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The most comprehensive Varidesk reviews you'll find.

If you’re looking for the most comprehensive Varidesk reviews, you’ve come to the right place. No one has been reviewing Varidesk sit-stand workstations longer — or in more depth — than we have.

Varidesk reviewsWhile a few standing desk converters existed in the market prior to 2013—namely the Ergotron Workfit-S and Workfit-A, the Kangaroo, and the Taskmate—the desktop riser revolution didn’t really ramp into high gear until Varidesk launched its original Varidesk Pro with a gazillion dollar advertising budget. They’ve sold hundreds of thousands of these desktop converters since then (perhaps millions by now), floating all boats in the rising tide of consumer awareness. You’ve probably seen their ads on TV, in major magazines and newspapers, all over the internet, and even in the (now defunct) Skymall catalog. If they’re good at anything, it’s promotion.

Varidesk has also stimulated the emergence of some 75+ competitors’ units by our last count, all of them attacking the market with better mouse traps—be it higher quality, better ergonomics, greater features, or just lower price. The iMovR ZipLift and Ergotron Workfit-T and -TL are but two of the top-selling Varidesk alternatives on the market today, featuring similar “Z-lift” type mechanisms to the Varidesks models.

Lots of new models, but stale mechanical design

Varidesk reviews

While competitors have introduced quieter, smoother lift mechanisms with infinite stops, Varidesk holds onto their original mechanical design–all in the name of promoting and protecting their patent.

We’ve been publishing Varidesk reviews since we got our hands on a production sample before the Varidesk’s big launch at Neocon 2013, and we’ve kept up with reviews on each of their new models ever since. One thing that hasn’t changed is their reliance on their original patented Z-lift mechanism, which has now been bested by numerous other designs that are quieter, smoother, and offer a greater height range and more “stops” along that range.

Varidesk has also held onto their one-year warranty coverage term, a reflection of the quality you can expect with this particular made-in-China product. If you’re planning to purchase a Varidesk, we recommend checking Craigslist for a used one first, because someone is always selling one, in every geographical market. If you’d rather buy one new, you can ensure a hassle-free return if you don’t like it by buying your Varidesk on Amazon.

A very litigious company

To be certain, Coppell, Texas-based Varidesk is playing defense against all the Johnny come lately competitors. We believe one important reason that Varidesk is sticking to their original design is that they rely on filing infringement lawsuits against look-alike products on the market. To move away from their original designs would be to potentially weaken these litigation claims, and lower their defensive shield against competitors.

Varidesk has previously sued Brunswick (InMovement) over the Elevate Desktop DT2, and they’ve sued Ergotron and parent company Nortek over the Workfit-T and Workfit TL designs. These lawsuits have reportedly already been settled, with Varidesk extracting licensing fees from their competitors for limited use of the infringed patent(s) in question, plus whatever else might not have been publicly disclosed in court documents.

But the drama doesn’t end there. On March 30, 2017, Varidesk sued a swath of additional manufacturers. The complaint specifically calls out the Mount-It! Sit-Stand Desk Converter, Ergotech Freedom Desk, Monoprice Sit-Stand Height Adjustable Desk, Loctek DRI Desk Riser, and Flexispot Desktop Workstation as allegedly infringing products.

Named in the suit are Lumi Legend Corp. of China, Innovative Office Products and Ergotech Group LLC of Easton, Pennsylvania, Transform Partners LLC of San Diego, California, Monoprice, Inc. of Rancho Cucamonga, California, Ningbo Loctek Visual Technology Corp. of China, Zhejiang Loctek Smart Drive Technology Co., Ltd. of China, Loctek Inc. of Fremont, California, Zoxou, Inc. of Fremont, California, and Flexispot of Livermore, California. That may sound like a lot of companies, but quite a few notables have not been sued by Varidesk. We spoke with some of them in researching this matter and learned that, not surprisingly, they did not feel their products infringed on anyone else’s patents.

Varidesk Price

One of the most common search terms Google reports in the standing desk converter category is “varidesk price,” which isn’t surprising given how much the company advertises on TV. The bad news for consumers is that Varidesk only sells direct, not through dealers, so Varidesk prices never change, and finding a Varidesk discount is essentially impossible. The good news is there are numerous Varidesk alternatives that we’ve reviewed on this site that cost less.

Product Image Product Name Rating Shop Lowest Price
VariDesk Pro
Full Review
2.5 stars Where to Buy
Varidesk reviews VariDesk Pro Plus
Full Review
2.5 stars Where to Buy
VariDesk Exec 48
Full Review
3 stars Where to Buy
VariDesk Cube
Full Review
2.5 stars Where to Buy
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More quality and features can be had for the money

Varidesk ReviewTo be sure, there are also top-quality sit-stand workstations coming out of China these days, such as the leading Varidesk alternative—the iMovR ZipLift—as well as a host of made-in-America units like the Winston and the Helium. In contrast to these innovators, Varidesk has put as little attention into quality improvements as it has to ergonomic improvements, from our point of view. Their units also still weigh much more than most competitors’, another reason many Varidesk buyers upgrade to something more ergonomic, more adjustable, and more svelte, after six to twelve months.


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