Ergotron LX Sit-Stand Monitor Arm Review

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Ergotron LX Sit-Stand Monitor Arm Review

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The king of monitor arms, Ergotron's LX Sit-Stand possesses unparalleled adjustment range and capacity to give users, especially treadmill desk users, more options to customize the active workstation of their dreams.

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High weight capacity and long reach gives the Sit-Stand superior versatility, especially for treadmill deskers who don't want to have to buy two monitor arms.


Slightly more difficult to install than Ergotron's other desk-mounted monitor arms.

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Most of you may remember the scene from Jurassic Park, in which our plucky heroes find themselves surrounded by a pack of velociraptors itching to tear their faces off. All seems lost when, just in the nick of time, one of the raptors is snatched up by the gargantuan jaws of a T-Rex. That scene came to mind this week when we laid our eyes on the Ergotron LX Sit-Stand monitor arm. The largest monitor arm we’ve tested, this monstrosity easily dwarfs Ergotron’s other desk-mounted arms, even casting its long shadow on their ‘tall pole’ model.

Heavy Duty, Light Assembly

The Sit-Stand arrives in a box similar to Ergotron’s other monitor arms, only beefier.  Inside, the components are separated from each other with form-fitting Styrofoam, while smaller parts and tools are kept in distinct, individually-labeled bags.

Installation is similar to Ergotron’s standard LX monitor arms. The arm’s sections fit over one another and are secured with set screws. Allen keys are provided for this, but unlike the other LX arms, which clamp onto the desk with a knob, you will need a socket wrench to attach the clamp onto your desk. Altogether installation should only take about ten to fifteen minutes. Once the monitor arm is assembled, it’s an easy task to attach your screen and adjust the arm’s tension by tightening or loosening a screw on one of the joints.

The LX Sit-Stand uses a spring counterbalance system. For a detailed comparison between spring lift and gas lift monitor arms, click here.

New Heights for Deskers

LX Sit-Stand Next to LX Tall Pole

From the top: An LX Tall Pole, the monstrous LX Sit-Stand, and a tiny, helpless quarter

Once you’ve installed the Sit-Stand, it’s time to step back and marvel at the sheer size of this thing. As the name implies, the LX Sit-Stand is capable of being used for both sitting and standing, even on a sitting desk. It boasts an impressive 20 inches of vertical adjustment, up to about 40 inches tall, and can accommodate monitors between 7- and 25 lbs and with screens up to 42 inches wide. Despite this immense range, the Sit-Stand still manages to fold to within 4.5 inches of desk space, conveniently stowed away.

The extra height of the Sit-Stand gives users more options than does other monitor arms. For example, Ergotron sells a separate keyboard tray arm (it is exactly what it sounds like: a keyboard tray attached to a desk-mounted arm) that can be used in tandem with the Sit-Stand to create a basic, bare-bones desktop riser.

LX Sit-Stand capacity


More than that, however, the LX Sit-Stand brings new possibilities for treadmill desk users to the table. When on a treadmill, taller treaders and those with larger screens might find the standard-height LX lacking. The extra six inches of the LX Tall Pole does counteract the extra height from a treadmill, but is still limited in its range of adjustment, particularly in sit-stand-walk setups, where users often migrate from one end of the desk to another.

The only recourse a user usually has at this point is to set up another monitor arm. The Sit-Stand eliminates the need for the extra arm – Its maximum reach of 30 inches guarantees comfortable viewing angles on both sides of a desk, even ones as wide as 83 inches.

The Sit-Stand also comes in a heavy duty variant that sports the highest weight capacity among Ergotron’s desk-mounted monitor arms. This makes it a formidable contender for dual-monitor users who have had to rely on the Ergotron Dual Side-by-Side Arm, which doesn’t come in a Tall Pole version. Users need only outfit their Sit-Stand arm with any number of dual-monitor VESA adapters and they can accommodate any number of monitors as long as they don’t exceed the 30 lbs weight limit of the heavy duty model.

The Ergotron Sit-Stand monitor arm may be the last monitor arm you ever purchase – its vertical and horizontal range, coupled with its outstanding weight capacity, makes it the most versatile monitor arm WorkWhileWalking has ever tested. Treadmill deskers in particular will fall in love with the unrivaled comfort and adjustability it offers, and even sitting desk users can find a way to get some movement into their daily lives with this T-Rex of an arm.

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