UpLift Desk Cable Management Sleeve Review

March 26, 2021

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UpLift Desk Cable Management Sleeve


Review Summary

There are much better cable sleeve designs available, especially ones that don’t require you to use and keep a special tool. Plus it comes up short in the details with no thermal protection, no ROHS or REACH certification and no warranty.

MSRP / List Price $15.99


Colors Available



5′ long
1″ diameter


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Compare to Other Top-Rated Standing Desk Cable Management Kits

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Ease of Assembly
Customer Experience
Quality and Aesthetics
Positives Among other cable sleeves, it's cheap. The hard plastic shell provides some minimal crush protection over more flexible designs.
Negatives You need a special tool to get cords in and out. It's a little shorter than other cable sleeves we've reviewed. It only comes in one color. It provides no thermal protection. It's not ROHS or REACH certified, or halogen-free. There's no warranty.

Bottom Line

Just by needing a special tool to use, this falls to the bottom of our cable sleeve rankings. Plus it comes up short in the details with no thermal protection, no ROHS or REACH certification and no warranty. There are much better cable sleeves out there.

At first we were excited to see what advantages a hard plastic cord sleeve would have over the more flexible braided sleeves we’ve tested before. That excitement was quickly dashed, however, by the difficulty of inserting and changing cables in this sleeve.

The UpLift Cable Management Sleeve has a 1” diameter and is five feet long, which is on the shorter side among cable sleeves we’ve reviewed. But the real issue is the wire funnel that’s necessary to slide cables into the sleeve. The spectrum of sleeve closing methods progresses like this: Sleeves that self-wrap around cables, sleeves that close with a zipper, sleeves that close with velcro, and sleeves like this that require a specialized tool.

UpLift Cable Management Sleeve

Not only is this method more difficult, but it requires you to keep a special tool around that you’ll rarely use, yet always need if you want to adjust anything. Also, it’s one more thing to keep around that you have to keep handy when storage space is already an endangered species with standing desks.

The plus to this cable sleeve design is that the hard plastic shell will provide some minimal crush protection over more flexible designs, if that’s a concern of yours.

The UpLift Cable Management Sleeve only comes in black.

The Takeaway

At $15.99, this cable sleeve is a few dollars cheaper than competing cable sleeves, but not enough to make it worth the savings.

Having to keep a special tool around to get cables into the sleeve is a pain and will probably make you more hesitant to adjust or moves cables.

This sleeve is not ROHS or REACH certified or halogen-free. It provides not thermal protection and has no warranty. This makes it fall well behind our top-rated option from iMovR, which has those certifications, provides thermal protection and has a 5-year warranty.

Don’t Stop Here

Cable management is an excellent place to start but it’s best to think of your ergonomic setup as a work in progress. There are always ways to improve. Check our in-depth reviews on standing deskskeyboard traysmonitor armsergonomic seating and standing mats.

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