Varier Active Chair Product Preview

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Varier Active Chair Product Preview

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The Varier Active is an office chair manufactured by Varier Furniture, makers of the excellent Move Leaning Chair, which we encourage you to check out. The Active retains the Move’s contoured saddle seat, a key element of any active office chair, but adds a plush, ergonomic back rest.

With the Active chair, Varier aims to provide a two-part sitting solution. Its saddle seat tilts forward to help keep your spine upright, engage your core, and reduce neck- and shoulder pain. The back rest is designed to support your lower back and promote shoulder movement through its open cutout and winged arm rest.

Varier Furniture was founded in 2006 in Norway and has been dedicated to making interesting chairs that encourage users to move more. Its most popular chair, the Balans, debuted in 1979 and can still be found in offices across the country.

The Varier Active is currently in our testing labs undergoing our array of tests. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter  and be the first to know when how the Active fares. Until then, read our reviews of other active chairs.

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