Standing Desk Brands

Standing desk brands

Standing desk brands vary widely in price and quality, so it’s vital to know who you’re dealing with before you make a decision about which office fitness gear to purchase. Some brands go to great lengths using marketing dollars and curated reviews to make their brand appear high quality when the reality is something completely different. This is particularly true of Chinese sit-stand desk makers that run what appear to be US brands by remote control from China, and especially those who sell on Amazon with fake reviews and other consumer traps (you can often tell they run by remote control because they don’t have a US phone number on their website and you can only reach them via email).

Since the vast majority (like 95+%) of stand-up desks sold to American consumers via ecommerce are made in China, it’s important to first understand that there are two tiers of these companies. There are those that are in a race to the bottom on price and quality, which occupy almost the entirety of Amazon search results with desks under $300, and have no US operations. And then there are true US-based companies, or Chinese-owned factories that established prominent US brands but still make their products in China (e.g. Fully, Uplift Desk, Vari, Flexispot and Autonomous). In both of these groups there’s a wide variation in design sophistication, component quality, customer service expectations, warranty, etc.

There are of course a handful of premium vendors that make their sit-stand desks in the USA (e.g. iMovR, ZipDesk, Herman Miller, Humanscale) that are a cut above all the brands that produce commodity-grade sit-to-stand furniture in China. If you can even find any of these on Amazon they’re buried deep below all the commodity-grade products because search results on Amazon are sorted by sales volume. But you will find those brands covered here, and you’ll want to do business with them through their own websites or authorized dealers.

Once we’ve lab tested and reviewed a handful of products from a major brand we organize a round-up of their reviews which you can link to from this page. By that time we’ve gotten a general sense of where the fit in the ergonomic office products ecosystem and include that at the head of the round-up, to give our readers a better sense of the company, not just one specific product.

We used to tell readers to look at the warranty terms as an indicator of what the manufacturer thinks of the durability, reliability and overall quality of their own product. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. We have seen it all in reviewing products in over twenty categories besides standing desks, (e.g. treadmill desks, standing desk converters, monitor arms, keyboard trays). There are always some sellers, especially the high-volume operators selling Chinese-made, commodity-quality products, that put a lot of marketing spin on their warranty terms. Their aim is to make it sound like a super high-quality product but in truth, the warranty coverage is significantly diminished by all the things they carve out in the fine print. Even if it’s a long warranty, check the details to make sure you’re actually covered. We cover this topic more thoroughly in our primer on How To Compare Warranties On Standing Desks.

Since you can’t always trust warranties anymore, it is always wise to check independent reviews (assume that most vendors curate reviews left by customers on their own websites to suppress bad ones from appearing) when deciding between standing desk brands.

Below you can find our roundups of the different brands, laying out the positives and negatives for each brand, plus the products where they tend to excel or struggle.

Lander U-shaped standing desk iMovR reviews

iMovR Reviews

iMovR has been the innovation leader in premium-quality, American-made active office workstations since 2014, known for its immense array of manufactured-on-demand standing desks, treadmill desks, and full range of ergonomic accessories.

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iMovR Standing Desks

Today, iMovR offers more models of state-of-the-art standing desks and DIY lifting bases than any other manufacturer.

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uplift v2 sit stand desk review

Uplift Desk Standing Desks and More

UpLift Desk (originally was one of the earliest online purveyors of ergonomic office furniture. It is focused on commodity-grade, low-end standing desks and ergonomic accessories made in China.

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FlexiSpot Theodore, a standing desk with drawers, FlexiSpot reviews

FlexiSpot Standing Desks, Converters, and More

Flexispot is one of today's largest brands of office ergonomics manufacturers that sounds American but is actually Chinese owned.

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ergonofis Sway, ergonofis reviews

Ergonofis Standing Desks

See the complete round-up of our reviews of Ergonofis premium Canadian standing desk products.

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Fluidstance Plane underside

FluidStance Balance Boards

FluidStance first launched The Level in 2015. Since then, the company has continued to bring out more top-flight products.

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Lifespan Fitness Reviews

Lifespan Fitness Treadmill Desks

Our round-up of lab-test reviews we've conducted of Lifespan Fitness treadmill desk and standing desk equipment.

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Ergotron reviews

Ergotron Reviews

Ergotron has been around as long as the ergonomic monitor industry has been around and is a key player in its development.

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Humanscale reviews

Humanscale Standing Desks and Accessories

Humanscale is one of the original companies in the ergonomic accessories industry, growing beyond keyboard trays and chairs to include monitor arm, standing desks, foot rests and more. As an ultra-premium brand it tends to be chosen for looks over ergonomics or value, and is most popular with commercial contract interior design professionals as opposed to retail consumers.

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SmartDesk Pro Autonomous Standing Desk Reviews

Top Autonomous Standing Desks

Autonomous is a big commodity Chinese player in the e-commerce segment of the standing desk industry, targeting the market from the bottom up.

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Autonomous Reviews

Autonomous Standing Desks, Converters, and More

Autonomous is a big commodity Chinese player in the e-commerce segment of the standing desk industry, targeting the market from the bottom up.

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Eureka 28

Eureka Ergonomic Office Products

Learn more about all of Eureka Ergonomics' office ergonomics products through this round-up of all our lab-test reviews.

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StandUpDeskStore Reviews

Stand Up Desk Store Standing Desks, Converters, and More

Stand Up Desk Store is a long-time purveyor of inexpensive, Chinese-made ergonomic products including standing desks and converters.

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Fully Reviews

Fully Standing Desks and Accessories

Fully (originally was one of the earliest online purveyors of ergonomic office furniture. It has since been acquired by Knoll, and Knoll acquired by Herman Miller, but Fully remains focused on low-cost, commodity-grade, WFH standing desks made in China.

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Vivo standing desk converter

Vivo Converters, Standing Desk Frames, and Accessories

VIVO is a heavy player in the standing desk industry with its assortment of sit-stand desks, standing desk converters, and other “ergonomic” office accessories. However, like most other Asia-based manufacturers, VIVO focuses on selling cheaper products in higher volumes.

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