard
Optional Digital LCD Controller with 4 Memory Presets

Sizes Available


Maximum Height


Weight Capacity

355 lbs.


Desk is low-cost; electric controller has 4 memory presets


Tabletops use HPL (high pressure laminate), lacking the durability, ergo-contouring, and sleeker appearance of 3D-laminated or hardwood tops found on other desks we've reviewed. Jiecang bases are notorious for being unstable, especially at taller heights.

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Bottom Line

While the UpLift Desk offers premium bamboo and hardwood tops, the accompanying price increase takes the desk out of a reasonable price range, considering the rest of the desk. Its height-adjusting base suffers from instability and low performance scores.

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Review Details

The Uplift 900 is a mid-tier, electric, stand up desk sold exclusively by ergonomic products retailer HumanSolution. As it is not a product sold by any other dealers, the Uplift 900 is essentially a private label offering. Not being the product of a conventional desk manufacturer we don’t expect to have this desk submitted to WorkWhileWalking for our lab testing and review process. However, if the seller decides to submit their product for review, you’ll see it here. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so that you don’t miss it or any of the other reviews and advice we publish. What we can say about the Uplift 900 desk is that it is based on a very commonly used Jiecang electric base (made in China) and at its starting price utilizes a no-frills, conventional high-pressure laminated (HPL) tabletop. For about the same money you can get a similar desk from HumanSolution’s direct competitors (the Ergoprise S2S Desk or ErgoDepot’s Jarvis Desk), which are also based on the same Jiecang base.

The Jiecang base is infamous for it’s lateral instability at higher settings, in-the-field failures, high noise signature, and overstatement of performance specifications. For example, all desk makers utilizing the Jiecang base parrot the manufacturer’s stated 1.5″ per second lifting speed specification – which would put it in the mid-range as far as stand up desk performance goes – yet our lab testing found it to be a more slovenly 1.25″ per second. This puts the Jiecang base near the left end of the spectrum (only the Geekdesk is slower at 1.1″ per second). Its weight capacity is rated at 355 lbs (see our article “Do Weight Ratings on Electric Desks Really Matter?“), and Ergoprise uses their own custom mold to cast new aluminum feet for the Uplift that the company claims improves the desk’s stability. Without the base in our labs, we are unable to independently verify this claim. Like we said on the review of the Jarvis desk from ErgoDepot, this kind of modification could help the Uplift edge out stock Jiecang bases, though until we can test the final product in our labs, we won’t know for sure.

The standard Uplift Desk comes with an ordinary HPL desk top available in three woodgrain finishes (maple, mahogany, and cherry) as well as two solids (black and white). HumanSolution does offer nicer tabletop options like solid and reclaimed wood or bamboo, but expect to pay significantly more – their solid-wood Uplift desks start at $1,349, taking it way out of mid-tier range. Manufacturers who compete in the mid-tier of electric standing desks include iMovR, MultiTable, and GeekDesk, among others. Check out our reviews of the Omega EverestThermoDesk EliteThermoDesk Electra, Ergoprise UpriseModTable Mod-EGeekDesk and others.

User Reviews of the Uplift 900 Stand Up Desk

Because the Uplift stand up desk is not sold through any outlet other than HumanSolution, there aren’t many user reviews available online other than on this retailer’s own website(s). As a general rule we always assume that user reviews posted on a vendor’s website are curated, and put more stock in reviews found on independent sites like Amazon and other online marketplaces or Google reviews. That said, we did see a general pattern of satisfaction with both the desk’s build quality and HumanSolution’s customer service among the handful of Google reviews we found. We saw the same attitude displayed in user recommendations that got the Uplift listed in this LifeHacker article about standing desks from 2014. If you own an Uplift desk and would like to post a review of it where other buyers might find it, please do so below.

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  • Thomas Fletcher
    April 18, 2017 at 1:01 pm

    I have installed over 10 of these units and so far everyone is happy with them. 3 years and no problems at all.

  • Caleb
    October 21, 2015 at 6:42 pm

    It’s interesting that you stated, “As a general rule we always assume that user reviews posted on a vendor’s website are curated, and put more stock in reviews found on independent sites like Amazon and other online marketplaces or Google reviews.” When the ThermoDesk that you highly rated has zero reviews across the web.

    • admin
      October 22, 2015 at 9:18 am

      Caleb, ThermoDesk products have nothing but 5 star reviews on Amazon, from Amazon-verified buyers. The UpLift 900 is not sold on other marketplaces where such independent, verified user reviews can be seen.

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