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October 2, 2022
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Fluidstance Plane underside
Fluidstance Plane underside has a distinctive pattern just like its relative The Level.

Fluidstance’s original balance board, The Level, was first launched as a super successful Indiegogo campaign (it raked in over $500,000 of orders) by founder Joel Heath in 2015. Since then, the company has continued to bring out more top-flight products like The Plane and The Plane Cloud to round out their offerings, maintaining Fluidstance as one of the top brands in our round-up of all balance board reviews.

The only qualification that prevents us from ranking their products at the very top of the field is that like almost all of Fluidstance’s contemporaries, these balance boards are not ideal for use while actually typing at a standing desk. iMovR’s Gymba remains the category-killer in that regard, given that this website’s primary focus is on active workstation users.

When The Level was first launched in 2015 Fluidstance’s patent on their innovative base design was still pending. It has since been granted, yet as is often the case we already see copycat producers in China (e.g. Fully’s FloatDeck) appearing to work around or simply violate Fluidstance’s patents. For our money, the higher quality option and safer consumer bet is still on Fluidstance’s offerings.

Another thing we like about Fluidstance is that they’re the only major player in the field besides iMovR to produce helpful videos on how to get the most utility out of their balance boards, as we link to in several sections of our Guide to Balance Board Exercises (recommended reading for any balance board buyer).

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FluidStance Balance Boards

1. FluidStance The Plane Cloud

Experts’ Rating: 4.5-Stars

The Plane Cloud is The Level balance board’s little brother. Priced at $60 less, this fully recycled and recyclable product seems like the brand’s best attempt at a more affordable design. Just like the other products in the FluidStance collection, The Plane Cloud comes with a convex base, which creates a pivot point that allows for omnidirectional movement. Unlike other boards, this one comes in a more utilitarian package that is equally stylish and environmentally friendly. It only falls behind our favorites in the category because of its standard functionality.

Price: $189

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2. FluidStance The Level

Experts’ Rating: 4-Stars

The Level by FluidStance has fluid 360-degree motion, stylish deck, eco-friendly high-quality design, and a bunch of certifications, (including Mayo Clinic’s NEAT certification). It neatly beats out most would-be competitors and only falls behind those that have more innovative movement. It is definitely worth the price if you appreciate aesthetic appeal, good quality, and believe caring for the environment is a good cause. It’s best for those who will use the board in shoes since the hard wood surface will be slippery in socks and hurt your feet overtime if you don’t wear shoes.

Price: $249

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3. FluidStance The Plane

Experts’ Rating: 4-Stars

The FluidStance Plane is the same as the Plane Cloud other than a cheaper price and different top surface. And that harder top surface is a deal-breaker for us. To cut to the chase, we see almost no reason to pick the Plane over the Plane Cloud.

Price: $189

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