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Get your move on while sitting at your standing desk with these popular active ergonomic chairs. This growing list of fidgety seats will make you active. 

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Back App Ergonomic Office Chair Review

Already a hit in Europe, the Back App is making its way across the pond to challenge the Muvman and Mobis in America. Its sleek aesthetic and elegant design make this active chair a heavy contender, and earned it our coveted five star rating.

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HÅG Capisco Puls Ergonomic Chair Review

The new Capisco Puls made waves with its bold redesign, winning the coveted Red Dot Design Award in 2011. It retains the same basic elements of Opsvik’s original concept, but with a pared-down design. The seat and back rest of the older model, which featured a liberal amount of p…

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iMovR Tempo TreadTop Chair Review

Typical sit-stand-walk desks can often be too wide for many prospecting users who have more restricted floor space. iMovR's new Tempo TreadTop ergonomic office chair transforms treadmill desks of any size into a fully-fledged sit-stand-walk workstation. More than any chair on the…

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FreedMan Ergonomic Chair Review

The chair is designed to replicate standing posture as you sit. Freedman has observed in his osteopathic practice that most people have slightly different length legs, which translates to one side of your pelvis being higher than the other.

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