Progressive Desk Corner Ryzer Standing Desk Review

January 25, 2023
  • First Look

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Review Summary

The Corner Ryzer standing desk manufactured by Progressive Desk boasts a triple-motor, three-column lift operation and 10 unique size combinations. In comparison to the V Ryzer, another corner desk offering from Progressive Desk, the Corner Ryzer features much more variety in configuration. Sadly, that is the lone differentiation between the two desks. Each comes in the lone, commodity-grade desktop material (laminate-coated particle board) and poor maximum height range. This desk – especially with the larger size combinations – is exceptionally difficult to assemble as well.

MSRP / List Price

$1,260 CAD

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Free to Canada


15 years on tabletop
7 years on lifting column

Lift Type

Electronic, triple motor

Transit Speed



Touch keypad with four memory presets

Sizes Available

10 unique configurations including:
59″ x 59″
72″ x 48″
72″ x 60″
72″ x 72″
78″ x 48″
78″ x 60″
78″ x 72″
90″ x 48″
90″ x 60″
90″ x 72″

Colors Available

Tabletop: Cool white, warm white, white birch, dark cherry, gray oak, sunset teak, roasted walnut, dark oak and midnight maple
Frame: Black, gray, white

Adjustment Range

Height range: 23.6″-49.1″

Weight Capacity

330 lbs (minus weight of the top)


59″ x 59″ x 30″
72″ x 48″ x 30″
72″ x 60″ x 30″
72″ x 72″ x 30″
78″ x 48″ x 30″
78″ x 60″ x 30″
78″ x 72″ x 30″
90″ x 48″ x 30″
90″ x 60″ x 30″
90″ x 72″ x 30″

Connectivity Features

No Bluetooth

ANSI/BIFMA Certified


NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic



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Positives Offered in 10 different desktop configurations and nine unique laminate color finishes.
Negatives Made of cheap, commodity-grade laminate-coated particle board. The maximum height, which barely exceeds 49", is not suitable for users over 6-feet tall. Is unstable at the tallest heights. The desk is not ANSI/BIFMA certified. Assembly will require multiple people, a power drill and at least an hour of time.

Bottom Line

The Corner Ryzer standing desk fits corner wall locations and comes in a multitude of desktop configurations and laminate color finishes, but ultimately the quality of the commodity-grade product is not going to match the price you pay for it.

This is a “first look” synopsis on the Corner Ryzer manufactured by the Progressive Desk company based out of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. A full review of their line of standing desks is coming soon.

Richmond, BC-based Progressive Desk, an offshoot of Arlington, WA, USA-based linear actuator components importer and integrator Progressive Automations (and a sister offshoot of Progressive Bed). Launched in 2019 as a desk manufacturer primarily focused on the Canadian market, Progressive Desk is actually a relatively unknown player in the US market. Their products appear to be the usual fare of commodity-grade Chinese imports, and they’ve had some alleged run-ins with intellectual property theft claimed by US- and European-based manufacturers, but they have a broad enough product line and customer history now to be considered one of the next-largest players in the Canadian market after market leader Ergonofis.

Progressive Desk’s Corner Ryzer, as with its V Ryzer counterpart, is a standing desk designed to fit corner office spaces. Unlike its brother, though, the Corner Ryzer can be configured in any one of 10 different ways given the desktop table size offerings. Canadian consumers should be able to find a configuration that suits their office or bedroom space within the 10 different combinations. Those table length combinations include: 59″ x 59″, 72″ x 48″, 72″ x 60″, 72″ x 72″, 78″ x 48″, 78″ x 60″, 78″ x 72″, 90″ x 48″, 90″ x 60″ and 90″ x 72″, all of which are 30″ deep.

While the desktop of the Corner Ryzer brings added variety and versatility given the selection of table lengths available, Progressive Desk stayed true to its design code by manufacturing the Corner Ryzer in laminate-coated particle board, a slight downgrade from the laminate MDF it used for the basic dual-stage desks of their line. The cheap, commodity-grade product has been a constant shipping liability. It also offers little in the way of aesthetic design to the home it inevitably joins.

The Corner Ryzer also employs a triple motor and three-legged lifting column. That allows it to employ a 330-pound weight capacity (before accounting for the desktop weight), which is sturdy enough to support multiple large monitors and a monitor-arm system. These are an important accessory in the use of standing desks that every user should employ. If you’re unsure of whether you need a monitor arm and/or haven’t decided on which product(s) will fit your situational needs the best, be sure to read our in-depth breakdown of the best monitor arms on the market in 2022. They are an absolute must-have accessory in our expert opinion.

Additionally, there is no upgrade between the V Ryzer and Corner Ryzer in the maximum height range. Each desk utilizes the same cheap, Chinese-made componentry which gives the lifting column a 23.6″-49.1″ height range. This is not sufficient for users who are 6-feet or taller. Anyone who places in the tall category, will unequivocally need a monitor arm with a sizeable lift height to utilize this desk at optimum visual range.

Another key drawback with the Corner Ryzer, is the assembly process. It is described as being “easy” and only taking “25 minutes,” but you will need a power drill and at least one extra pair of hands at several different steps in the process including when you lift this three-legged behemoth off the ground. Even if you’re a veteran at putting these desks together, you’d be hard-pressed to beat 30 minutes on your best day with said help.

On the positive side, the Corner Ryzer has implemented key safety features including anti-collision, child-lock and adjustable feet to prevent accidents. The Corner Ryzer is not ANSI/BIFMA certified, which is an important element for any standing desk, but especially for larger ones like the Corner Ryzer. To better understand the certification process and what it means to be ANSI/BIFMA certified, read our primer.

The keypad for the Corner Ryzer comes with four memory presets, but no Bluetooth capability or smartphone application to connect with. As this desk approaches its maximum heights, it will become unstable on its cheap, commodity-grade frame. Other desk accessories offered by Progressive Desk include an under-desk drawer, monitor tray, a few select monitor arms, an array of cable management options and a few different power options.

As of July 2021, Progressive Desk has stepped up their warranty coverage to 15 years on all desktops and frames, though backing the lifting columns for seven years. We appreciate their urge to be competitive with US brands like Fully, iMovR and Uplift as compared to their Canadian peers which offer much shorter warranties, but they still bury carve-outs in the fine print. (For this reason we encourage anyone shopping for a standing desk to read our article How to Compare Warranties on Standing Desks before making their purchase.)

The company does currently offer a 30-day trial period. For comparison reviews of the other Progressive Desk adjustable-height desks, be sure to read up on the Economy Ryzer, Solo Ryzer and the V Ryzer.

If you only need a tabletop for a DIY project or to replace a damaged top, Progressive Desk does sell them separately. Check out what our experts think in our report of their standalone desk tops.

Also, feel free to check out all our top-rated standing-desk reviews, and if you are looking for something specifically Canadian, see our roundup of Canadian standing-desk reviews.

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