Ergotron Reviews

September 28, 2022
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Ergotron reviews

Ergotron has been around as long as the ergonomic monitor industry has been around (four decades), a key player in the development of the VESA monitor mounting standard. Today, it’s one of the largest manufacturers of monitor arms in the world, all designed in Eagan, Minnesota. Most all of Ergotron’s products are manufactured in China.

The breadth of Ergotron’s monitor arm variations is expansive beyond compare, especially in the categories of desk mount monitor arms, wall mount monitor arms and multi-monitor mounts. They even have products for mounting projectors and big-screen TVs, and of course are known for being one of the earliest vendors in the “hovering style” standing desk converter category. For a few years they dabbled in the standing desk businesses after acquiring Anthrodesk, but soon realized it was not their core competency and shut down the category.

Some of the places you’re most likely to run into Ergotron products are in healthcare, education and government, which have always been core to their business from the outset. They have a lot more competition, of course, in e-commerce, where they remain among the top-rated monitor arm brands but don’t compete as well on price.

Of course the category of standing desk-compatible monitor arms is what’s most interesting to our expert review staff, and Ergotron has ironically not been one of the leaders in this category. Most of their arms are still designed for the fixed-height desk era and lack the vertical height adjustment range required for users who work standing (as we stand our lower spines straighten out and we need to raise our monitors higher relative to the keyboard typing height). This is why we’ve reviewed a relatively narrow set of Ergotron’s offerings to date as compared to iMovR, which specializes entirely in monitor arms for standing desks. In fact, they are completely missing from the electric monitor arm category, which has become increasingly important with today’s larger and heavier monitors.

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Ergotron Standing Desk Converters

1. Ergotron WorkFit TX Standing Desk Converter

Experts’ Rating: 4.5-Stars

An overall impressive product from ergonomics manufacturer Ergotron. The WorkFit TX is the next in a line of standing desk converter products that have been notable for their sturdy work surfaces. This time Ergotron adds a descending and tilting keyboard tray as well as an impressively large work surface. The design is not without some faults, however.

Price: $ 549

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2. Ergotron WorkFit-S Standing Desk Converter

Experts’ Rating: 4-Stars

Attractive, simple, and user friendly. The WorkFit-S may lack the flexibility of other sit-stand options, but it more than makes up for it with superb stability and ease-of-use. And Ergotron stands behind their products; customers can expect a rock-solid 5-year warranty and outstanding support. Our Editor’s Pick for desk-mounted sit-stand workstations.

Price: $ 579

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3. Ergotron Workfit-T Standing Desk Converter

Experts’ Rating: 4-Stars

Offering remarkable simplicity and a compact design, Ergotron’s Workfit-T is built to make switching to a sit/stand workstation quick and easy. Unlike the similarly-designed VariDesk, the Workfit-T provides superior neck and wrist ergonomics with its optional monitor kit.

Price: $377.75

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4. Ergotron WorkFit-Z Mini

Experts’ Rating: 4-Stars

WorkFit Z is designed to accommodate screens up to only 24”, and its weight capacity is 25 lbs, so those with larger or heavier monitor(s) should opt for a larger converter.

Price: $199

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5. Ergotron WorkFit Corner Standing Desk Converter

Experts’ Rating: 3.5-Stars

Ergotron deviates from their traditional Z-Lift frame architecture to offer a highly-stable, spacious desk converter based on an X-Lift frame. This model saves space at your desk and features the widest keyboard tray of all Ergotron WorkFit models, ideal for users with large keyboards models such as the Microsoft Natural.

Price: $454.50

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6. Ergotron WorkFit-A Standing Desk Converter

Experts’ Rating: 3.5-Stars

Among Ergotron’s standing desk converters, the Workfit-A can be considered its acrobat. It’s easy to move, whether from sitting to standing or side to side. Its only footprint is the small base mounted to your desk, and it can be lifted out of the way for those times when you need adequate desk space. It does suffer more from monitor shake than either the Workfit-S or -T, and its lift capacity is weak compared to more “grounded” risers, but the Workfit-A is an ideal sit-stand workstation where space and mobility are crucial. Outside of the Ergotron-to-Ergotron comparisons, however, the Workfit-A was once a pioneering product, but now being overshadowed by even more innovative, and more ergonomically adjustable units from a burgeoning field of competitors.

Price: $524

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7. Ergotron WorkFit-SR Dual-Monitor Standing Desk Converter

Experts’ Rating: 3.5-Stars

If you need a standing solution for a fixed-height desk or counter that you can’t remove and replace with a bona fide full standing desk, the Ergotron WorkFit-SR Dual Monitor Standing Desk Converter may be just the thing for you, as long at the rest of your equipment is compatible. It provides a solid and secure working surface at sitting or standing heights, with a very clean look enabled by built-in cable management. So as long as your monitors aren’t too big, your desk too small, or your height too tall, the WorkFit-SR offers an ergonomic solution for many offices. However, it’s not inexpensive. In fact you could buy a premium quality, even American-made, height-adjustable desk for the same money.

Price: $749

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Ergotron Standing Mats

1. Ergotron WorkFit Floor Mat

Experts’ Rating: 2.5-Stars

This Ergotron WorkFit mat doesn’t reach the expected quality level of its high price. While it has a tough outer layer, its inner foam has compression issues that keep it from performing sufficiently in an office environment.

Price: $289

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Ergotron Monitor Arms

1. Ergotron LX Monitor Arm

Experts’ Rating: 4-Stars

Ergotron makes a darn good monitor arm. The company delivers on promises of quality, range of motion, durability, and just about everything else. Rave customer reviews back these claims. The LX is an excellent choice for standing desk and treadmill desk users, but we strongly recommend upgrading to the Tall Pole (13″) version for proper ergonomics if you’re not using it on a fixed-height desk.

Price: $205

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2. Ergotron LX Monitor Arm (Heavy Duty)

Experts’ Rating: 4-Stars

The king of Ergotron’s desk mount monitor arm line, the LX Sit-Stand possesses a wide adjustment range and capacity to give standing desk and treadmill desk users more options to customize the active workstation of their dreams. It’s brawny 30 lbs maximum lift capacity, however, has not kept up with the much larger and heavier monitors being sold today, so check your specs.

Price: $413

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3. Ergotron HX Desk Dual Monitor Arm

Experts’ Rating: 4-Stars

It might seem pricier than other monitor arms, but the quality behind the Ergotron HX Dual Monitor Arm provides a reliability, convenience, and ease of use that few other monitor brands can match. While it may exclude the tallest of users at a standing desk, and some of the larger monitor sizes being sold today, it will fit the majority of users just fine. Easy to move to any position needed with a single handle movement, this ergonomic monitor arm will find a great home in a variety of workstation scenarios.

Price: $529

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Ergotron Ergonomic Keyboard Trays

1. Ergotron Neo-Flex Keyboard Arm

Experts’ Rating: 1.5-Star

The Neo-Flex is a frustrating mix of the superb and the miserable. We loved the easy-attach mount, but hated the weak hold of the tension system. Most treadmill deskers should look elsewhere – this tray won’t stay in place under pressure from a moving user. Standing and seated workers who need a budget ergonomic fix might find it ideal, but we’d advise most of our readers to give the Neo-Flex a miss.

Price: $124.99

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