Ergonofis Standing Desks

May 2, 2022

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Canada’s #1 Premium Standing Desk Brand

Our experts agree in our ergonofis reviews that they are the best standing desks made in Canada they have seen.

Montreal-base ergonofis is the leading homegrown Canadian standing desk manufacturing company, led by co-founders Sam Finn and Kimberly Pontbriand. An interview with the couple and more insights into why they started the company as well as how they’ve succeeded in building it up into the #1 premium standing desk brand in Canada is forthcoming. Below are links to the first of many full product reviews we have planned, starting with their line of standing desks: the Alive, the Sway and the Shift.

ergonofis also offers a highly-curated suite of matching accessories for their desks, from monitor shelves to file cabinets, cable management kits and more. All of these office equipment accessories are also slated for review.

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ergonofis Standing Desks

1. ergonofis Alive Standing Desk

The most luxurious desk from Ergonofis, the Alive is highlighted by a live-edge solid wood desktop that’s 1.75″ thick. Paired with an American-made lifting base that features an inlaid handset in the corner of the desktop.

Price: $2,995.00 CAD

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2. ergonofis Sway Standing Desk

Experts’ Rating: 4.5-Stars

The bottom line is that the Ergonofis Sway solid wood standing desk is a quality product with one of the best bases money can buy and Canadian-sourced wood that will add a touch of class to any upscale office space. They don’t have a ton of options, opting for a more curated listing typical of many businesses trying to streamline the purchasing process. The desktop quality isn’t quite up to the standard of our favorite American-made standing desks from iMovR, but is better than all the other commodity-grade desks coming out of China. While the price is a bit higher than those more common desks, it is meant for shoppers wanting a superior product, and they will learn that the cost is worth it.

Price: $1,395

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3. ergonofis Shift Standing Desk

Experts’ Rating: 3.5-Stars

Coming from the longest established standing desk company based in Canada, Ergonofis, the Shift is their more pedestrian desk model, as compared to their Sway and Alive desks that feature solid wood tops. It does offer a unique laminate surface that feels nice to the touch, though it doesn’t have some of the features that the highest-quality, price-comparable desktops made in the US have, like ergo-contouring and fully laminated grommet holes. The base has some high precision robotic welding that we don’t often see coming from a Chinese manufacturer, but there are some design issues that lead to excessive instability at taller height settings. The assembly isn’t overly complex, but will be much easier with two people, as there are some heavy and awkward parts to move around. The unique features and positive points bring the price up a bit, but they help ensure a positive experience with the desk.

Price: $1,195 CAD

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